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FSCK The Corporate Media #27

Oh yes.
podcast number 26 of dj microbrew's
fsck the corporate media.
The revolution is brewing
In small batches.
Here's the lofi.
hifi's at radio4all and liveradio.
Show notes:

An Evan Greer intro

so hello,

good evening podcasters
and ipodders.

this is dj microbrew comin atcha live
from konetiuck, somewhere in the eeuu
with podcast number 27 of FSCK the corporate

Happy Mayday.

Labor, labor labor.

I have a rare treat for you. I'm going to voice in
some of my zine from last week, which you can get
at  http://www.etext.org

Just search for Activist Times Zine.

We're up to issue number 470 of that.

You ready?


Dar Fur,
I found your picture on one of the websites, can we talk to
each oather? I might be cuming to your place in few weeks.
This would be a great opportunity to meet each other.
Btw, I am a woman. I am 25.
Drop me ab line at  VtAGRA@FL0MAXPR0P3CIA.BIZ

COLUMN - "Our NASTYional Anthem:" Bush Puts His Foot In It Again!!!

Get this one.

Some guy in Britain has crafted a heartfelt Spanish
lyrics version of the EEUU National Anthem.

Now BabyBush is moaning out that it must only be
sung in English.

Well, let's never forget that the music to this anthem was
ripped from an Irish drinking song about what a friggin'
slut the Queen was that year.

Ummm. I've been searching for THOSE lyrics for more than
a decade now. This makes me want to find them even MORE!!!

Bush is such a dork.
If we're so proud of what those lyrics stand for,
why not translate them into every single language
known to humankind! We could be like Readers Digest,
or Christian Science pamphlets or something!

Yeah, more languages the better, I always say.
Of course I don't feel like I have something to
lose if people around me make themselves smarter
today than they were yesterday. I guess I don't
share that security with Mr. Bush, do I?



And in other muzik newz:

America The Beautiful:


Let's Impeach The President:




Hey, you got a pen?
Write down these urls:


oh, and last number: (something surreal)


Shrinkster has reduced the length of your original URL from 25 characters to just 25 characters.
Your Shrinkster URL will never expire and you may use it as often as you like.
Your Shrinkster URL is not case-sensitive.

...a windowless building called "The Tomb"
at 64 High Street, New Haven, Connecticut


That's all for this voiceover.

dedications: General Smedley D. Butler

AnD SHOUTz OuT TO - Ellen Bello, Babs Beddeleem and
Jeremy Scahill

Enjoy the rest of this podcast.

Oh, and have I told you lately that Adam Curry really
sucks raw eggs? Yeah, his plug for the Senseo machine
is really stupid too. The result after you wash burning
hot water through those pods is something that tastes
like instant coffee.

Yeah, Nescafe.

But that's actually a disservice to the reputation of

Hey Adam Curry. Your corporate plugs are misguided at best.

Nice hair though.

and don't forget to get it all at  http://www.odeo.com

don't hate the media,
fsck the corporate media.

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