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immigration may day 2001-2006

immigration protest

How come no one is down here to support these people? They deserve it!
Where 01.May.2006 12:51


Where is the rally?

there were many there, of many colors! de colores. . . 01.May.2006 15:05


it was a beautiful thing to see so many people together in love and support.

my group, the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, was present and strong!

protest 02.May.2006 11:52


I think that Bush is being very unfair to the hispanics. There are more than mexican immigrants here. He is mad Because he didn't get his way, so he is trying to punish others. I think he needs to grow up. These people are not hurting anyone and they deserve to be able to be here in the United States. They had every right to protest against Bush, because he made a complete idiot out of hiself to all of America. This is suppose to be America the Free, Not all the hatrid Bush is making us all look like to other countries. Bush doesn't deserve to be president.....