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How many people do you think that is? 02.May.2006 08:42

media watch

Several different people counted the number of blocks that the march stretched. Everyone came up with somewhere from 22 to 25 blocks. This morning, OPB said that "there were as many as 5,000 people. That would be about 200 people per block. DOes this photo look like 200 people per block?

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AMERICA ON THE STREETS 01.May.2007 10:08


Most U.S American Citizens are Mexican-Americans
Most documented Immigrants are Mexican-Americans
Most undocumented Immigrants are Mexicans
Most international corporations are establish in USA and Mexico.
Most NAFTA Superhighways link Canada with Mexico without bridging the USA.
We are America! We demand:
Civil Rights!
Political Rights!
Educational Rights!
Health Care Rights!
Human Rights!