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how much fucking hatred do you have in your heart?
"first of let me say i am about had it with all this hate"

- every fucking day it something new -

fuck the mexicans
fuck the muslims
fuck the pakistani-es
fuck iran
fuck iraq
fuck korea
fuck afganistani-es
fuck the medical pot smokers who need compassion and care
fuck the guy late on his utility bills in fact
fuck him real good now that he needs some help
fuck the poor immigrants held in prisons for days and months and years fuck them so they remember
fuck the prisoners with torture in cuba and iraq
fuck the environmentalist
fuck the jail inmates while incarcerated in our own land
fuck the activist and call him a terrorist
fuck the working man in pay and jobs
fuck the old that need care and love
fuck the homeless
fuck the needy
fuck the hungry in their shabby dirty clothes
fuck the ones with out a home in fact..
fuck them who try to sleep without a home make it a crime
fuck the drop-out lost youth abused youth
fuck the mexicans that don't have citizenship
fuck the peaceful pot smokers
fuck the hippies
fuck the bag lady and the winos
fuck the civil rights of all of us citizens
fuck the left wingers for caring about people and rights
fuck the relationship we used to have with oter countries
fuck the concern for humanity and all those liberals who say they care
fuck the schools fuck their funding fuck the teachers
fuck the students over too since you are at it
fuck the college kids too while your still at it
fuck the black people
fuck the poor people
fuck the poor people again just because you can
fuck the middle/poor class over when parking downtown with unreasonable fines and parking prices
fuck the average joe credit card users over and over
fuck the poor from going bankrupt
fuck up the planet we live on
fuck up and and test nuclear bombs again
fuck up and use uranium weapons on humans
fuck up and cheat on voting and honest elections
fuck up and let corporations rule our government
fuck up and give away our constitution
fuck up and do nothing for the hurricane victims
fuck up and make health care unaffordable
fuck up and rape the earths resources and ozone
fuck up and let oil giants take me to the cleaners
fuck up and let banks take the rest of the little i have earned in hugh fines and fees
fuck up and let the tax be on the poor
fuck up and give great tax breaks for the rich
fuck up in every way possible with fema
fuck up in every way possible with protecting our country on the government sponsored 9-11 attack
fuck upand not investigate what really happened on 9-11
fuck up and take away my access to the internet by new sneaky laws making it unaffordable to the poor
fuck up and lie to all of us by the media every fucking day story after story lies on top of lies
fuck up and take away woman's right to their own bodies
fuck up and fill the prisons chuck full of drug users
fuck the protesters and beat them down
fuck the citizens with police abuse of their power we give them
fuck up and take funding away from the mental hospitals
fuck up and allow dirty cops that lie and hurt people and even kill with impunity
fuck up and pander to right wing radio and mainstream media as it spews hate all day on the radio and television
fuck all the immigrants who come here to work and try to enjoy a better life
ya lets fuck this whole place up
how much fucking hate can keep raining down on humanity
how much neglect and fucking head in the sand can i take
how much fucking bad attitude and lack of love can this society shoulder as the shit is over my head

"and i am going out of my fucking mind with all this hate"

i will find myself asking that very question to the the first hatemonger i run into starting tomorrow

.....and what do you bet it will be a anti mexican comment that will cause me to say.....
"why do you have so fucking much hate in your heart"

and then i will turn and walk away ...because i am sick of hearing about their fucking hate.....
i don't want to hear one fucking word from their reply!

i have had it!

have a nice day

and guess what america .........

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address: address: www.joe-anybody.com

Hate is encouraged and used to 03.May.2006 10:54


Divide and Conquer.

Do you ever hear people who should know better repeating things about folks they used to support. It's so easy to believe a lie when a duped friend repeats it to you. Maybe when a movement finally resorts to using "Love your neighbor" as the answer/meme it might clear things up a bit. Be so very careful when determining what to accept as truth.

I love you Joe 03.May.2006 12:42


Just wanted you to know.

This is a great picture. 03.May.2006 20:33


This is one of my favorite pictures from the 2006 Portland Peace rally/march. It's a strong statement for where we're at right now, and is empowering to 'wake people up'.