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Zapatistas vs Walmart!

The fight against the environmental and social destruction promoted by Walmart is not just in the United States! The events of this week, a violent police crackdown on peaceful demonstrators in the heart of the country, have electrified people throughout Mexico. A Zapatista solidarity call for the people of Texcoco and San Salvador Atenco should resonate loudly with the people of Portland.

[Links: Alerta Roja General por represiĆ³n en Atenco | Mexico: The Conflict in San Salvador Atenco | Rebellion in San Salvador Atenco: One, Two, Many Chiapases | Narconews article on Zapatista "Red Alert" |Virtual Sit-In]

Zapatistas en el barco
Zapatistas en el barco "la Solidaridad"
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