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Local Portland Neighborhood Site Issues Endorsements

News4Neighbors.net announced their endorsements of candidates in 4 key local Portland area races today. Portland City Council Candidates Erik Sten and Amanda Fritz recieved endorsements along with Multnomah County Commissioner candidates Lew Frederick and Ted Wheeler. [ read more ]

Voter-Owned Elections - You are invited to a house party to defend Voter-Owned Elections. Learn about Portland's groundbreaking public financing system for candidate campaigns. Support will level the local political playing field, diversify the candidate pool, remove undue influence of big-money contributors and make City Hall accountable to YOU, not special interests. When & Where: Friday, May 5th, 7pm. 4345 SE 47th Ave, Portland. [ read more ]

Multnomah County Sheriff Election - 2 Candidates to Consider - Ballots will be arriving soon and I'm sure people are interested in voting out the current corrupt sheriff of Multnomah County so here are 2 candidates to read up on. One is a write-in, and the other will be on the ballot and both have some interesting things to say so check their statements in their own words. [ read more ]

Rich CorporateSon, Inc. for Oregon Governor - As a result of corporate media consolidation, a multibillion dollar a year lobbying industry, and increasingly unregulated campaign finance laws, our government is now run largely by special interests. This is not enough. For the sake of efficiency, we have come together to cut out the middleman, incorporate, and take direct control of the government. Join our historic campaign as the first corporation to run for Governor of Oregon. With your help, we will create an empire of, by, and for the shareholders. [ read more ]

Write In Keating NOW - At a Sierra Club forum four years ago, Joe Keating posed a question of what the new governor would do to reign in the State Board of Forestry, which was then, as now, under the exclusive control of timber profiteers, with virtually no consideration given to the continuing devastation of our natural environment or to modern sustainable forestry theory. Mr. Hill's response was poor; Ms. Stein's was somewhat evasive. But it was Mr. Kulongoski who provided the truly memorable response. He claimed he could do nothing as Governor, since it is the legislature that sets the qualifications for the Board. Do Nothing. This could be Mr. Kulongoski's leadership motto. [ read more ]

Want to make a difference? - We are 80% of the way to getting two crucial campaign finance reform measures on Oregon's November ballot. Your help now can make it happen! Now is the time to join over 300 other volunteers who are getting signatures for the Oregon Campaign Finance Reform Initiatives: Petition 8 and Petition 37. [ read more ]