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Schumacher Furs protest report (animals love their mothers too), May 13

"The quiet conscience is an invention of the devil." -Dr. Albert Schweitzer
These babies miss their mother
These babies miss their mother
"I'm sexy without fur!"
dog protester
dog protester
fur bathmat
fur bathmat
It was a warm, sunny day as we gathered in front of Schumacher furs for our weekly protest. We held signs (some specific to Mother's Day on Sunday, such as a picture of several raccoons with the saying, "These babies miss their mother. Is she on your back?"), passed out literature, chanted, and ate vegan sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies until the close of Schumacher's business day. There were a number of new people who joined us, including a child who asked her mother if she could protest with us, and couple from Denver who had heard about our protest on Indymedia. Like a number of other activists across the country, they have their own on-going protest in their city - all across the country people are saying no to fur.

Our lively, celebratory protests continue to stand in stark contrast to the death and destruction within Schumacher. Throughout the day we danced, a bagpipe player entertained us, we performed street theater. All the activity seemed to interest dour Schumacher employee/attempted murderer Nick, who came out several times to pointedly take our pictures (as if to intimidate).

The 50% off during protest signs continue to appear in the display windows, but attract few customers. One passerby said he was surprised that Schumacher continued their business there, since it's obvious few people want them (the Schumachers are like that last drunk party guest who just doesn't know when it's time to go). One elderly man crossed our protest line and seemed intent on having a confrontation with us. He stuck his finger in a protester's face and growled about the poor Schumachers and how dare we tell other people how to spend their money. This week we noticed a new coat in front of the window in a big black and white checker print that could best be described as looking like a bathmat.

Famous movie fur hags such as Bette Davis and Joan Crawford made fur coats a popular item around WWII. And in the 50's, supposedly every woman's dream was a mink coat and a diamond ring. Diamonds were mined using slave labor in South Africa under Apartheid, and are now cut and polished by bonded child laborers in India. The very existence of mink coats comes at the cost of excessive cruelty and death to animals. Diamonds and mink coats surely do belong together, both symbols of extreme oppression and cruelty, vanity and greed. On Mother's Day the image of woman as loving nurturer comes to the forefront, but the woman who, with knowledge of the suffering involved, continues to purchase diamonds and fur is certainly no mother to those who need compassion and protection. For info and videos about how animals are used in the fur industry, see  http://www.furisdead.com and  http://www.furkills.org

Please join us this and every week in front of Schumacher Furs (811 SW Morrison). Signs, leaflets, vegan treats provided.

And feel free to protest Schumacher on other days of the week as well. Even one person can make a difference.
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portlandfurcruelty.com for info on the campaign against fur in Portland

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