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Actions to Save Roadless Biscuit/Siskiyou

Imagine a place where unbroken, continuous, intact and unspoiled forests wildlands stretch as far as the eye can see.
Now imagine this one-of-a-kind place stolen from future generations through destructive and short-sighted logging.
We still have time to stop the auction of two terrible timber sales in Oregon's largest and wildest unprotected roadless areas, the Siskiyou/Kalmiopsis.

Pictured above, the unprotected Kalmiopsis roadless wildlands (and the northern tip of the protected Kalmiopsis Wilderness) in the Siskiyou National Forest of Southwest Oregon as well as the nationally recognized Wild and Scenic Illinois River, about a mile from the "Blackberry" timber sale in the North Kalmiopsis.

The Siskiyou National Forest, under orders from Undersecretary of Agriculture (and long-time timber industry lobbyist) Mark Rey, is preparing timber sales within the 88,000 acre North Kalmiopsis and the 105,000 acre south Kalmiopsis roadless areas.

The "Blackberry" timber sale is located in the North Fork of the Indigo Creek drainage, one of the most productive salmonid (includes salmon, steelhead and trout) bearing drainages in the entire Rogue River watershed and (perhaps the entire) Oregon coast. Only 6 other drainages in the (entire) Rogue River watershed are as (important to salmon) as the Indigo Creek drainage.

Coho and Chinook salmon, listed "Threatened" under the Endangered Species Act, depend on the cold clean waters of Indigo Creek as a refuge to help them survive the warmer waters of the Illinois River.

In 2005 the Siskiyou National Forest allowed the clearcut logging (minus a few snags) of at least 500 acres in the headwaters of the 8,000 acre North Fork Indigo Creek drainage.

This North Fork Indigo drainage is in the process of rejuvenating itself from the 2002 Biscuit fire and the miles of bulldozed fire lines and back burns set intentionally to fight it, not to mention the 500 acres of clearcuts committed in 2005.

Here is what you can do for starters to help stop the Siskiyoui National Forest, Bush's henchman Mark Rey and Oregon's timber barons:

1) Call Congressman Peter DeFazio and US Senator Ron Wyden on May 25 (or at any time convenient for you). Urge them to protect these irreplaceable roadless areas. Relay to them that "salvage" logging is not scientifically defensible, especially in the roadless area of the Kalmiopsis wildlands. Ask them to demand the Forest Service stop the "Blackberry" and "Mike's Gulch" timber sales.

2) Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper opposing the logging of the Kalmiopsis wildlands as well as any new "salvage" logging without laws" legislation, House Bill 4200 sponsored by Rep. Walden (OR) and Rep. Baird (WA) and Senate Bill 2079 sponsored by Senator Gordon Smith (OR). (link to more info)

3) Call or write large environmental groups (Sierra Club in San Francisco, NRDC, WWF, and Wilderness Society) and ask them what they are doing to help stop the timber sales in the Kalmiopsis roadless areas and "salvage" logging legislation.

4) Organize a showing of the DVD "Keep Towing that Line," a tribute to legendary Siskiyou Forest Defender and great-grandmother Joan Norman by the Oxygen Collective and "Truth and Lies of the Biscuit Fire".

To order the DVD send an email to  http://www.o2collective.org. The cost is $5 for one DVD that includes both short films.

To learn more about the "Mike's Gulch" timber sale and "salvage" logging legislation go to  link to www.cascwild.org

Senator Ron Wyden
1220 SW 3rd Ave
Suite 585
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 326-7525
Eugene Phone: (541) 431-0229

In DC:
230 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510-3703
(202) 224-5244
Fax (202) 228-2717

Representative Peter DeFazio
151 West 7th Ave
Suite 400
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 465-6732

In DC:
2134 Rayburn H.O.R.
Washington DC 20515
(202) 225-6416

homepage: homepage: http://www.wildernessdefenders.net

It won't do any good- they have their own agenda 06.Mar.2007 18:36


It does no good to complain. Oregon Government has its own agenda. They are addicted to the money theu receive from timber sales. It doesn't matter that they sell OUR timber for little or nothing and that they lose money building roads for loggers to take every stick of timber they can get their hands on.