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Write Letters of Support to Jeff Hogg!

Please send letters of support to Jeff Hogg, jailed for refusing to cooperate with the federal grand jury.
He deserves to know how much we appreciate his strength and courage!

Jeffrey Hogg #1065518
Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

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please send letters of inspiration 23.May.2006 19:11


"Today I am being forced to choose between betraying social change movements or going to jail without ocmmitting a crime. It's not a fun choice to make and it makes me question everthing I believe in. I'd like to finish my first year of nursing school and enjoy the nice sunny weather this summer. However, I will not be coerced by teh government to give up my priciples. Unfortunately, I will probably not be the last person subpoened by this grand jury. So I ask you to think about what if it was you or someone you are close to. I feel very supported by this community and I don't think I would be better supported anywhere else. Only by showing solidarity and strength will we overcome those who coerce and intimidate." Jeff Hogg's last statement before his arrest on Thursday. Thanks for showing support my amazing community!!!

books? 24.May.2006 11:31


I'm just wondering if anyone know of books or other items that Jeff would like.

please write 04.Jun.2006 09:30


Jeff has been in jail now for a couple of weeks. He has requested that people not send him books because there is a lot to read there already and mostly he is interested in continuing studying his nursing. He requested to put money towards other needs. His work (which is working with adults with autism) will be letting him go this week after his vacation hours run out. If anyone wants to donate money to help offset his living expenses, lawyer fees and $ on the books at jail, please send it to

Friends of Jeff Hogg
PO Box 12271
Eugene, OR 97440

Otherwise, please please just write him a letter talking about life outside a box. Even though he is being held in a county jail, he is a federal prisoner and doesn't get to go outside much, or do any work crew or anything. Hearing about everyday events, poetry and life goes on helps him stay strong in this trying time. Thanks

Jeffrey Neal Hogg #1065518
101 W. 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401