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If this isn't treason, nothing is

The Bush regime's seizing of American's telephone calling records is treason.
If this isn't treason, nothing is

An endless series of secret acts of treason and crimes against
humanity being committed by this fascist regime has come forth
over the past six years but one of the most massive acts of
treason that America knows about so far is the regime's seizure
of every American's private telephone calling records.

This is treason against America on a massive scale, something
most Americans probably should have expected was coming giving
this fascist regime's previous crimes and treason. What wasn't
so easily expected was that the nation's top telephone companies
would be found to have willingly and willfully committing treason
in lock goose-step with this fascist regime without so much as a
whimper -- or a look back at the tattered remains of what used to
be called "the United States Constitution."

This fascist regime's first victims have always been Americans.

With the endless exposures of this regime's crimes against
humanity and treason against America, the fascist regime has
sought first and foremost to identify and silence the American
patriots -- undeniable heroes working for America -- who are
exposing this fascist regime's crimes and treason.

This fascist regime calls the exposures of its treason "leaks" as
if there were legitimate national security issues involved. In
reality the only threat this information constitutes is against
the terrorist fascists holed up in the White House.

There are no legitimate reasons to unlawfully seize American's
private telephone calling information without warrants,
subpoenas, or court orders. The United States used to be a
nation of laws and when the laws of this land held sway, lawful
judicial mechanisms existed whereby legitimate cause to violate
the privacy and rights of Americans were evaluated Judicially
and nearly always granted.

That isn't good enough for the theofascist Totalitarian
dictatorship currently destroying everything America used to
stand for. It also wasn't good enough for AT&T, Verizon, and
other telephone companies who joyfully and with malice handed
over their customers like good collaborationist Nazis.

And make no mistake about it: what AT&T, Verison, and the rest
did is undeniably treason. It's treason against America and
treason against their customers. It violates numerous Federal
and State laws as well as violates their own proclaimed privacy

What's more these corporate traitors knew they were committing
felonies and treason: they handed over their customers to this
fascist regime in secret, hoping nobody would find out about
their crimes. They didn't inform their customers as required by
law because they knew they were breaking the law. After the fact
these telephone companies proclaim their innocence while not
denying they're committing the crimes, demanding that they never
deviate from the laws of this nation and that they some how
"vbalue" their customer's privacy.

It's massive treason. It's crimes against all of America.

What's worse is that these latest exposures are probably just the
tip of the iceberg. With the nation's telephone companies so
willing to committing massive treason and crimes against America,
count on the nation's credit card companies to be doing the same.

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thanks, BUT... 16.May.2006 09:02


What's even scarier is the fact that all this is being done by the same folks that planned and carried out the 9/11 attacks. Interesting that someone needed to add a comment about it, since it wasn't even implied in the above article.

Call it treason or some other name, it doesn't matter 16.May.2006 10:44

Fred Bauer

This is just one of the latest in a long list of crimes that began even before the theft of the 2000 election. These things include at least two wars and the bombing of the World Trade Center... and yet there is no plan for impeachment. The toothless media does not even try to gum his leg.

anti-corporate media 16.May.2006 13:48

anti-corporate media

the media's not toothless, it's complicit.

Perhaps not Just Treason 16.May.2006 17:29


I say the dispicable act perpetrated by Verizon, AT&T and other coporations
is not only treason - it's business as usual in THE GOOD OLE BOYS NETWORK
(includes the Feds).

They'll all have mutual total information awareness.