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Thank you, Stephen Colbert

Democracy Now! airs Stephen Colbert tour de force.
If you missed it on C-SPAN or were for any reason unable to view the video clips online, today's [Wednesday] Democracy Now! program aired Stephen Colbert's brutally brilliant performance at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. DN! repeats at 4:00pm on Comcast channel 23. You can also watch the segment at DN!'s website:  http://democracynow.org/

Here's where to go if you want to join the 37,249 people who have already posted their thanks to one who dared to "cross the line" and speak truthiness to power:  http://www.thankyoustephencolbert.org/
YES... 04.May.2006 01:21


Thank you a million times.

Thank you for being in the right place and having the balls to say the right things.

Thank you for being a true American.

Thank you Steven Cobert.

yes 04.May.2006 07:35


i think the most important thing about the speech is what it did TO me. Even though i hold radical politics, and even though i am educated enough to be completely critical of bush, i still have some of the spell of the administrations power over me: i am stressed, i tend to think things will not work, i tend to beleive that they have accounted for everything.

But when you watch the colbert speech, suddenly these people because a group of people who were already bad and now have done something very very bad. they are old, tierd people who have no authority at all. Colbert is like coyote or a Daoist master coming to the halls of power to show that they are empty.

and with that demonstration, i feel my unnessisary anxiety lift a little so i may continue the struggle.