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FOX FACTS - May Day was a Worker's Holiday in the USSR and Communisty Countries

nifty info eh ?
bull shit is flyin ...
of course 01.May.2006 11:56


Can you imagine what would happen if fox watchers were to learn that may day was about workers in the *United States* demanding an 8 hour work day? Then they might be unable to hate the people who are participating in events. I mean, how many fox viewers are willing to give up the 8 hour work day? It's no wonder people in other countries see the United States as such a liability, so many citizens don't even acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of US workers which have inspired the world to push for better lives.

ever heard of a May pole? 01.May.2006 20:17


You're right: totally transparent bullshit. Sick, sick people...

the best kind of propaganda 01.May.2006 21:48

technically true

but misleading as heck.

Fox is only practicing what the masters have taught it... 02.May.2006 07:06

Pravda or Consequences

According to this website ( http://www.encyclopedia.chicagohistory.org/pages/571.html) it is true that the Soviets adopted May Day (during the 20th century) as the liberation of workers, but it was an American issue to have an 8 hour work day on May 1, 1886. And don't forget, President Eisenhower declared May 1 (in 1955) as 'Loyalty Day' to counter the Soviets.

Fox News is just carrying water for their boss and the Amerikan sheeple blindly follow it as gospel.