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50 -70 years for hacking?

A British man, Gary McKinnon, hacked into Pentagon files looking for UFO information. He used dial-up! .
The US Government contends he deleted some system files and logs of a US Naval Station weapon station.

This occurred in February 2001 and March 2002. I'm sure it scared the bejeezus out of them.

So scared are they that they want 50-70 years of this man's life and are trying to extradite him to the US. It looks as though they may be successful in this venture.

If an amateur hacker could perform this, what does that say about the "security" of the system in the first place. The man should be applauded for exposing a flaw.

If they want to sentence him, a more appropriate way would be to have him perform community service by trying to hack in again.


Such an extreme sentence, 11.May.2006 06:47


more than for most murders, is the reaction of muscle man being skewered by geek guy. How embarassing. He spit in their eye, better pound him into the sand. Boys, boys, boys...

Second point - how does it feel to be spied upon without your knowledge or permission? Hmmmm? Shoe on the other foot now?

hacker documentary filmmaker - bravo Bit Harsh for your comment 02.Jun.2006 21:28

Sam Bozzo

Bit Harsh, I am finishng up a hacker documentary for TriggerStreet productions and agree with your comment on this UFO hacker case 100%. You will enjoy my documentary. Many argue people who find holes should be rewarded so that those holes can be fixed so that cyberterrorists and criminals do not exploit them. Unfortunately more and more "helpful hackers" are being prosecuted and punished because we have such fear of the unknown; in this case computer security. Thank you for your smart thinking, I always love to see it as I dive into this film and get to know the players.