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rummage sale and raffle for APOC political prisoner Rob los Ricos
WHAT: Benefit rummage sale for Rob los Ricos
WHEN: Saturday June 4, 2006 10am-5pm
WHERE: Portland OR location TBA

Our APOC brother Rob "los Ricos" Thaxton is coming home on June 29. Portland APOCs and other supporters who are in touch with Rob are putting together a rummage sale and raffle to help ease some of his economic stress and strain.

@We want to make this HUGE and are still looking for raffle donations and donations of items to sell.
@We are looking for the donation of an indoor or covered space large enough for at least 10 conference size tables plus assorted funiture, large appliances, etc.
@We need volunteers to help sort and price sale items and also to help out on the day of the sale.

Rob has been held in a number of ODOC institutions since June 19, 1999. While taking part in an anti-G8 summit protest in Eugene, Oregon, he found himself caught up in police riot action. Acting in self defense, he lobbed a rock and struck a police sergeant. He was chased, thrown to the ground (an action which broke his nose and dislocated is shoulder) pepper sprayed, cuffed and arrested on that afternoon that was to be his last day of freedom.

As a Xicano anarchist and longtime activist and author, Rob was a convenient target as a scapegoat to be used as an example that dissent will not be tolerated. Charged and found guilty of Assault II and Riot, the presiding judge handed down a sentence of 70 months for the Assault II charge and 18 months for riot.

Help us welcome Rob with a strong show of solidarity.

Contact us at:  seditiousconspirator@yahoo.com

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