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the slippery slope toward corporate fascism and complete loss of citizen input.

The analogy is, just as the glaciers are said to possibly melt in three blinks of an eye... that we know there is some melting now, and as their cold water pours into the tidal swirl it compounds itself exponentially, changing the dynamic of the ocean and the weather that follows...

Forget the weather. We don't use machines to change the weather (directly:)

We all know climate change is simply a symptom. BUT, my insight herein stops far short of environmental worrys.

The WHACKO NEO-Bush Administration has a year and a half to ensure the voting booths continue toward corruption, and the elite reinforce their lock on American citizins under the guise of "protection".
The WHACKO NEO-Bush Administration has a year and a half to ensure the voting booths continue toward corruption.

Anyone who gladhands with this administration will help to ensure the CRONYS remain in the seat of control, so that in the near future, ALL of the accoutrements we have assembled as a PEOPLE over the past two hundred odd years, and were supposedly working to make better will be in the hands of the rich.

The next big natural resource to harvest will be public built roads, schools, infrastructures, public lands, ports. It will be said that this is neccesary because the govenment (we the people)can no longer handle the responsability. This goes cback to the adage of GOP lore: "starve governemnt (we the people) until it is small enought to drown it in a bathtub" Now anyone who stands for less governmnent is a quitter. Plain and simple. They just want to take their ball and go home. What is always neccesary is BETTER government. More effecient government. Not MORE, just more EFFIECIENT and ACCURATE with it's policy and more JUST in it's perogotive.

But we know the NEOCONS- PNAC... Project For A New American Century, Wolfowitz Doctrine, Corpotate Schills have no good intentions for the people, their interest lies in numbers and continuing subservient consumerism. And the Patriarchal Heavy Christian Right, paired with the Zionists are playing some sort of bad acid trip game where no one will call the bluff, and they just keep collecting sheep, money and players, and weapons.

I mean C'mon. The American Dream started years ago with the idea that we escape persecution. Have the ability to be self-determinate. Escape Patriarcal society entrenched in stale tradition. Let the light of imagination shine on a blank canvas of a continent and pursue the dream. Assume roles, and be held accountable when pursuing the goals. Co-operation, debate, and logic to determine, not undermine and evade law.

It seems that someone always wants to assume the role of the puppetmaster. Off with the head of the indiscrminate puppet masters. Assume any role you'd like, but as soon as you cease to allow others to correct your course in affecting them, you have become a cumbersome burden. We always have the choice to pick a new boss, to correct the course of our lives paths, to right the ship.

The current administration is becoming so entrenched it may take them running the ship aground to remove them, in order for the course to be righted. They are desperate, jaded, and ill-advised. They are caught between many rocks and have assumed many roles.

Something like bio-metric ID cards, and a police state? How far is that valley on this slippery slope? We have no civilian corps to actually "fight" back. And when the voting system is corrupted even in as little as two consecutive elections, then it may remain corrupted as we have no chance of changing it. Then they drain the military, give away the schools, and roads, charge the citizenry for their use. And viola! Everyone is accounted for, everyone is under control. YOU MUST CO-OPERATE. Freedom is irrelevant, self determination is irrelavant. You must co-operate.

What if the progressive sustainable "ists" used our military might (ha!) to enforce an environmental preservation or pollution tax to the Corporate WORLD. What if we limited profits on corporations? If that meant slowing "progress" so be it. We adapt fast people. What if gas was 10 bucks a gallon for everyone except those who made less than $75,000 a year and the users that directly serve the people.
If the barrle is still low, we take the slush fund and put it where it is needed.

Redistribute wealth by some new ethos.

Or, we lose it to the Fascist state until it become worthless on the globe.

We need to get our light back, our imagination and motivate the world to a better future. Not scare them into serving Starbucks.

It's the elections stupid.