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Indymedia monitored by police

I thought it was interesting that someone wrote a story about seeing a shooting and it didn't take long for the "official monitors" to make their presence known.
what 09.May.2006 13:19

did you find so interesting

police have been monitoring indymedia sites for years
it's nothing new, we all know they are here

of course 09.May.2006 16:05


what perfect way to let them know how you really feel.

always. everywhere. excersise your freedom of speech. preach to the choir, write it to the public, post it on a poster and tack it to a wall.

just get the word around. The people who need to hear it will.
and eventually they might even get it.

I assume that if I come up with something fresh and new, a way to put logic behind green ideals, that the evesdroppers will steal my idea.

and like Colbert said. Reality has a notoriously liberal bias.


o course 10.May.2006 19:51


theres nothing else to do.

it's true 11.May.2006 08:29


we're here.