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Virtual Sit-in against Mexican president Fox for EZLN Red Alert

no to the violence in texcoco and atenco, mexico and yes to the zapatista campaign for democracy in mexico! all of cinco de mayo!
the virtual sit-in FLOODNET action

manifestaci?n en l?nea FLOODNET


HERE: http://bang.calit2.net/CincodeMayo

This is Red Alert Action Against the Mexican Goverment for its Violent Agression Against the People of Texcoco and Atenco, Mexico on May 3rd, 2006.

We say no to the violence All CINCO DE MAYO (ALL OF MAY 5th).

The Electronic Disturbance Theater and the borderlands Hacklab call for a virtual strike against the Mexican Goverment May 5th, 2006.

People all over the world are in solidarity with The Other Campaign of the Zapatistas and have been closely following their tour, from below and to the left, all over Mexico. Although we cannot be in the streets in Texcoco with them, we will make our bodies felt virtually by joining together in this Virtual Sit-In against the website of the bad Mexican government of Vicente Fox.