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Birth Pangs of Democracy in Nepal

After the declaration of a state of emergency and imposition of royal military dictatorship in Nepal on November 26, there has been wide speculation and certain apprehension amongst the international community about the real happenings inside the country. Since a strict press censorship is imposed and the general public is subjected to one-sided royal military propaganda, the outside world is forced to buy the deliberately floated theory that the fight there is between 'democracy' and 'terrorism'. After September 11 it has been convenient for every tin-pot dictator to brand any opposition or rebellion against him as 'terrorism', and the fratricidal and regicidal Gyanendra Shah has naturally sought to cash in on that global revulsion against terrorism. However, the dialectics of universality and particularity ought to be correctly grasped and every particularity has to be properly discerned so as not to err in policy matters. It is, therefore, submitted here that the real fight currently in Nepal is not between 'democracy' and 'terrorism', but between completion of the democratic revolution and the restoration of monarchical autocracy.

Nepalese Revolution Background

Communist Party of Nepal milia members
Communist Party of Nepal milia members
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