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Yes, Itís Treason

Sizing our telephone records is undeniably treason -- an act of war.
Yes, It's Treason

treason -- Violation of allegiance toward
one's country or sovereign, especially the
betrayal of one's country by waging war
against it or by consciously and purposely
acting to aid its enemies. A betrayal of
trust or confidence.

The Bush regime has admitted that he and his theofascist regime are committing massive felonies and treason against America by moving to squash a lawsuit filed against telephone giant AT&T filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The Theofascists don't want the evidence of their crimes to be Judicially recognized for obvious reasons and yet at the same time their attempts to suppress the evidence of their crimes indicts them.


This move to squash the truth of this regime's crimes against America confirms the Bush regime's crimes and treason. And make no mistake about it: this is treason. Treason -- capital "T."

With the illegal, warrantees seizure of the private detailed telephone calling records of every America, this theofascist regime strikes at the very core of America's Constitution, gutting the proud and worthy ideals that the United States as a nation holds so dear.

These crimes are nothing less than an act of war against America. They are crimes designed to destroy Americans' rights, freedoms, and liberties in realms the likes of which no Islamic crazy could ever hope to accomplish. The theofascist regime's crimes and treason against America hands the likes of Osama bin Laden everything he and his ragtag band of Islamic crazies could have ever hoped for -- and then some by leagues.

Along comes AT&T, Verizon, and who knows how many other traitor collaborationists. As if this Theofascist terrorist regime's crimes against us weren't enough, along comes out telephone companies to fall into goose-step with their fascist masters to hand us all over to their Fuhrer without a whimper -- or a look back as the tattered remains of the Constitution.

It's treason.

homepage: homepage: http://www.skeptictank.org/

don't be so surprised 18.May.2006 22:25

corporate media

you had to know that we're in cahoots with the big boys from the get-go. Hell the media sold the Iraq war to TV nation USA. The telecom industry is how the media gets out to the people. They're even trying to get into content producing - can you imagine getting advertisements on your phone/media device?
I'm not sure to what degree "Theofascist" is accurate. I'm sure it's a semantics issue but Mussolini was one who said, Fascism should really be called Corporatism. But we know also that fascia is a bundle of sticks on the seal of the US Senate. This body of people need only protest the government until it is returned to be reshaped as the people see fit.
Be aware that religion is often just used as a tool for "moral" footing - there are enough lost sheep who will work and pay taxes and wave an "american" flag to support the economy of the rich capitalist class with a little "divine" strake, i mean, guidance.
Well, I think the previous comment may be a bit excessive on the militarist side, in a somewhat provacative sense. I get the sense that there's a lot more disinfo and psychops on the site these days.

but yes it's treason and it needs to be dealt with 18.May.2006 22:39

corporate media

so what is the non-violent approach? Civil Disobedience is inherently non-violent but must be targeted at laws that are unjust. But what happens when the Constitution is being broken and dismantled - restructured by corporate lobbyists and their legislative conspirators to better suit the corporations?
Whoever owns the media will control public perception through incremental changes or with "shocking news."
Ownership of the airwaves is in the hands of the people, we've just let someone else control it.
We have the power to protest and draw attention to this issue and demand media access.

Bush's treason 19.May.2006 09:45


His treason is unforgivable, but there is no way to overthrow this administration. They'd kill hundreds of thousands to squash a revolution.

Any approach to removing Bush and the enemies among us must be non-violent. It's a campaign of convincing people that needs done.

it's a european tradition 19.May.2006 12:28

forest dweller

As they have always done for centuries, the church-state has always waged
war on the "peasants", including the assimilated sheeple.....today is no
different. It is only a matter of time before we are attacked.
Will you fight or will you let them murder you?

good vs evil 20.May.2006 00:30


I think people ultimately will fight, but by then I'm sure many if not most of them will wish they'd been engaged much sooner.