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PBA Arrestees

We are all out and safe now.
Thanks to everyone for your support at the jail and in spirit. All five of us have been released and had a beautiful group of folks waiting for us outside the inJustice Center. Everyone ahs been chareged with Disorderly Conduct and Criminal Trespass 2. As of now we will be witholding details about the arrests. Thanks again for all the love and support. May the PBA rot in it's self made hell. All power to the people, not the corporations!
I hate those phony arrests 18.May.2006 01:13

Joe A

Sometimes it seems that in the politics of it all...

That the popos arrest protesters, then:

/ silence / courts / lawyers / agreements / damages awarded / sketchy trial / releases / charges dropped / slim media coverage / etc

Then when it is all passed by and days have gone by, they (The popo's) ironicly succeeded in:

\ censorship \ fear \ power \ intimidations \ media press catering their agenda \ pandering to corporate interest by "illegal" arrests \ silence \ forgot ness by public \ protesters did jail time

My point is they don't care about laws or the intention of the law or legal rights
....their giter-done service has been used regardless.
They pay a fine or drop charges .....but

...they succeeded in their giter-done agenda.

Look at the RNC in New York just a while back...all the civil right abuses, arrests, jailing,
yet, the popo's used their....giter-done, and they broke the law regardless and blatantly regardlessly.
Which resulted in the press, and even innocent people corralled and held for hours, while they went on with their business ... breaking the laws and arresting citizens. Later they were fined and I think the impropper charges are still being hammered out in courts.

I appreciate what you all did today.....
It's frustrating to feel the poignant double edged sword of the law being worked by their giter-done
for the dirt on the hands of the PBA

It sometimes almost seems like they can, giter-done and then just pay the fine and settle or drop it but they "did get their way" and sometimes part of the "payoff is to not discuss or bring charges" as in the 911 victims were restricted. Not inferring any payoff or anything to that effect in this case here today, I mention in general and in the context of the irony that the law will be blatantly broke and then just "drop the charge" or pay the law suit out of court away from the media or people!?

Please don't misunderstand I am only mentioning this as a thought about the abuse of power and the skirting of laws to achieve the popo's preordained authoritarian agenda
Whom are the henchmen manuvered by dirty hands in high places

Power To The People