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CM....can we do it the way it should be done?

I began riding in portland over 6 yrs ago.. the streets have never been so crazy with cars, and there has NEVER been as many people on bikes:>

but really, can we do critical MASS as one? without breaking up? we are a herd, fuck the red lights and stop signs....YES LET THE TRAIN GO THRU...and the bus.. but really people...can we do just this one next ride as ONE?


btw- I challenge everyone who has a bike to go this next ride, may 26th. and bring a a friend..tell a friend, BRING YOUR MOM!
I think we can 19.May.2006 08:13

some kid

I'm trying to do what I can to invite as many people who care more about biking than getting mean looks from pigs. Those bike-jock fucks decked out in corporate logos, telling people to obey the police can have their own ride... seperate from ours (though it would probobally turn into a police-bikejock orgy in the streets). CM has been radical since it began, and in most cities it still is. Let's not give it up without a fight.

Also though, for those who can't wait for CM to be radicalized, we've started a monthly Criminal Mass. We're spreading the info by word of mouth, so be on the lookout.

Love and solidarity.