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Hundreds Celebrate May Day in Olympia

Today in Olympia, WA, hundreds gathered to celebrate May Day and send a message to the government: Hands off immigrants, workers and families. The gathering started at Sylvester Park at 2:30 when a small gathering danced around a May pole. The crowd began to swell as music came on around 3:00 and continued to grow speakers began around 3:30.

The Citizens Band, a music group composed of IWW folk played songs celebrating free speach and labor history. People from groups including the Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition, Bread and Roses Advocacy Center, Schools For Chiapas and more spoke about their organizing. The crowd left the park and marched in the four lanes of the street to the capital building around 5:00. At the Capital a sign reading "Hands off our- Immigrants, workers, families" with hand prints from marchers on fabric attatched to the banner was hung from the capital building while people stood, chanted, and spoke on the steps.

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