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An Open Letter To Congress

I wrote my three Congressmen Representatives yesterday
Topics were mainly NSA Spying - Torture - Civil Rights - WAR - Sept 11 cover-up
The letter I wrote yesterday, was originally intended to address the NSA spying and "illegal" tracking and compiling phone records of US citizens.

My letter soon digressed into the "many" serious important issues that need to be addressed by Congress.
Before I finished writing, it was 4 pages long!

I realize I am not a political expert and I am not used to writing my Government leaders a personal letter.
Heck I have not even taken a writing class and my use of punctuation I know, is not always proper.

I am just an average joe .....
I could be anybody
I am just a citizen that's wants my country and constitution back!

My points are very clear in my letter I actually could of written 4 more pages.
Feel free to re-use it your self .....Or copy/paste it with added comments or modified and send your letter too.

And if you don't want to read it ..... At least.., Please write your own!

Here is the letter that I posted on my blog:

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com