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Hate mail sent to anti-war artist

Wingers are wigged out because of animation by 15-year-young artist. The artist is Ava Lowery and the short animated piece is called "WWJD". The film shows dead, wounded, bloody and screaming Iraqi children, juxtaposed with a child singing "Jesus Loves Me". Lowery says she wanted to show how Jesus loves Iraqi children also.

View it at -

At PeaceTakesCourage.com, scroll down left column to click on -

New Animation

Cindy Sheehan has posted a blog at PeaceTakesCourage.com, also available at InformationClearingHouse.info:

< I have a new friend. She is a 15-year-young peace activist named Ava Lowery. She is disgusted with the war and with the Bush regime, and she has started to use her talents for animation to make cartoons that oppose Bush and the war in Iraq.

< She first came to my attention when I read an article about all of the ugly hate mail she is getting on her site for a particularly poignant and brilliant animation she has called: "WWJD." It is a heartbreaking piece that has a child singing "Jesus loves me," and during the song she shows pictures of dead, wounded, bloody and screaming Iraqi children. She wanted to show how Jesus loves Iraqi children also, which is apparently a frightening concept to the people who practice Bushianity.

< For this inspired bit of courageous matriotism, Ava has been the object of intense and horribly ugly hate emails and not too subtle threats to do her bodily harm.>>>



Ava is amazing! 03.May.2006 12:06


I had a look at her videos and they are great- very moving and with strong messages. Tell everyone you know to have a look!

this 03.May.2006 17:53

young woman

is moving towards adulthood with a clear sense of purpose
this video would be a great addition outside Recruiter offices