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9.11 investigation

Portland screening of Loose Change 9/11, with directory Dylan Avery

Portland screening of Loose Change 9/11 with director Dylan Avery at 7 pm on May 5th at the 5th Avenue Cinema
Come and see the film that's lit a fire under bloggers and chat rooms
across the whole country by asking, do we really know the truth about
9/11? Love it or lambast it, it must be seen.
Washington D.C. rising film star, Dylan Avery, will be in Portland on
Friday May 5th, to show and discuss his film, Loose Change, which the
Republic Broadcasting Network called, "hands down the very best video
analysis of the events of 9/11."
9/11 documentary producer Dave Vonkliest , says that it's the best
damn 9/11 documentary out there, and William Lewis, the director of In
Plane Site, says "If you don't win an award for this, there is
something seriously wrong. This is a work of art."
Avery will be appearing for one night only at the 5th Avenue Cinema
at 7 p.m. on Friday May 5th, to show and discuss Loose Change along
with producer Korey Rowe.
Admission is free for PSU students, and $2 for non-students, with
free popcorn for all.
This is a co-sponsored event brought to you by the PSU Rearguard, and
the PSU Film Committee.

Check Loose Change out on the web at...


Or preview it at...

Thanks guys! 02.May.2006 06:12


Thanks PSU Rearguard and the PSU Film Committee. Fascism stops here!

Dissent - some do not agree 02.May.2006 11:38


Many do not agree with this film and feel it is harming the efforts to expose 9/11 truth. Please see these links:


 link to en.wikipedia.org


Look how we've been recently smeared in the press because of Loose Change's no-plane-at-the-Pentagon position:

 link to www.usatoday.com
"The only thing they (the filmmakers) seem to have gotten right about the Sept. 11 attacks is the date when they occurred," says Debra Burlingame, whose brother was the pilot of American Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon.

"They aren't truth-tellers looking to save the world," she says. "They're con artists hoping to sucker conspiracy-theory paranoids or anti-government malcontents into shelling out their hard-earned dollars."

 link to www.911blogger.com
CNN's The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer briefly covered 9/11 'conspiracy theory' websites this evening including references to Loose Change Second Edition . . . '..they want the government to release pentagon surveillance videos saying they think a cruise missile hit the pentagon instead of a plane'

"Loose Change" inspires people to think. How can that be a bad thing?? 03.May.2006 12:14


Why are people so quick to discredit the work of Dylan Avery and others, who are just encouraging people to ask questions and think for themselves? Is it not wise to explore 'all areas' where there are discrepancies and contradictions in the "official story" of 9/11? People need to 'go deeper' if they ever want to figure things out. Stop the smear-campaign against those who are inquiring and seeking answers, in the hope and quest for truth / justice.

cointel pro against LCII 03.May.2006 20:10


This "smear camapign" against LooseChange is orchestrated by planehugger and NSA/NASA associate Jim Hoffman, Jan 'Photofrenzy' Hoyer (cointel pro asset 911truth.org) and Hoffman's girlfriend Victoria "victronix" Ashley

Loose Change Makes Us Stink 04.May.2006 04:54

Leon Carter, Melbourne, Au

"Hoffman's work has been featured in articles in Science News, Scientific American, and Nature. He discovered new, three-dimensional morphologies for modeling block co-polymers used in nanotechnology, and co-authored papers in Science and Macromolecules. He collaborated in the development of new inventions in combustion engineering, and is co-author of a patent for an internal combustion engine with increased thermal efficiency (US Patent #4,584,972)."

"Hoffman's work has been a source of inspiration for the analysis of physicist Dr. Steven E. Jones. Hoffman's book and websites, 911-Research and wtc7.net are frequently cited in Jones' essay [peer-reviewed scientific paper] Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?. Hoffman is also widely cited by researcher and author David Ray Griffin."

911Review.org and Michael Elliot
Michael Elliot was the first "researcher" to attack Jim Hoffman, starting a rumor in the fall of 2003 that Hoffman is an "NSA Spook", which was then circulated by Gerard Holmgren, "the WebFairy", and Peter Meyer. What started as a whispering campaign became more public over time.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who refuses to be tainted with these well-funded and well-publicized Loose Clowns.

People are so quick to jump on the "dis-info. alert!" bandwagon 04.May.2006 09:42


Why not just see the movie and take it for what it's worth? It's absurd to think you couldn't gain some valuable insight from the experience, or take with you an expanded sense of 'what may be possible' from having seen it. I guess I just don't understand why people have to be so skeptical and quick to attack the messenger, even if they don't necessarily agree with the entire message that is being offered. Can't one just consider it interesting food-for-thought at the very least?

Use your own discretion to decide what you think is legitimate or not. I guess people really are like sheep. They only want to 'follow' what the popular-opinion is. That's sad and sorry. Why not use your 'free-thought' and be an individual?

I don't know anything about Science News 04.May.2006 18:58

Jody Paulson

but anyone whose work has been featured in "Scientific American" and "Nature" is suspect to me. Look at who funds them! Scientific American has been connected with the CIA for quite some time.

Loose Change is a powerful film that will get people's blood boiling. That's what we need right now -- get riled up, people, and get motivated to do your own investigating and your own activism! Only you can prevent dictatorships! (And you can't do it nitpicking about the details when what we really need to do is demand a *real* investigation!)

Give me a break 05.May.2006 12:42


>>anyone whose work has been featured in "Scientific American" and "Nature" is suspect to me.

That pretty much says it all.

>>Why not just see the movie and take it for what it's worth?

I did. What it's worth is to discredit the 9/11 truth movement with nonsense inserted into a string of real issues. Thinking that commercial jets did not hit the WTC is not going to get us recognized or welcome ANYWHERE except in the UFO-Crop-circles-Chemtrails community.

Mixing the real stuff with the bogus stuff is an easy way to lure in a lot of generous people to think this is good way to grow a movement. It is not. It is a way to attract people who cannot think critically, don't care about evidence and aren't interested in credibility with the public (which is not at odds with the use of the scientific method in 9/11 issues, as Steven Jones has shown).

There is no evidence that hoaxes grow truth movements and succeed in truth exposure.

Loose Change is an easy way for those in power to turn off those who we need most - lawyers, researchers, scientists and engineers. All you have to do is say 'missile at the Pentagon' over and over, 'Drones at the WTC' over and over, and it's over for any credibility we ever had.

nature 05.May.2006 15:38

come on.

ok, i'm as cynical and questioning about a lot of shit as the next person, but being published in "Nature" does not make you sketchy. "Nature" is one of the prime peer-reviewed journals of the scientific community. It's not a mouthpiece for cia disinformation.

Opinions 05.May.2006 17:31

Joe Anybody w

thanks for your OPINION "reader"

we all got one



see my comment here -

I have 'faith' in people's intelligence 06.May.2006 22:13


I am in total agreement with Jody P. in that we need a "Real Investigation" into what really happened on 9/11. Until then, we will have no 'real answers'.
The 9/11 Commission Report was the "bu$h administration investigating itself". Great! Like that's worked out so well, thus far, in all other areas of inquiry. CONSIDER THE SOURCE. They have proven time and time again to be nothing more than liars and murderers. Their "investigation" is comprised of omissions, distortions, and just flat out DECEPTION. (see David Ray Griffin link below) What information do we have to rely on? How can we be sure it is valid?

We are fast approaching the 5-year anniversary/mark of the CRIME. The more time that passes, the less likely we will ever discover the truth about what really happened on September 11, 2001. How much evidence has already been destroyed or 'proof' manipulated or altered? We need to collectively demand answers and the truth. We need to 'open-our-minds', yet not be so gullible that we instantly believe every facet of new information presented to us. Although, until something is irrefutably proven or dis-proven, it doesn't make sense to rule it out entirely.

I have to say, for me personally, I draw the line at believing C.G.I. technology was involved and utilized in the cover-up. Although I maintain doubts about this, I AM NOT an expert/authority on the subject. Some argue that when attention is paid to 'certain details or aspects' of what is thought to have occurred on 9/11, it damages the credibility of the entire truth movement.

On the other-side-of-the-coin— when people within the truth movement (who are seeking answers) are so quick to "cry dis-info.", relating to certain aspects of 9/11; it can also sometimes serve as a detriment, and has the potential to be counter-productive and can hinder progress overall in the search for 'truth'.

For example— A close friend of mine was convinced 9/11 was an inside-job. His basis for formulating this perception/belief that this was the case, hinged mostly on the strangeness of what happened at the Pentagon. However, as of late within the 'truth-community', many are back-pedaling on the subject of the Pentagon strike. They are discounting it as having any relevance in the scheme of things. My friend's 'first-instinct' was to think there was something wrong with this part of the equation. Something about what happened at the Pentagon just didn't seem right to him. Now that many are saying nothing was 'out of the ordinary' with what transpired there, that Flight 77 struck the Pentagon and disintegrated into nothing, he is now harboring doubts about whether it was an inside-job or not.

It's self-defeating, and damaging to the 'truth-movement', to be so hasty in completely ruling things out as being even remotely feasible. Before we do this, we need a "REAL INVESTIGATION"! Don't be so quick to discount and dismiss 'alternative-views' altogether until this is the case. *Bottom line— Ultimately, this is the main problem. We need {EXPERTS}- people of intelligence and professional expertise to do a thorough, legitimate investigation. Until this occurs, we will just continue to speculate and grasp at straws, and attack one another's views. It is pointless. However, anyone possessing common sense knows there is something wrong with this picture. There is definitely a cover-up where 9/11 is concerned.

Don't expect the answers to come easily. It is all "complicated deception by design" created by those in the upper echelons of power- do not underestimate the capacity of the New World Order to deceive on a grand scale. When the end-game/goal is global domination, the sky is the limit for these evil bastards. This is why we need to expand our awareness of what may be conceivably possible. With technology being as advanced as it is, and with the elites abundant supply of resources, money, and power (ill-gotten gains) it is hard for us to comprehend the possibilities. Who knows what they are capable of doing? We barely know anything about those at the helm of the 'highest power structures'. The powers-that-be keep us in the dark always. It has always worked this way. They intentionally keep knowledge away from everyday people. This is one of the main aspects by which they control us. We really do need to "go deeper" if we ever want to have the hope of understanding what is at stake.

Some may call it 'blind-faith', but I tend to respect people's intelligence and generally do not presume that they are completely malleable and void of free-thought. I believe that eventually people will be inclined to see through the deception and seek truth, and demand answers. Currently, many people are making the 'conscious decision' to stay in apathy and ignorance out of 'FEAR'. Eventually, people will 'wake up' because they will reach the understanding that they 'have no choice' but to do so. This is the only way mankind will be able to EVOLVE. Fate is what we create. The future of our planet is in a precarious position. Out of respect for the Earth and all life herein, we need to strive to awaken to an expanded sense of connectedness to ALL. It is up to all of us to herald in a new age of enlightenment.

>>>  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/02/333328.shtml

>>>  link to www.tvnewslies.org

>>>  http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article8765.htm

>>>  http://www.physics911.net/

kudos to "inquiring mind" 08.May.2006 16:42

A republican turned libertarian

You make very good points. It is imperative that we evolve beyond what has been, and get to what will be!

"Out of respect for the Earth and all life herein, we need to strive to awaken to an expanded sense of connectedness to ALL. It is up to all of us to herald in a new age of enlightenment."

You said it well my freind. The truth will show.

Latest analysis of Loose Change 20.May.2006 18:41


'Sifting Through Loose Change'
The 9-11Research Companion to LOOSE CHANGE 2ND EDITION

A detailed point-by-point critique of the film using an illustrated transcript