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Ágora TV: community TV online

Grupo Alavio, Argentine direct action and video collective has participated in working class struggles and supported them with audio-visual materials for over 15 years. Grupo Alavio has produced over 50 films dealing with many social conflicts: occupied factories, unemployed worker organizations, political prisoners, Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, subway workers struggling for a 6 hour workday, art and Iraq. Grupo Alavio has just premiered several new films and launched the brand new Internet Community TV Station Agora TV, www.agoratv.org. We are working to let as many people as we can know about Agora TV, "a window for freedom and a new working class imagery". It is a great way for people around the world to learn about current struggles and to create networks.

A member of Alavio is going to be travelling to the US and would like to sell videos to raise funds for Agora TV. If anyone is interested in acquiring copies, please contact me this week. I'm leaving next week for the US and can take the copies with me.

Contact info: alaviocine@yahoo.com.ar or Marie

Agora T.V.
Agora T.V.
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