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A comment on Nepal

This was my response to the expert. In a lot of ways I agree with his basic premise. However, I have very strong opinions that differ from what he is saying.

Bhai means brother. Bahini means sister. "There is absolutely no basis to suspect and fear that we will impose one-party dictatorship once we assume power in Kathmandu. And this is a fundamental principle for their politics in the future too:" This is laughable and hilarious. First of all, you arbitrarily, as party, make descions that do not reflect the will of many of the common people. You say that you will cease fire and then you don't.

There are a lot of basic economic solutions for making Nepal a strong economically viable country. The problem that I see in Nepal are a bunch of feudal tribal interests being unaddressed in a constructive economic manner. The maoists are part and parcel of this. Because of the maoist war in the country thousands have had to flee to Kathmandu in order to make a living. This counter productive. I think that it would help if Nepal was the first Green Country who ran all of its services green and imposed huge tarrifs on tourist organizations. Nepal is a farming country that should make hemp products and should increase global demand for these products and energy systems.

The problem in Nepal is not political. The problem in Nepal is economic. The problem in Nepal are groups like the BBC and foreign intrests that have not paid to local governments ie Tengboche etc. If you were to say, Bhai, I would like you to run things, then I would also say that the villages were usually already communalistic. What communism do you want to bring to already communilistic villages? Rhetoric. Plain and simple. What Nepal needs is to legalize abortion, and family planning services and keep, Bhai, the gangsters from stealing and divvying up the resources that are supposed to go to the women.

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Nepal: One Year Later
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