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New Content on PDX IMC Web Radio

A list of new content that you can stream is available in the text of the article. To get your own show o publish audio content send an e-mail to "pdx-audio(at)lists.resist.ca" with the subject line "RADIO" preferably. Check out the link to the radio page on this article.

Got Soul Radio?

  • NEW - Show From 05-17-2006 - Description: Things worth talking about and music worth listening to.

Radio Cacophony

  • NEW - Show From 05-17-2006 - Description: Laight Nite Lisineng four teh Kronicklie Bephudled (w/ guest DJ Miedjha)

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/static/pdxradio.shtml

RADIO CACOPHONY 5/17 Set List 18.May.2006 17:23



venetian snares remixes boom bip - the unthinkable (feat. buck 65)
rechenzentrum - absent minded
uziq - scaling
venetian snares - li2co3
lp - get your hand off my shoulder pig
uziq- scaling
muzlimguaze - khar khodefi
dr octagon - technical difficulties
matmos - snails and lasers for patricia
squarepusher - iambic 9 poetry
jedi mind tricks - army of the pharaohs
cannibal ox - ox out the cage
dead prez - hip hop (rbg mix)
gnarls barkley - crazy
kid 606 - the illness
fela anikulapo kuti - my lady frustration
venetian snares - die winnipeg die die die fuckers die