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0502 am "Get This' news

Summary of the KBOO am news for Tuesday, May 2nd, 2006
1. Yesterday was 'All Immigrant Rights, All Day' Day. You had to be there. It was a knock-out. (But you were there, so you already know this... .)
2. Biodiesel - that means cooking oil - is now cheaper than regular diesel here in Oregon.
3. Hatchery salmon and wild salmon do battle in heaven.
4. The University of Oregon, backed to the wall by simmering racial tensions, is considering a new diversity program.
5. Yesterday was one of the biggest - if not the biggest - protests in American history and it definitely had an impact. (We'll see everyone back again when Bush gets ready to bomb Iran... )
6. The Feds rounded up people involved in a human smuggling ring yesterday.
7. Umar Hayat the father of the Lodi California man convicted of supporting terrorism, has himself been charged. The 48 year-old ice cream vendor is under house arrest.
8. Sami al-Arian is going to be held another eight months before being deported. Al-Arian is the former computer science professor from Florida who became the target of an FBI investigation as one of the founders of a campus think tank and charity formed in the 80's to raise funds to aid Palestinians.
9. Turns out natural gas is not going to solve all our energy woes quite the way experts thought it would. (Why are they always referred to as "experts" when they always seem to get it wrong?)
10. As day melts into day of jury deliberations on Zacarias Moussaoui's sentence, it looks more likely that the jury is leaning toward life in prison.
11. Finally, Silvio Berlusconi ahs resigned. (He had to be surgically removed from office... )
12. Bolivia is following in the footsteps of Venezuela, to the vast consternation of the US of A. Evo Morales made good on campaign promises to nationalize the oil industry. (He gave Exxon-Mobile 6 months to piss off.)
13. In Mexico, workers and immigrants rights supporters marched on May Day in solidarity with hundreds of thousands of Norteno here.
14. About 200 Shiites - many of them women! - rallied outside the Green Zone yesterday demanding better security. (It couldn't be much worse, eh?)
15. A car bomb attack near an oil refinery in Nigeria's Delta region has been claimed by MEND.
16. Iraq has accused Iranian forces of entering Iraqi territory and shelling Kurdish rebel positions in the north. This is going to make it a little trickier for the Administration to say that the Iranians are sending "terrorists" over the border to help the " terrorists" that are already in Iraq.
17. Iran is telling the United Nations that America is dangerous. (Picture Kofi Annan replying, "No shit?)
18. In Ethiopia opposition politicians, civil rights activists and journalists are being tried for treason. Amnesty International describes 40 of the defendants as "prisoners of conscience who have not used or advocated violence." (unlike, say, for example, the Ethiopian government... )
19. Nations all across Asia celebrated May Day yesterday. Workers marched through the streets of towns, cities and villages to draw attention to workers' rights.
20. In Manilla police stopped thousands of marchers from reaching the presidential palace amid fears that the May Day celebrations would become anti-government protests. (Yet, what is International Workers' Rights Day if not a de facto 'anti-government' protest? It's a rhetorical question... )
21. The world's foremost biodiversity agency says that species extinction is on a roll.
22. And, Vladimir Putin has hired an American public relations company to polish his knob.

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