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Portland screening of Loose Change 9/11, with directory Dylan Avery

Portland screening of Loose Change 9/11 with director Dylan Avery at 7 pm on May 5th at the 5th Avenue Cinema. Come and see the film that's lit a fire under bloggers and chat rooms across the whole country by asking, do we really know the truth about 9/11? Love it or lambast it, it must be seen.

Dylan Avery, will be in Portland on Friday May 5th, to show and discuss his film, Loose Change, which the Republic Broadcasting Network called, "hands down the very best video analysis of the events of 9/11."

Avery will be appearing for one night only at the 5th Avenue Cinema
at 7 p.m. on Friday May 5th, to show and discuss Loose Change along
with producer Korey Rowe. Admission is free for PSU students, and $2 for non-students, with free popcorn for all. This is a co-sponsored event brought to you by the PSU Rearguard, and the PSU Film Committee.

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