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VIDEO: Cathy O'Brien & Mark Phillips: CIA Mind Control & drug/kiddie porn to White House

revoke the National Security Act. Stop human experimentation.
A Trance Formation 1 of 4
Cathy O'Brien
56 min 22 sec - Mar 3, 2006

A Trance Formation 2 of 4
Cathy O'Brien
55 min 44 sec - Mar 3, 2006

A Trance Formation 3 of 4
Cathy O'Brien
23 min 30 sec - Mar 3, 2006

A Trance Formation 4 of 4
Cathy O'Brien
17 min 13 sec - Mar 3, 2006

TranceFormation of America (Paperback)
by Cathy O'Brien, Mark Phillips
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lots of reviews

Former CIA director William Colby appears to be a bad guy in this book whereas in The Franklin Cover-up, he appears to be one of those attempting to uncover the misdeeds of certain officials. Jimmy Carter was not involved in this account, although O'Brien did not get "promoted" to presidential model until the Reagan era. Many people in government are involved from both parties. Such people are not really loyal to their party, America, or the constitution; they are loyal to the New Slave Order. Some members of NASA are also involved in mind control slave training and the drugs used to control them. O'Brien did diplomatic runs for Education 2000. The purpose of the new education is to expand learning capacity, but to eliminate critical thinking skills, according to O'Brien. She also worked for the "free trade" of drugs and slaves between Mexico and America. To the Order, that's what free trade really means. The border will be erased between Mexico and America. It pretty much has been, in my opinion.

The authors urge us to make sure that the National Security Act and Reagan's Amendment to it are eliminated, because this legislation enables people in government who do unethical things to cover up their crimes "for reasons of national security". An investigation of mind control slavery in government needs to be done. They have contacted every relevant person in government, good or bad, about these problems. They urge us to do the same. They claim not all in government are involved in this evil. O'Brien claims that some serial killers are allowed to roam freely and avoid punishment, if they are part of this rogue group, including O'Brien's former husband who resides in Louisiana.


For me this was a terrible eye opener. I heard about the book from David Icke's books. Got curious and ordered. I have trouble reading some passages as I have to stop and cry for Kathy and others like her that we know nothing about. I recommend all parents to read this book and to be more alert to dangers from close relatives to their innocent children.

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 link to www.amazon.com

Title: Confessions of a WHITE HOUSE SEX SLAVE, '81-'88 [CIA/DIA MKULTRA trauma mind control]
Author: Cathy O'Brien
Date: 2004.02.10 12:55
Description: One of the world's only escaped MK-ULTRA Project Monarch mind control slaves, Cathy O'Brien, who lived to tell about it. You will find below an eyewitness to high crimes including the following: federal governmental drug trade organization, ethnic biowarfare, and global government networks in Canada, Mexico, Haiti, Saudi Arabia, the United States, the UN, the Dominicans, the CIA, the United States legislature, judicial, and executive branches, and the Vatican --- particularly active in select US states like Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, Alabama, Vermont, and Tennessee. Ethnic bioweapons testing in Haiti for racial war and Catholic holy war purposes, US plague delivered in communion wafers, see Iran-Contra and NAFTA from the inside; see Reagan, Bush Senior, George W. Bush, Cheney, Habib, de la Madrid, Salinas, Trudeau, Mulroney, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Baby Doc Duvalier of Haiti, Senator Byrd (D-West Virginia), Arlen Spector, Gerald Ford, Senator Leahy (D-Vermont), Bill and Hillary Clinton, Alan Cranston, Governor Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, Governor Blanchard of Michigan, and Dick Cheney--all using these MK ULTRA sex slaves regularly; see Bohemian Grove details; many more users: Guy VanderJagt, former Governor of Pennsylvania Dick Thornburgh, Congressman Jim Trafficant, Congressman Gary Ackerman, and much more.

It's all true 02.Jul.2007 22:32

Jayne Parton jayneparton@hotmail.com

After many years of research, I think Cathy and Mark, Candy and other Mk ultra 'slaves' are very courageous in disclosing all of this uncaring and utter encorachment upon the basic human rights of others, good job there is natural justice, but in any case, it should be made as public as possible to expose all these lowly sorts for what they are, energy suckers and dehumanisers among other things. We need more integrous folk in government, and those that arew there should be open and honest, this is the least they should be considering they are are supposed leaders. Did I say leaders?