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Sheriff Lee Baca and Organized Crime

Why is the Sheriff of Los Angeles County promoting Organized Crime?

Critics of Scientology's crimes and human rights abuses, And Leona Valley Residents, Announce a picket Of Sheriff Lee Baca's Office
On May 6, 2006, from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, a group of Scientology critics, accompanied by residents of Leona Valley (a small community north of LA) will picket the Monterey Park office of Los Angeles Sheriff Leroy Baca. The protest will then move to 6331 Hollywood Boulevard, which houses the offices of the Church of Scientology's "intelligence and dirty tricks squad," the Office of Special Affairs.

The protesters are demanding that Baca sever his ties to the controversial church and stop promoting its Narconon program, an expensive drug treatment regimen that has been bluntly criticized by medical professionals as scientifically unsound and potentially dangerous. Narconon is often mistaken for Narcotics Anonymous, but the two programs are completely unrelated, and in some ways, diametrically opposed. More information is available at the Narconon-Exposed and Stop-Narconon web sites.


In January 2006, Baca wrote the Los Angeles County Department of Regional Planning to support Narconon's application to open a new faclity in Leona Valley. The residents of that town have made it very clear that they do not want Narconon in their midst. County Supervisor Michael Antonovich has since expressed serious concerns about Narconon, and the planning commission has scheduled an appeal hearing for July 25.

Baca's curious relationship with Scientology goes back a number of years. In 2004 he appeared on a Scientology float at the Hollywood Christmas parade with actress Sophia Milos of the show CSI Miami (who is also currently dating San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom.)

He also participated in an event sponsored by a Scientology front group, ABLE International, the parent organization of Narconon, where he accepted an award. In 2006, Baca appeared at a fundraiser for another Scientology group, the cynically named "Youth for Human Rights International". Scientology's gross violations of its own members' human rights, and those of its critics, are well documented.

More information about Baca's Scientology ties is available here:


For press inquiries or picket information, contact:
Barbara Graham
Email:  ophidia@cox.net
Phone: 619-269-9368

homepage: homepage: http://Stop-Narconon.org/Baca
phone: phone: 619-269-9368

Gambino Mafia Lawyer 04.May.2006 18:57

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

Baca is working hand in hand with the organized crime syndicate which counts one Eliot Abelson as one of their many criminal lawyers. Abelson. The Gambino Mafia lawyer. And here Baca is playing paddycake with an organized criminal enterprise that rooks and swindles millions out of ignorant rubes.

Scientology's "NarCONon" is a criminal fraud. Quack medical fraud. It has killed people who unknowingly subjected themselves to the deadly quack medical fraud. Check out: