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Third Tri-annual Creatives' Conference Draws a Crowd With Provacative Visions

This is a short article (with image/graphick) of unusual thinking. Perhaps it will be crucial to those wanting to think through how and what we do in seeking to truly challenge war and misery in this world.
Does this idea flounder? Why or why not? And When?
Does this idea flounder? Why or why not? And When?
What other ways can *you* think of?

"Analysis, self-critique, challenging ourselves, and in this case, my art, my ideas. That is what the unbridled creatives' netwoik is all about," says Smiley Wooperflooper of Hastings Springs.

Wooperflooper kindly shared these and other comments at a recent confrence of creatives called "The Big Conference Of." She/he was the main speaker at the "Speakers Of" "woikshop" i chose to attend during the 3-hour-long conference, recently held here.

"Maybe you've heard of those other guys, the 'unbridled artists' network' but they're old hash," reported Wooperflooper in his/her opening remarks. "This isn't just about specialists called 'artists' anymore! We're ALL creative, you know. From doodlers and scribblers to the way we wear our clothes and hair!"

Five of five conference attendees attended the "woikshop" (aka "work"-shop) and all had thoughtful things to share after Wooperflooper took questions in between his speech (this certainly helped break things up more).

One attendee was, to this reporter, particularly articulate, and after Wooperflooper's speeech, enquired. It's his art that accompanies this commyooniqey (see above). He was adamant about Wooperflooper's ideas about permitting ourselves more lee-way creatively, adding, "There's so much POSSIBLE which we're not tapping into! These ways we've been utilizing, apparently out of a FEAR-based reasoning, are soo dark-ages. WHY do we allow such things to perpetuate? I mean, 'speaking truth to so-called power'? Puh-leeze! THEY know the game! All we're doing is going through motions, habits really, of so-called "responding" but not really changing anything!"

Overall the conference was a good time. I especially liked eating the *wild edibles* lunch, foraged for by a local group of anti-civ-visionaries. With recipes like THOSE, I figure...uh...time's up? Editor says I should stop running on off-topic. Okay okay!

This article brought to you by a half-crazy sojournalist with the unbridled creatives netwoik. May be published informally, for non-monetarily-profit-able desires.