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schumacherfur.com has been suspended

Thanks to all who have visited the site. It was a beginning and more was planned. Unfortunately this letter to me from the Schumacher's attorney via the web host was my birthday present from the Schumachers. The site is down for the moment but I will try to get it back online real soon, possibly with a new domain name. Don't forget...protest day tomorrow in front of Schumacher's, 811 SW Morrison St. Peace everyone.

Update: Thanks to everyone who has posted comments, they have been very helpful... I was told by Bluehost that after my conversation with them earlier today they reconsidered their determination and have now determined the domain www.schumacherfur.com is not in violation of their terms of service. I was told they would have to take me to court if they wish to try to get it shut down again and they would have a difficult case.

I re-registered the domain yesterday and I'm free in the eyes of Bluehost to make it active. I also registered www.shumacherfurs.com (I was told this one was never in violation of the tos). [ read more >> ]

Schumacher Furs Stalking Order Trial

Krahmer filed a stalking order against Mills after the March 4 protests, where Mills and Clout Tolstoy were arrested (and brutalized) by Sgt. Larry Graham.

I believe Mr. Mills was engaged in constitutionally protected speech, and that his behavior does not warrant the issuance of a stalking order against him. That issue will be before Judge Beckmann tomorrow.

Update: Unfortunately, the judge ruled against Jonathan Mills. I believe the judge let in too much extraneous information, and will discuss an appeal with Mills.

In the meantime, every other person is welcome to protest, and Mr. Mills can even protest against Nicholas Ungar Furs, Saks Fifth Avenue (who *always* was advertising fur in the New York Times this winter) or other stores. [ read more >> ]