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Back to Back Cafe Closing Party

The Back to back Cafe is packing up and headed north. Come out to see us on our way!
The Back to Back Cafe's last day of operation at their
current location of 614 E. Burnside will be May 14th,
marking the end of four years of caffeinating the
resistance. To celebrate this sad, yet momentous
occasion we will be holding an all day music
extravaganza, featuring The Marsupials, Guau Guau, The
Advisory, Alan Singley, Please Step Out of the Vehicle
and Drunken Boat.
Music starts at 5 pm and goes till the cops show up.

The Back to Back Cafe is a worker owned and operated
coffee shop, serving shade-grown, organic, fair trade
coffee as well as a variety of yummy vegetarian food.
We promote an alternate way to run a business,
focusing on supporting social & economic justice and
sustainable practices and dismantling hierarchical
systems. The cafe has also served as a much needed all
ages venue, as a meeting space for many groups and as
a classroom for free ESL classes. We pride ourselves
on being a resource to our community and more than
just another coffee shop. Our space is shared with the
Portland branch of the Industrial Workers of the World
(IWW) and the offices of the Portland Central America
Solidarity Committee, as a result of which we've
formed many enriching & rewarding relationships across
class and cultural lines.

After four years at 614 E.Burnside our building has
been sold and we are being forced to move. We hope to
re-open in NE Portland by late summer and continue to
serve the people from our new home. Please join us for
a celebration of our life so far and everything to
come in the future.

address: address: 614 E. Burnside

building sold? 13.May.2006 18:13

inner se

i thought this building was owned by some sorta co-op or something. (i forget the details, obviously!) at least in my memory, it was owned by someone sensitive "to the cause". maybe i am wrong, but its sad its been sold. is the IWW outta there too? am guessing so. bummer for the dayworkers who had a friend in the b2b.

do it again! 14.May.2006 05:37

a. nonny mouse

Did much enjoy Back 2 Back whilst producing at KBOO....next time I do wish success and will miss its proximity....suggest promotion and adherence to customer comfort, cleanliness--it won't hurt you! Hard work IS an anarchist value.

don't go changing 14.May.2006 13:23

sts articleinsubversion@yahoo.com

Those little fucking anarchists are the hardest working community minded motherfuckers I know in a collective cafe. it's everything I ever wanted in a collective cafe, no. It's more than I ever wanted in a collective cafe. So much more.

Not to worry, 6th and Burnside doesn't have a corner on the bum market, I, for one, will travel. A B2B groupie? To Killingsworth, wherever, as long as the best vegan scones continue being served with the most pleasant smiles ever found among cafe commies.
And to our k-boo critic from above...the bathrooms were never THAT bad.So some of the patrons forgot to flush from time to time. Get over it.

Keep up the good anti-work...you are a beacon of hope for the rest of us travelling in darkness.


No fair! 14.May.2006 16:10


I don't get it. I find out about this AFTER it's being shut down. Sounds like an awesome place. I just hope when you guys reopen, you do it in a place that's not too far out of Downtown. Haha...

the bathroom 28.Aug.2006 11:44

abe r. lipsmack444@hotmail.com

what is going to become of the art that was/is on the bathroom wall? That affected me everytime I looked at it.