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Beaverton Wal-Mart DRB Hearing: Day 1 Report

City of Beaverton's Design Review Board had one of two public hearings for the proposed Walmart development near the intersection of Barnes Road and Cedar Hills Boulevard. The proposal also includes approximately 5000 square feet of office and 10,000 square feet of additional retail. The Design Review Board gave the applicant 20 minutes to provide a presentation of their proposal. Most of the presentation focused on the architecture of the site. The attorney for the applicant mentioned he has received 453 letters of support in which 69 of the letters are residents from Beaverton.

Triple Creek Neighborhood Association, CPO1, and Save Cedar Mill each were allocated to 10 minutes of testimony. All three groups oppose the proposed development. Each group claimed the proposed development will be pedestrian unfriendly due to wide streets crossing signalized intersections. They expressed their feelings that a zoning called 'transit-orient retail commercial' should have developments that rely on public transportation instead of personal vehicles. The groups also expressed concerns regarding cut through traffic on neighborhood streets. [ read more ]

Beaverton Wal-Mart DRB Hearing: Day 2 Report

About 40 people provided public testimony tonight to the City of Beaverton Design Review Board in opposition to the proposed Wal-Mart near the intersection of Cedar Hills Boulevard and Barnes Road. The testimony mostly touched on concerns regarding the roadway width being too long for pedestrian to cross, traffic cutting through neighborhoods, and long-term planning. People also had concerns regarding air pollution, runoff, crime on Wal-Mart parking lots, and over-night camping in the parking lot. [ read more ]

Wake Up Walmart
Wake Up Walmart