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Radical Date Auction Benefit CANCELLED

I just got word that the Radical Date Auction tonight that was organized by Students For Unity has been cancelled. This event was going to help raise money for Josh Harper (a SHAC 7 defendent) who is facing years in prison for free speech.
Activists need to take themselves and eachother seriously and treat eachother with respect unless there is a really good reason to cancel an event last minute-which I know there wasn't in this case. It's a preety disrespectful thing to do! I was planning on going to this event and told my friends about it because we wanted to support Josh Harper. But an hour in a half before the event I found out it was JUST cancelled. Probably a lot of people don't even know this.
thanks for the note 20.May.2006 04:00


I looked over the Indymedia newswire as late as mid-afternoon before going out, went with three friends expecting to go to the dinner. We only found out about the cancellation when we got to PSU and saw the sign which by the way didn't have any explanation for the cancellation.

When organizations do things this idiotic, it's difficult for reasonable people to take them seriously later. Why the short-notice cancellation? Would it have been TOO MUCH TROUBLE to put a little note on Indymedia and any other forum where the event was publicized, to let people know?

response 22.May.2006 19:41


yeah i was disappointed... to say the least.

but i'm trying to stay proactive about the whole thing.
so i put an auction up on ebay in hopes to raise the money that i should have raised that night:


win a dinner date with me at Kalga Kafe with dessert provided by Sweet Pea