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All Newborns To Be Microchipped

A reposting of an article by Greg Szymanski.
The nightmare of christian oppression continues.
Plans To Microchip Every
Newborn In US And Europe
Underway - Former Chief
Medical Officer Of Finland
By Greg Szymanski

Are you ready for a total elimination of privacy and a robotizing of mankind, as well as an invasion of every thought going through your head?

Are you prepared to live in a world in which every newborn baby is micro-chipped? And finally are you ready to have your every move tracked, recorded and placed in Big Brother's data bank?

Although it seems impossible, plans are well underway to control every move and thought of the American population once the New World Order ends it period of extended violence, a stage of takeover the country is now experiencing.

And since there is very little written in the compliant U.S. media, a story that appeared in the Finnish-language journal, Spekula, tells Americans just how close we are to entering the totalitarian New World Order.

According to the Finnish article, distributed to doctors and medical students, time is running out for changing the direction of military medicine and mind control technology, ensuring the future of human freedom.

"Yet the technology exists to create a totalitarian New World Order," said Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, MD, a former chief medical officer of Finland. "Covert neurological communication systems are in place to counteract independent thinking and to control social and political activity on behalf of self-serving private and military interests.

"When our brain functions are already connected to supercomputers by means of radio implants and microchips, it will be too late for protest. This threat can be defeated only by educating the public, using available literature on biotelemetry and information exchanged at international congresses."

In her article, entitled Microchip Implants, Mind Control, and Cybernetics, Dr. Kilde claims the U.S. is the main culprit behind the covert use of electronic equipment and weaponry, saying "one reason this technology has remained a state secret is the widespread prestige of the psychiatric Diagnostic Statistical Manual IV produced by the U.S. American Psychiatric Association (APA) printed in 18 languages.

"Psychiatrists working for U.S. intelligence agencies no doubt participated in writing and revising this manual. This psychiatric "bible" covers up the secret development of MC technologies by labeling some of their effects as symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia."

Dr. Kilde added the media has remained "hush hush" about the true intent and purpose behind micro-chipping, saying the perfect cyber soldier can be created with sophisticated equipment and weaponry being used in certain NATO countries since the 1980's.
ok 11.May.2006 07:52


Is there a link to the actual article? I'd like to see some evidence of this.

where to look 11.May.2006 08:10

forest dweller

most cynical thought 11.May.2006 08:46


we've banded just about every other animal on the planet.
I'm sure there's an aggressive battle in realtime to not
miss a single family line in each species.

So why stop there?

Lets band each other!

Y U C K ! ! !

This really is in the works 11.May.2006 10:24


In the US, and everywhere. Lots of money to be made...

And here's the news from Down Under 11.May.2006 11:36

doing the very same thing

Australia is another corporate headquarters. ID and surveillance technology is the new gold rush all over the planet--and beyond! And remember, it's all being done for our safety and convenience!

Disaster card plan triggers storm
By Mark Metherell of Sydney Morning Herald(Murdoch paper)
May 12, 2006

SUPERMARKETS may be able to use the proposed smartcard to access government benefits paid to consumers hit by civil disasters.

The Human Services Minister, Joe Hockey, said the technology would be able to help people meet supermarket bills when their only resources were emergency relief payments.

But his comments have alarmed a leading critic, the Australian Democrats senator Natasha Stott Despoja.

"Is this a credit card, a Medicare card, a social security card? It sounds like an ID card to me."

She said the possible inclusion of supermarkets was yet another indication of the "function creep" involved in the card.

Mr Hockey's spokeswoman said supermarkets would not have access to personal details held by the card, only to the emergency payments granted to the consumer.

Mr Hockey said the potential for the card was shown during Cyclone Larry when banks in Innisfail had to close and people had no money and no assets.

"Now the technology has a capacity to be able to help in that regard ... it is no good if Coles and Woolies can't access the card to find out whether you are entitled to emergency assistance," Mr Hockey said.

After coming under fire from a former adviser on the smartcard technology, James Kelaher, who resigned last week saying Mr Hockey was rushing the project, the minister yesterday announced he was calling for tenders.

He also said he was planning to appoint a senior privacy and consumer adviser later who would liaise with interested groups on the development.

"There will be instances where there will be a tension between consumer demand for services, and ongoing protection of privacy," he said.

We're people, not numbers 11.May.2006 11:37

Jody Paulson

I'm not sure how implanted microchips can "control people's minds," but they can be used to track people and their every movement.

From my 3-11-05 radio commentary at  http://www.radio4all.net/proginfo.php?id=11586:

As you are no doubt aware, someone out there wants to turn you, your family, and the people you care about into a stack of easily accessible numbers that they can identify, classify, market to, and control. This has been going on for some time, mostly in the name of efficiency. Social Security couldn't possibly be feasible without assigning an unambiguous, crisp, 9-digit number to the living, feeling, creative entity that is you, could it? So we've succumbed to this seemingly mild invasive process of allowing ourselves to become labeled by the government as a number. When I was growing up, I didn't have to apply for a Social Security card until I started working. But these days, American babies are assigned a Social Security number from birth.

Now that we've all accepted the label, it's only a matter of what can be done with that label. How will our identity as numbers come to define, and determine the destiny of, our identity as flesh and blood human beings? Folks, I'm telling you now -- if we're not vigilant, we're going to be in real trouble.

You've no doubt heard of RFID tags. They are used in tracking animals and many commercial products. They basically transmit information, in many cases just a number. But, as we all know, a unique number in a database can be connected with whatever information we desire. Give me your social security number, and with the proper clearances I can find out your credit history, job history, criminal history, shopping history, medical history -- you name it. Right now there's not a centralized database that holds *all* this information, until recently it hasn't been particularly feasible, and besides, it's nobody's business to know *all* this information. Unless, says Iran-Contra scandal's John Poindexter, you're looking for *gasp* terrorists.

Anyway, getting back to RFID tags, they are currently being used in the Sutter, California school district to simplify attendance-taking, potentially reduce vandalism and "improve student safety." Right now they are being worn as badges, but there are many RFID advocates who want to implant the tags under the skin -- so they don't get lost. The school's principal hopes to add bar codes to the existing ID's so that students can use them to pay for cafeteria meals and check out library books.

Passive RFID tags don' t need a power supply: the electric current induced in the antenna by the incoming scan provides enough power for the tag to send a response. They can be read from up to 5 meters (or yards) away. Imagine what life would be like if everyone was forced, like the kids at Brittan elementary, to wear RFID tags, or worse, have them implanted under the skin? It'd sure make things easy for the guys in authority, wouldn't it? A cop zaps a guy from his car and his computer returns a prior drug conviction. There's probable cause!

Need a job? Zip! Sorry, you have a lousy credit rating. Planning on seeing the president's speech? Zip! Sorry, you're a registered green. Taking a flight out of town? Zip! Sorry, you've been flagged as a potential subversive -- come strip in front of this camera while we make you do the duck walk. Of course, you wouldn't be *told* this in so many words, but you'd know it. Your whole life is literally on your sleeve for anyone in "authority" to see.

Yes, numbers make things easy. Numbers are a lot easier to store, measure, and manipulate. Numbers don't have faces and expressions, quirks and dreams, soft skin, bright eyes or dignity. It's a lot easier to rip off, impoverish and kill a number. That's why we have to take our humanity back. We must refuse to surrender our innate dignity and worth as human beings for the convenience of labeling and assigning a value to every last aspect of our lives, because that makes them finite and static. Our potential and worth as human beings is, in fact, dynamic and infinite.

Biblical prophesy aside, who wants to be a marked man or woman for the rest of their life?

The Yellow Fringe 11.May.2006 16:56


Micro-chipping infinits is about property - people considered as no more than cattle - owned and mortgaged by the same robber barons who own the polititions and the state. "And each shall be given a number...and will not be able to buy and sell without this number" (Ironically, later in the story a far greater power steps in and abolishes ALL earthly principals. Sorry, Walmartus.)

For a long time the state served some good in maintaining law and order and security for commerce and trade. However, all metrics indicate that the state continues to rapidly deteriorate into a cancerous entity that can be of no use to anyone - therefore useless as an natural entity - and so subject to natural scavaging processes. Yes the state is doomed. (I wouldn't bother "eating the state" - don't like rotten meat. Better to throw sand on it so it don't stink so bad.)

There are methods to defeat mind control 11.May.2006 19:44

Al rocks

I never leave home without mine. It will block either incoming or outgoing transmissions.


Here is what they use to implant nano-technology mind control devices


zap - 12.May.2006 06:41


hello to all worker bees in the rfid manufacturing plants, pharam pr firms, docs, nurses, med techs, etc - time to 'get active'...

Mind Control 12.May.2006 11:02


No doubt the world controllers will take care to see that we don't know we have been controlled. Therefore, no cognitive dissonance, and no dismay.

We will be happy and busy like ants.

New World Order - Fact or Fiction? You decide. 14.May.2006 15:00

Jack Flash

Lots of facts to show the intentions of the military corporate complex and insider trading agenda are no joke. See the following military/military connected sites and decide for yourself below. Also FOIA documents on MKULTRA, AF Project Orion (Dreamland), Project Buzzsaw, Project Woodpecker, Project Tracker...are all available. See Church Commission reports also from 1977 where Senator Kennedy and Church exposed how the Nazi Dr. Mengele's "Marionette Program" was incorporated into the CIA under the name Monarch Program which later became MKULTRA. Dr. Mengele was known for putting children in cages and torturing them in the most barbaric ways which included pain, drugs and hypnosis. His associates and their methods were brought into this country, against President Trumans orders, by Prescott Bush (Pres. George Bush's grandfather) where they continued their work on children in upstate New York, Canada and other locations with the help of certain religious organizations. Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, Dr. Mulholland, Ingo Swan were some of the 'scientists' involved in this. During a major lawsuit both Gottlieb and the Judge ended up dead. Interestingly, mass murderer Timothy McVeigh, met with two White Supr. Army officials, with ties to Elohim City near NORMAN (like Psycho and shower as in brainwashing), Oklahoma, having registered at DREAMLAND motel as BOB (Band of Bros.) CLEAN (washing/washington) before blowing up the Murrah Bld. where reportedly all the medical records were kept relative to Vets who contemplated suing major chemical co's relative to Gulf War Syndrome. In addition all Indian Land grant records were also housed there and conveniently destroyed. Record "wind" fall profits were made on the Gold market as a result of 9-11. Interestingly, NORMAN, OK. was also the location where two of the plane tickets for the hijackers was purchased. Normandy was known for Band of Brothers, Rollo (let's roll) was the first ruler of Normandy and started his rule in 911 A.D.

Note: USAF 2025 Ch.9 Executive Summary relative to C4I Brilliant (cyborg) Warrior, making people conform to the desires of those in control the easy way or the hard way (Hard/Soft LOVS) including the use of Directed Energy weaponry and Dr. HEGELin at istpp.org whose book states that "governments now possess the tools to quell resistance to any government initiatives and to ensure IT'S (not We the People's) own success." HEGELism was the basic philosophy of Hitler used to manipulate the masses and was also the founding philosophy of William Russell, founder of the Yale Skull and Bones in 1832.

 link to web.elastic.org


GUIDING SANTA'S SLEIGH 14.May.2006 15:25


New World Order - Fact or Fiction? You decide. (link correction) 14.May.2006 15:37

Jack Flash



microchips 14.May.2006 21:32

karl roenfanz ( rosey ) k_rosey48@hotmail.com

the federal gov. of the u.s. is trying to kill off the vets as quick as possible. the v.a. is no longer making appt.s for vets health care. they might mail out a letter to the vet when the v.a. thinks the vet might need an appt. hoping of course that the vet will forget to make the appt. then to the more dead vets , the more money freed up for king georges wars.

Finnish perspective 15.May.2006 00:07


And as a side note from a Finn, this Rauni Leena-luukkanen and apparently married now for the Kilde, is an affermative(sp) crackpot. I doubt that her fame is large enough for the general population to know that she was never anything near a medical leader or some such, I think she's just a MD a lousy writer and a hack, crackpot and a fake. Stuff like about 40.000 people allready living on the moon and wild shit, do a google on her and you'll get the picture for yourselves.

taking alarmism to new levels 15.May.2006 08:03


Thanks forestdweller for perpetuating our culture of fear. Using the alarmist tactics of big corporation media outlets? I guess you bought in to the idea of keeping the people afraid so they feel the need to stay informed.

Seek Sick Six 15.May.2006 09:33

Gaby Matic Gabymatic@aol.com

That is where it's all headed. The Bible tells it all! Reed and heed.
Microchip - The Mark of You know Who.

c-M 15.May.2006 22:07


Old News , been around for some time now , You know just a after thought , there ia time to talk and there is time to not talk . Time is running out , I mean like for real .


I to 15.May.2006 23:13


Three blind mice .

mind and body control,, 17.May.2006 12:44

go to yahoo.com ////black vault .com //under gov control MATTMELOTJR@YAHOO.COM

i have been on this shit for a while , and will prob not be aload to sleep to night for telling but go to black vault. com // off of yahoo.com and see all;

Microchipped Babies 03.Jul.2006 23:33

Grace posypockets@comcast.net

I heard a reliable newscast several years ago, telling that during the latter part of the year 1990, our government had 20,000. newborn babies microchipped. This was done without the parents knowledge, the parents were not told about it and no explanation was given. I watched for more on this subject but it was hushed up immediately.
I have never heard another word about it but have always wondered what it was about.
I'm sure this would have been done in military hospitals. I would like to hear from others who may have heard this newscast.