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Mass attack: outside PDX

The suck is not limited to Portland. many a Cricical Mass are having issues with police, can anything be done.
there is plenty of strife to go around.

The Critical Masses in NYC, Chicago, and Milwaukee were all subject to arrests on April 28th.

My favorite part from Milwaukee, WI:
"This SUV came speeding at us, skidding on the grass and onto the trail.
It was only a couple of feet away from the first two riders, it scared
the shit out of me because I didn't think it was going to stop and might
hit someone. Excessive display of force mayhaps?"


What can be learned from this and what can we share?

What part do cyclists have in creating a cat a mouse relationship with police? When we say, "We are here and we will never stop" is that a good thing? might we not benefit from stopping and then starting again? Are we really proud of a continuous streak of masses that suck?

debate = awesome

homepage: homepage: http://rosecitycriticalmass.org/
phone: phone: update CM website!

what are you talking about? 07.May.2006 02:51

soo not revphil

revphil - i don't appreciate this line of talk regarding critmass. persistence pays off.. abandoning a tactic because you're scared of police? Why is it all of a sudden a "cat and mouse" game with police. Because the police step over the line is not a reason to abandon our efforts to raise the level of street justice. It means that we have greater responsibility to keep the ride legal, spontaneous in direction, and massive in its impact on automobile traffic.
The bullshit in Milwaukee means that riders need to be more aggressive in their publicized legal challenges to bullshit arrests. Where is uniform enforcement of that registration law and why is it a frekin ticketable to not have registration - who passed that law and why? Shouldn't it be repealed immediately and retro-actively?
Injustice to some is an injustice to all and it's certainly no time to back off or suspend riding. I suggest trying new tactics with the ride, like practicing cool pack manuevers and timing traffic tricks. The result is something like team-syncronized traffic management - all perfectly legal and made possible by coordination and bicycles.
Anyone who's not comfortable riding shouldn't ride, but don't try to tell others to take a break to please the Sergeant. The cops are really just getting paid with your taxes to "do someone else's dirty work."

police accountability update, much appreciated 07.May.2006 08:54


An update here on what is happening with police accountability organizations would be mighty useful. Remember how active the Police Accountability Campaign was a few years ago? Doesn't exist anymore. I haven't seen any posts by Rose City Copwatch or Portland Copwatch in some time. Could somebody from those organizations post here with what they know? I see from the websites that Rose City Copwatch has an Oct 2005 event as the latest post and Portland Copwatch has been active as recently as the Jan 2006 newsletter.

Massers should be supporting copwatch organizations and working with them, not just complaining and debating among ourselves about police abuse. There are ways to make a difference, but it takes people and effort.