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What Is Bird Flu, Really?

What is the real agenda behind the Bird Flu hype?
Republican Party and Republican Supreme Court steal a presidential election.

2001: The Bush administration either allows acts of mass terrorism or perhaps engineers them to murder 3000 people so as to unite the U.S. under the banner of fear.

2002: The Republican Party uses 9/11 and trumped-up charges against Saddam Hussein to simultaneously tilt mid-term elections in their favor and psychologically prepare the American people for an outright war of aggression against Iraq.

2004: The Republican Party uses 9/11 nostalgia, dubious videotapes of Osama Bin Laden, and rigged voting machines to steal another presidential election.

2005-06: As the war rages without end, and gas prices surge, Bush's alleged popularity implodes. For the first time in more than a decade, the GOP begins to worry over keeping its deathgrip on Congress.

2005-06: Regular reports via corporate media of the impending threat of Bird Flu: an impending foreign menace, just like Bolshevism, Stalinism, Communism, Feminism, Liberalism, Terrorism.

Fall 2005: President Bush tells nation that if Bird Flu pandemic occurs he can declare martial law.

Spring 2006: Republicans in the House of Representatives introduce an insane illegal immigration bill, designed to simultaneously appease the racist GOP base and to split groups of workers into opposing camps.

Spring 2006: Credible reports that Bush intends to use airstrikes against Iran, conventional or nuke, emerge in some MSM outlets.

Spring 2006: The U.S. government officially says that it cannot protect its citizens in the event of a Bird Flu pandemic.

Spring 2006: MSM wonk Kevin Phillips says the biggest question in Washington, DC this year is: What will be the GOP's 'October Surprise?'

May 2006: Bush announces he will deploy 6000 National Guard troops to allegedly guard the boarder against illegal immigrants.

Right Here, Right Now:

Is the October Surprise going to be nukes against Iran, a Bird Flu 'pandemic', or some kind of engineered violence involving illegal immigrants?

One thing we know from the past 6 years: the GOP does not suffer from a lack of will, imagination, resources, or ruthlessless...
and remember... 18.May.2006 19:27

m. defarge

this isn't about the "GOP". The duopoly is rotten to the core, it is.

Beware the distraction.

"Avian Flu" is a Roche-WHO-FDA pharmaceutical scam to promote Tamiflu, 19.May.2006 04:35


"Avian Flu" is a Roche-WHO-FDA pharmaceutical scam to promote Tamiflu, a
'vaccine' made by Roche whose American distribution rights are controlled
by Donald Rumsfeld. Avian flu is in actuality avian spongiform encephalopathy
or Mad Chicken Disease and no Roche product can overcome prions. NPR and other
disinformation systems are promoting the scam.