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March and Rally to "End Military Recruitment Abuse"

Announcing a March and Rally in support of the resolution to "End Military Recruitment Abuse"in Portland Public Schools
Army of None
Army of None
Monday May 8th at 5pm March and Rally In Support Of The Resolution To.........

Portland area parents, students, teachers, military veterans, and community members will gather to support a resolution to"End Military Recruitment Abuse" in Portland public schools. Public schools have disturbingly uneven policies on military recruitment. Students from low income families are being targeted to give their lives at a higher rate.

Recruiter Watch PDX is a coalition of teachers, students, parents, veterans for peace, military families speak-out, GI Rights Hotline and dozens of concerned citizens.

The March starts at the fountain in Holladay Park at 5:00pm on NE Multnomah between 11th and 13th Avenues. We will be marching to the Military Recruitment Center on Broadway Blvd. between 13th and 14th Ave. and then to the Blanchard Education Center at 501 N. Dixon St. where there will be a school board meeting going on.

This abuse includes, buying student gifts, misleading students about military life and military regulations, along with inappropriate participation in curricular and extracurricular activities at school.Parents and students have reported military recruiters abuse even after filling out the opt-out form.

There is disturbingly uneven amount of military presence from one Portland high school to another. It is apparent that it is more intense in schools serving predominantly low-and middle-income neighborhoods (e.g. Roosevelt, Marshall, Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin).
The Portland public school system has the responsibility to council students in making career choices including post graduate decisions. They shall also have the responsibility to inform the students of the dangers of joining the military. They should not expect that this will be implied by the recruiters.

In accordance with section 9528 of No Child Left Behind, military recruiters shall be granted no special access to students. Recruiter watch asks that the Portland School Board make sure that all schools require recruiters to secure permission prior to entering a high school campus. Also, PPS should not allow recruiters to participate in any extracurricular activities, including but not limited to field day events, graduation ceremonies, school assemblies, and or sporting events. Furthermore, recruiters should not bring weapons, humvees or any other military equipment onto school campuses. And last recruiters should not be on elementary and middle school campuses at all.
regarding military recruiters 09.May.2006 12:22

tom t321ok@yahoo.com

After reading the article in the Oregonian about the recruiting of a kid with autism makes me want to get more active. Taking the fight to the recruiters office makes sence. I would like to offer a action that can be done right away by an ambitious organization. It's simple, and provides for a 24 hour a day protest,and requires miminal supervision. It goes like this. Think newspaper rack! Build a newspaper box out of wood. Paint it camouflage. Glue little plastic toy army men to the outside of it.You can purchase a pack of them at the dollar store. One army person for each American soldier killed in Iraq. (2,422). Pick a name for the newspaper. The inside paper could contain phone #s, articles, and one big obituary page. Now set the newsrack out in front of the rercuitors office. You are now in the newspaper business. Nobody can touch it. Freedom of the press. Go back now and then to restock the flyer and glue on new casuiltys. Well thats it. Keep a camera ready because they might want to remove it. I've used newsracks before and they provide a 24 hour a day protest. I caught the city once removing one of mine and they settled out of court with me. I might get a business licence if you are not an organization already. This will protect you if you sue Well i hope someone has fun with this action idea. Good Luck and keep up the GOOD FIGHT. tom