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Common Ground Collective Co-Founder Malik Rahim Speaking at VBC6

Malik Rahim, founder of the Common Ground
Collective that is doing relief work in areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina,
will be speaking in Portland, OR as part of The City Repair Project's 2006
Village Building Convergence (VBC). The event will take place on Friday,
May 19th at 8:05 pm at Disjecta (320 E. Burnside) and marks the kick off
for 10 days of inspiring speakers at VBC. The event costs $15 with and
optional vegetarian dinner available at 6:00pm for $5-10 sliding scal
Malik Rahim is a former member of the Black Panthers and current member of
the Green Party in Louisiana and helped found the Common Ground Collective
in the Algiers neighborhood of New Orleans. The Algiers neighborhood was
the only part of New Orleans that was not flooded and still had running
water after hurricane Katrina. According to Malik, it could have held
up to 40,000 refugees but local and federal officials did not move forward
to help. Malik Rahim has described the the lack of organization that took
place after Katrina as being a criminal act and has accused the government
of deliberately ignoring the needs of lower income residents.

Malik Rahim and two others started the Common Ground Collective one week
after hurricane Katrina struck. It originally focused on providing health
care to those in need since both the Red Cross and government agencies
did not provide these services immediately after the disaster. Over the
last year the Collective has expanded beyond health care to rebuilding homes,
providing free Internet access, food, water, clothing, and other items of
need. In this time, over a thousand volunteers from across the country have
volunteered with the organization to help rebuild New Orleans.

For more information about the Common Ground Collective, please see

About The City Repair Project

The City Repair Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that focuses on
creating public gathering places and helping others to creatively transform
the places where they live. City Repair's work is born out of the the idea
that localization (of culture, of economy, of decision-making) is a necessary
foundation of a sustainable society. By reclaiming urban spaces to create
community-oriented places, The City Repair Project plants the seeds for
greater neighborhood communication, empowering of communities and nurturing
of local culture. For more information, see  http://www.cityrepair.org/.

About the Village Building Convergence

The City Repair Project's flagship annual event is the Village Building
Convergence, an annual 10-day festival that offers hands-on learning
experiences in sustainable design, natural building, alternative energy
sources, permaculture, and consensus-based decision processes. This year
over 30 communities in Portland are engaged in exciting projects that will
transform urban spaces into community places, including development of
intersection paintings, community kiosks, and edible landscaping on
city sidewalks. For more information, see  http://vbc.cityrepair.org/


homepage: homepage: http://www.cityrepair.org/vbc

img 08.May.2006 22:05


Common Ground Free Clinic
Common Ground Free Clinic

from NOLA 09.May.2006 09:25


This is Martha in NOLA.
After six-plus weeks here volunteering with Common Ground, I can testify that it is amazing, New Orleans is a war zone. The devastation is beyond belief and remains so eight months after Katrina. NOLA is the distilation of all that is wrong with this country and Common Ground is the template for what can become right.
Go listen to Malik. Come here to volunteer (it will change your life and teach you what you are made of) and support Common Ground any way you can.

If there is any hope, it will only come from putting the Unity back in Community.

Proper address.. 12.May.2006 13:30


Hi! The proper address for Disjecta is 230 E Burnside, not 320 E Burnside!