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breaking news - May 1st 2006

breaking news - May 1
5:12PM PDT:Eugene: 1000-1500 at the Federal Building right now. Very spirited crowd, people still pouring in.
4:47PM PDT:500,000 marchers reported in New York City.
3:07PM PDT:Portland march has returned to PSU. Current crowd estimates are in the tens of thousands. Vibrant mood, people are in good spirits, marchers are continuing to return to the park blocks.
3:05PM PDT:Report from Bakersfield, CA to FRSC about police preventing the march and possible arrests. audio: 1, 2
3:03PM PDT:4-6000 marchers in Santa Cruz have finished marching and are currently rallying. Rally in Watsonville also had a large turnout with thousands of people.
2:58PM PDT:Tens of thousands of people in Union Square in NY. Spirited gathering at the rally and the march is stepping off now. read more >>
2:47PM PDT:In San Francisco large numbers of businesses closed in solidary. Marches began at 10am and a rally is beginning now. read more >>
2:29PM PDT:March in Chicago estimated at 400,000 people.
1:37PM PDT:The march is loud and boisterous and another reporter estimates 7-10,000 people.
1:20PM PDT:Another person counted 22 blocks of marchers and estimates 11,000 people.
1:16PM PDT:Report of police on horses.
1:14PM PDT:Report that the march is over 10,000 people and over 15 blocks long.