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Write In Keating NOW

Why wait for the B.S. barrage? Write in Joe Keating now.
As I notice my major party ballot contains a write-in line for the office of Governor, I am reminded of the response of one gentleman included in the Democratic ballot for a second time in four years, that is, Mr. Kulongoski.

At a Sierra Club forum four years ago, Joe Keating posed a question of what the new governor would do to reign in the State Board of Forestry, which was then, as now, under the exclusive control of timber profiteers, with virtually no consideration given to the continuing devastation of our natural environment or to modern sustainable forestry theory. Mr. Hill's response was poor; Ms. Stein's was somewhat evasive. But it was Mr. Kulongoski who provided the truly memorable response. He claimed he could do nothing as Governor, since it is the legislature that sets the qualifications for the Board. Do Nothing. This could be Mr. Kulongoski's leadership motto. And his prediction proved true. A few feeble, unsupported gestures notwithstanding, he has governed not only by allowing our greatest natural treasures to be scraped raw by some of the most obsolete, reactionary forestry practices in North America, but by standing around funerals and military commemorations without raising objections to our victimization as part of an insane poisonous imperialism.

There is no reason to wait to vote against these spineless fools. The paper is in your hands.

Write in Joe Keating now.
Uh....Joe Keating is already on the ballot 29.Apr.2006 17:40


Joe Keating is the Pacific Green party nominee and will appear on the ballot in November.
It would not make any sense to "write him in" during the Democratic party primary.
Joe would not align himself with either wing of the duopoly.

But you can help Joe become our next governor by going to his website

and signing up for the listserve to find out how you can get involved in the campaign.

The ballot is itself a box. 29.Apr.2006 18:49

Lazy Faire

Steve, you box yourself in with old expectations and old preconceptions. But I'm saying we don't have to abide by any traditional campaign habits. This write-in line is a tool placed in our hands at this moment, if we are willing to use it. If we don't use it, I think it's because we are afraid of change, and we will only be able to pick up old tools, tools already reconfigured by the oppressor.

Maybe it's more important to you to keep the parties separate and distinguishable. But, to me, the parties can wait while the people seize the moment of change.

You say Keating would not align himself with other parties. But perhaps he should decide how he will accept the support of the members of those parties if he does not take every opportunity to speak to them.

You say this idea doesn't make sense. (It's supposed to be a wild idea.) But your objection really sounds like, "Oh, no, this isn't the proscribed, usual way to campaign." That's right; that is why I advocate it.

yes this could work 29.Apr.2006 23:41

for a demoblican

for those who find themselves in the position of being a registered democrat or republican (i'm sure you have a good reason) it would certainly not hurt to write in Joe Keating to show that your party needs some major reforms in its pool of candidates. I don't see a problem with that if you find that none of the candidates are suitable.
It would be nice if you support Joe Keating to consider registering as a Green after the primary.

Vote for Greens 01.May.2006 15:04

Send a Message and Expect a Change

Yes the taxpayer funded primary for the two corporate parties is upon us. However, in the fall not just Joe Keating will be on the ballot, other Pacific Greens will be as well.

Can anyone here justify voting for a Democrat or Republican at the local or state level?

Even if you are cynical and tired of politics, take two minutes and register Pacific Green, and vote Pacific Green in November.

Vote your hopes, not your fears.

It's 2006 and you're still registered as a Democrat? 01.May.2006 16:38

Brian the Green

Wake up!!! Wake up!!!

Both parties are controlled by corporations and their agenda is not an agenda of the future. Yes, Demican are slightly better than Republicrats but not enough better. Voting for them, giving them money, talking about their candidates and registering in their parties just encourages them. It's time to break free from corporate control.

Join the Green Party!

Vote Green!

Give Green!

Be Green!!!