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Four Indictments in Vail Arson

Yesterday, a federal grand jury in Denver indicted four people for the 1998 arson of the Vail ski resort.
Chelsea Dawn Gerlach, Stanislas Meyerhoff, Josephine Sunshine Overaker and Rebecca Rubin are accused of setting the fire that cost more than $12 million.
hmmmm... 19.May.2006 13:59


i guess that's what you get for talking to the fbi.

josephine and rebecca stay free! many blessings on your paths.

Loose Lips 19.May.2006 19:51


Correction, it's not what YOU get, it's what OTHERS get. Snitchin is far reaching.

grow up people 20.May.2006 08:01

do something yourself before you judge

How can Stan be both the snitch and the far reacher? All this info probably came from Jacob Ferguson in the first place. These 4 were among the original indictees.

And as far as "freedom" goes, do you really find it free to live the rest of your life on the run, never again being able to contact friends and family? I feel for those women still at large. They have a tough road ahead. They have the other half of life that the people in prison are missing out on, but the prisoners still have contact with their community and loved ones, however limited.

Stay Strong and Stay Free 20.May.2006 09:34


Do Something Yourself ......
My comment was made in general terms and I was not pointing the finger towards anyone. I do not know or pretend to know the whole story nor do I pretend to know what these individuals have had to endure after these charges were made against them. I value my freedom as I know it and I sympathize with those who have lost theirs for whatever reason. Although I deeply respect those who take the road of silence I doubt if any of us can predict with certainty what we would do if the roles were reversed. Yes we can all claim we would tell nothing but until we are actually in that position it is merely wishful thinking. Circumstances vary. My love and support goes out to those who do not involve their fellow activists and friends. You are correct about life on the run it is not much of a life at all. Stay strong and stay free.

chelsea "cooperating"??? 25.May.2006 19:10

an old friend in NC

can someone clarify the question of chelsea "cooperating"?? i saw it on another thread but i assume it doesnt mean what it seems like it means????

cooperating 28.May.2006 13:56


all of the defendents are cooperating.

No, all are not 01.Jun.2006 21:38

Gumby Cascadia

The defendants that are NOT cooperating are Daniel McGowan, Jonathan Paul, Briana Waters, Nathan Block and Joyanna Zacher.

At the status hearing on Tuesday, it was stated by the feds that many of the cooperating defendants (and non-indicted people) would be entering changes of pleas in the next 30 days (meaning they will be pleading guilty to something in exchange for basically nothing but a vague promise of fairness). Those who plea out will almost undoubtedly be required to testify against the remaining defendants at trial as a part of their plea bargains (take a look at Lauren Weiner's plea agreement attached...) So, by the end of this month who is and is not cooperating will be crystal clear. The identities of some "unindicted individuals" may also be made public at that time.
Lauren Weiner's Plea Agreement
Lauren Weiner's Plea Agreement

I'm sorry 01.Jun.2006 22:35

Gumby Cascadia

I omitted Darren Thurston from the list of NON-COOPERATING defendants.

New news 03.Jun.2006 18:45

Gumby Cascadia

I have just received word that, as of last week, Darren Thurston has indeed decided to cooperate.

Fuerza 15.Jun.2006 09:50

Former Wyo

Hang in there, Josephine y que la Virgen te cuide.