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Beaverton Wal-Mart DRB Hearing: Day 2 Report

About 40 people provided public testimony tonight to the City of Beaverton Design Review Board in opposition to the proposed Wal-Mart near the intersection of Cedar Hills Boulevard and Barnes Road. The testimony mostly touched on concerns regarding the roadway width being too long for pedestrian to cross, traffic cutting through neighborhoods, and long-term planning. People also had concerns regarding air pollution, runoff, crime on Wal-Mart parking lots, and over-night camping in the parking lot.
Four people gave testimony in support of the proposed Wal-Mart store. One lady expressed the proposed development's mitigation will help the existing congestion on Cedar Hills Boulevard and Barnes Road. Others mentioned convenience and demographics.

The City appears to have an ordinance that prevents over-night camping in parking lots. Some people expressed this ordinance will not be enforced. The 'Transit-Orient Retail Commercial' zoning allows Wal-Mart to stay open for 24 hours.

The hearing ended where the Design Review Board asking the City staff to look into adding more pedestrian islands to the intersection of Cedar Hills Boulevard and Barnes Road. The Board also asked for clarification on how the City's Transportation System Plan fits with Master Plans in the nearby vicinity.

Public record stays open till May 11th. Public response towards recorded comments is due on May 18th. The applicant has a chance for rebuttal to the comments by May 25th. The Oregonian says a decision will be made by the Design Review Board on June 1st.