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Jeff Hogg JAILED for Resisting the Grand Jury!!

Today in Eugene, Jeff Hogg refused to cooperate with the
Grand Jury, was granted "immunity" and was subsequently charged with Contempt and HAS BEEN JAILED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!
We will send out specific requests for support (mailing address, call for donations, etc.) as soon as we have more details.
We will send out specific requests for support (mailing address, call for
donations, etc.) as soon as we have more details.

Just before entering the courtroom, Jeff spoke briefly to the small crowd gathered at the Federal Building. He expressed gratitude for all the support he and his partner have received during this difficult time. He spoke of wishing only to be able to return to nursing school, and his family and community, and of the need for people of integrity to stand firm against this witchhunt. He implored us all to ask what we would do if we were in his situation. Would we choose to be strong?

Other speakers included Alejandro Queral of the NW Constitutional Rights Center, Lauren Regan of the Civil Liberties Defense Center and Kim Marks on behalf of Forest Ethics. Alejandro spoke of the chilling effect this witchhunt has had on dissent in this country. Lauren highlighted the illegality of this Grand Jury. Grand Juries by law are convened to indict (or not), but Lauren said that this Grand Jury is being used to prepare for trial (to gather evidence and witnesses for trials against persons already indicted), an illegal use of the powers of the Grand Jury. Kim Marks read a brief statement on behalf of the non-profit Forest Ethics, publicly condemning the rounding up of non-violent environmental activists, and the passing of recent laws that could criminalize any form of non-violent civil disobedience.

To everyone who showed up at today's rally in Eugene, wrote and faxed press releases, spoke, or otherwise contributed to Jeff's support... thank you! He was moved to tears by the amount of support he feels from his community.

On a more positive note, Robert "Burke" Morris answered a few basic questions and was released from his subpoena in Denver and should be returning home to the Northwest this evening. He is expected to release a statement sometime tomorrow.

Thanks for resisting state repression Jeff 18.May.2006 19:17

Mr. Raven

Stay strong and keep resisting the repression of the state who in turn are just paid gangsters of the corporations. Once the oil runs out we will all be free and we can dance on the grave of the state as their control mechanisms will be 100% ineffective without fossil fuels. Until then solidarity, resistance, and just say no to pigs.

He sounds like a wonderful human being 18.May.2006 19:37


I know nothing about this dedicated soul, Jeff. Can anyone who knows him or of the charges please give some background without saying too much. If this is not possible then I understand. He has my utmost respect for remaining silent and true to his convictions and friends.

Inspirational 18.May.2006 22:16


Let what Jeff and the non-cooperating defendants have done be an inspiration to us all!

Real Heroes 19.May.2006 09:09

a citizen of uncertain identity

While the corporate news may feed us images of "heroes" fighting a war across the world, I know the real heroes are those fighting a war for our lives here at home. People like Jeff, whom I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, who are willing to make real sacrifices for all of our freedom. Thank you, Jeff. I've got your back.

the truly positive note 19.May.2006 09:27

just say no

the most positive note in the above article, i beleive, is not so much that robert burke morriss was released after answering "a few questions" but that jeff hogg refused to cooperate with the grand jury and its extortionist, illegal practices.. answering their questions and cooperating is ultimately to cooperate with their goal of diminishing our spirits ,and imprisoning everyone they possibly can from within our communities...the most effective way we can get these people out is to not let them in At All..they have no right, and only malignant intentions, behind their questions...just say no.... thank you jeff hogg, for being strong and steady in your commitment and convictions..for being true to all our relations by not allowing them that would enslave us even..one..damn..inch!!!!

Inspiraational 19.May.2006 10:49


Let Jeff and the other non-cooperating defendants be an inspiration to us all.

And personally, I can understand why Chelsea cooperated, so I hold her no ill will.

Jeff jailed press release 19.May.2006 10:53

CROC civilrightsoutreach@gmail.com

Here is the PR we issued after Jeff's incarceration:

Civil Rights Outreach Committee

For Immediate Release: May 18, 2006 4:45 p.m.

Lauren Regan, Civil Liberties Defense Center, Eugene, OR: 541-687-9180.
Alejandro Queral, NW Constitutional Rights Center, Portland, OR: 503-295-6400, 202-491-6204

Local Student Jailed for Resisting Federal Witch Hunt

Eugene Resident Jeff Hogg Sent to Jail by Judge Hogan for Refusing to Testify in Grand Jury Proceeding

Eugene, OR -- Local resident Jeff Hogg was held in contempt by Judge Hogan this morning after refusing to testify before a federal grand jury allegedly investigating the arson cases. Hogg walked into the federal courthouse this morning after making a brief statement before the media and supporters.

"I am being forced to choose between betraying social change movements or going to jail without committing a crime," Hogg said. "It's not a fun choice to make and it makes you question everything you believe in." Hogg, a first-year nursing student who works with autistic adults concluded: "But I won't be coerced by the government to give up my principles."

After refusing to testify, Hogg was walked by federal agents to the courthouse for contempt proceedings before Judge Hogan. Representatives from the Civil Liberties Defense Center, the NW Constitutional Rights Center, as well as friends and family, were not allowed into the courthouse after Judge Hogan unlawfully prevented supporters from attending this public proceeding.

"This is a further abuse of power where a judge, at his sole discretion and without any basis in law, excludes the public from what is supposed to be an open proceeding" said Lauren Regan, executive director of the Civil Liberties Defense Center. "This exclusion of the public further exacerbates concerns that this investigation amounts to a 'kangaroo court.'"

Although Mr. Hogg is not charged with any crimes, he will remain in jail until September 30, 2006 unless his attorney, Paul Loney, is successful in filing motions for his release.

"Mr. Hogg has made it clear that he will not cooperate," stated Mr. Loney after the conclusion of today's proceedings. "This is a misuse of the grand jury system. The founding fathers never intended it to be used by the government to prepare their case for trial."

The grand jury in Eugene is investigating acts of sabotage linked to the underground Earth Liberation Front (ELF) and Animal Liberation Front (ALF). There have been grand juries convened in San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle and Colorado affecting a broad sweep of environmental and animal activists suspected of property damage. . Despite the fact that no one was injured in any of the incidents, the FBI calls the actions "terrorism." Two additional people were charged in separate indictments in Washington and California.

A press packet of current related articles, background information, historical examples of sabotage in the U.S., and a history of F.B.I. repression of political activism is available. Please contact the Civil Liberties Defense Center at 541-687-9180.

# # #

re Inspirational 19.May.2006 16:29


i am not clear why you are under the impression that chelsea gerlach is cooperating...i disagree.....

Burke's Statement 21.May.2006 09:29


Following is Robert "Burke" Morris' statement regarding his 5/18 grand jury appearanace in Denver. We are grateful to Burke for his transparency.

"On May 18th, I was forced to appear before a Denver grand jury
investigating the 1998 Vail arson. My lawyer was given a list of people
and subject matter I was to be asked about. I was ready to refuse to
answer any incriminating or revealing questions and prepared to be jailed
for such refusal. I was asked no such questions.

I have the utmost respect for Jeff Hogg, and hope all will support him
during his incarceration for refusing to answer grand jury questions."

Write to Jeff! 21.May.2006 12:45


Please send letters of support to Jeff Hogg, jailed for refusing to cooperate with the federal grand jury.
He deserves to know how much we appreciate his strength and courage!

Jeffrey Hogg #1065518
Lane County Jail
101 W 5th Ave
Eugene, OR 97401

Judge's contact info 21.May.2006 14:25


Can you post Judge Hogan's contact information so we can ask him/her to reconsider?

the 5th 21.May.2006 18:30


Can't Jeff just show up to the GJ hearing and plead the 5th amendment when asked questions he wouldn't prefer to answer?

he did plead the 5th 24.May.2006 14:19


Jeff did plead the 5th, and he was given immunity. He was then sent back to the GJ and questioned again. he again plead the 5th. That is why he is being held in contempt.

When you face a GJ, you normally cannot choose which questions to answer. It is all or nothing usually.

writing Judge Hogan 24.May.2006 22:45


Please do not try to directly write Judge Hogan, as this could be considered harrasment. If you would like to please write a letter to The Honorable Judge Hogan, but address the envelope to Friends of Jeff Hogg at PO BOX 12271, Eugene, OR 97440
Donations can also be made out to: Friends of Jeff Hogg and sent to the same PO Box 12271. Thanks for your support.