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Cyclists Arrested During Cricical Mass

At least four bicyclists were arrested Friday during Critical Mass. Reports about the cause of the arrests were varried. Inital interviews suggest that they were due to a minor traffic violation.
Friday, April 28th @ 6:30pm
Two bicyclists allegidly were involved in a moving violation at the corner of Stark and SW Broadway. According to Officer Christen, two bikers turned South on to Broadway Ave. from Stark St. without performing a complete stop. They were told to pull over (although some might say yelled at).

Reports at this point are very mixed. According to Christen the two bikers who allegidly ran the light and two other bikers in the area were being arrested for resisting arrest or interfearing with the officers. Most bikers who were on the scene agreeded that, "This shit is fucked."

One biker named Pinga took the opportunity to publicly demonish the cops.

"Shame on you! Each and every one of you! Shame! Shame! Shame!"

When asked by the cops to stop he responded in kind, "I am not going to stop! This is America! We are free to behave and express ourselves, and you should be ashamed of yourselves!"

When the ride continued just a couple blocks later Pinga found himself being pulled over. "They charged me with being in the street. Where am I supped to be?" The ticketing officer said that it is against the law to be standing in the street.

Apparently Pinga had stepped off his bicycle at a red light to talk to some people behind him. The light went green and he proceeded accross the intersection.

"The light was red. You are ticketing me for blocking traffic or something? What?!?"

I told the officer this was selective enforcement, that they were targeting Pinga for using his 1st Amendment rights and that their choice to enforce this law at this moment was highly suspicious.

he officer agreeded that he did not feel the biker was a threat to himself or anyone else, and that yes there were people who were breaking laws presently on the Interstate that very likely could end up in injury or even death. The officers committed themselves to enforcing those laws later Friday night.

Please append photographs and personal entries.

homepage: homepage: http://rosecitycriticalmass.org/

recog number 503-988-3893 29.Apr.2006 00:13

portland legal defense network

It takes a couple of hours to be booked. By now, if you call the recog number you should be able to find out what your folks are being charged with and get a sense for when they will be released. That is assuming that they gave their names to the cops. If they did not, well then of course you should not either. The people that answer this line are clerks and tend to be pretty decent. Treating them well is advisable.

Once folks are booked it can take a couple more hours for them to be released. Sometimes they can be released without keys, money or shoelaces and I would suggest that people be waiting for them. I bet you guys are down there right now. If one or more of them are held past tonight they are being held to be called before a judge on monday. Most likely, they will be getting out soon...tonight.

They will have a court date soon where they will be arraigned. They can apply for a court appointed attorney. The PLDN can also help out with finding attorney's. Just give us a call if you need help. 503-234-4518. We would be glad to help walk you through the system. A number of us have been arrested and that is why we do this.

I would be careful in sorting out what happened tonight in such a public forum. You don't want people posting things that will end up incriminating their friends. Just be careful. Off this site I would organize who saw what, get contact info for them.... and document any injuries.

This sucks. Seems like we might have a hot summer. We have to keep our shit together. We also need to have each others backs.

What was not reported ... 29.Apr.2006 01:56

Jasun Wurster jasun@pnxcorp.com

Here is what I saw. I was the guy with the bright orange flag on my bike.

Let's go about 10 blocks prior to the guy who was roughly around 19 with the dyed red hair on top with shaved sides who initially got arrested. The guy was yelling at a lone cop riding with the mass on a bicycle to "Go Fuck Himself" and telling him he did not know shit. The cop gave him many warnings and kept his temper in check the whole time, which from my view point of about 3 rows back.

One thing that really bothered me was the look of rage and anger the young guy had in his eyes as the ride progressed. He kept shooting that look back to not only the cop but everyone around him; including me. This reminded me of when I worked in bars and the kids full of angst would come in wanting to release on anyone. I have been riding Critical Mass for over a year now in Portland and the cops normally give many verbal warnings. Tickets are rare and usually go to those that have a provocateur motive.

The guy and his friends then ran a 'very' red light, to the point they passed people that were stopped for the light. 2 cops went to give them tickets. This did not appear to be selective enforcement. Though at this point the guy, his friends and the officers tempers were running high.

As we reached the point in which the guy who instigated the whole thing was being arrested a portion of the group started to think as one, this is called group think, and is very unsafe ... most of all undemocratic. A girl that the guy was riding with got involved, then another 19 year old guy, who I personally know can be a hot head and has been ticketed many times prior. Not to mention got many warnings on this ride by officers, was yelling at the cops and got arrested.

There were a few noticeable thing that was absent at this arrest. The ride was not disbanded by the police. After about 5 minuets we saw that the officers were not beating and pepper spraying the the group that got arrested. So we regrouped and continued to ride up Broadway. Bicycle cops joined us and we rode around the Northwest with out incident for the rest of the ride.

As we all know, there are three sides to every story. His, theirs and the truth.

Is it 'selective enforcement' if you are yelling at a cop 10 blocks prior to "Fuck Himself" then run a red light and get a ticket?

In response to the above poster. There have been very few problems with Critical Mass riders and the PPB over the last year. The reason for this is that citizens have been talking with the PPB, the Mayors office, Sam Adams office and PDOT to communicate what Critical Mass is. It is up to you to decide if it is a protest or a bike ride?

This summer is most likely going to be just like last years in which we ride, celebrate and have fun. If people on the ride are looking for a fight with the police during Critical Mass then they will most be disappointed for they will get a few warnings then a ticket. Granted if they are as aggressive as the people I saw today ... they will most likely get arrested. More so, most of the riders will see the truth and not support you. I feel that if you want a nice peaceful Critical Mass how about we treat everyone with respect and civility.

time place manner 29.Apr.2006 03:30


The selective enforcement I refer to related to Pinga. The ticketing officer practically admitted it. The other police who were with him seemed confused as to why Pinga was being arrested as well. I feel the answer is clear. If the police dont like what you have to say and target you then they are actively discouraging your expression.

There is a greater point to be made here. This is our ride. When we say there are no leaders, we do not mean that no one is responsible. Quite the opposite. Everyone is responsible. If you see someone behaving in a way you disagree with you should let them know.

Most cops feel their presence at CM is not necessary. If we agitate then we will attract more attention and thus more cops. By taking stewardship of this protest/celebration will we return to the creative expression that we used to enjoy years ago.

btw, I applaud the PLDN for its work and commitment. thanks for the help yalls!

Peaceful parade ended by unruly few 29.Apr.2006 08:29


Definition: Critical Mass
Celebrates alternative transportation with a progressive community

Comment: Hopefully CM can peaceful and thus you get community support and participation.

Definition: Narcissistic Personality Disorder
A a grandiose sense of self-importance, requires excessive admiration, has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations, takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own goals, shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes.

Comment: I'm a fan of critical mass and will keep riding in these events.
On 4/28/06 I observed however a handful of unruly and overly dramatic riders who were justly arrested.

Prediction: There will be dwindling participation and community support if drama is the goal of some. How about a goal of 1000 riders rolling happily through the city, being noticed, and obeying the law. A rather simple equation.

shame on you! 29.Apr.2006 10:22


Shame on all of you that believe following the laws is a goal. You are enemies of democracy and community. You can't think for yourselves and endanger all of us. You're the little man that are easily manipulated and screw up all democratic progress brave people have achieved throughout history. Shame on all of you, obedient servers of a fascist police state regime. You don't want to be free, you want to be commanded and you dislike other people's freedom. Jasun, you think you own Critical Mass and you use it for promoting yourself. I'm realy ashamed that people in the so-called bike "community" turn their backs to its members when they are being abused.

I'm tired of your lies! The police appears at the rides because you weak people let them do so, and not because we have "bad guys", or "trouble-makers". It's so stupid that you believe in that, but don't think I'm so ignorant and am going to buy this bullshit. And how hypocritical you all are. Everybody knows that you don't follow all the laws yourself, so why do you defend them so proudly now, when other people are being victims of their enforcement?

The only traffic infraction that happened during the ride was that someone did a right turn on the bike lane without fully stoping at the red light. Well, if by any chance you think you know you can ride a bike, you are fully aware that there is nothing wrong with that. Except, in your brainwashed mind, that is not fully in accordance with some law.

Other than that, the cops were trying to target people who looked different, or maybe expressed FREELY their opinions and ways of riding.

Jasun, you are such a coward, betrayer and brown-nosed cop lover. You are defending the cops attitudes justifying that you know one of the riders is "bad-tempered", or however you want to judge him, but you ignore the fact that he was, according to all the witnesses, completely peacefull and calm when he was being taken by the cops; he was, in fact, the only one who did not got charged with the good old "resisting arrest". So, as I understand and have seen, you act as friend around him, but now you stay on the other side. We know that you realy like to hang out with the cops and you do so every month (under the excuse of making them understand us better and be more respectable, but everytime they're worse), but finally you are admiting that you'd rather support them than your fellow riders. You're a turn-coat and you are going to be respected as such.

Before you all start defending some sort of law-abiding Critical Mass, you should first understand what Critical Mass is, where is coming from the history and the general purposes. It's the place and opportunity for bikers to organize and express themselves freely, because we are here and we are not going to wait for politicians to change things for us. It's when we show everyone that we are real, and not marginal, and can make things differently then they are, that is to say, disrespecting the laws if we see them as marginalizing factors against us. If you want to do something different than that and want to use the name of Critical Mass, you are being a thief, a liar and very, very disgusting.

Viva La Pinga 29.Apr.2006 10:37


I love you pinga!!

Think for yourself 29.Apr.2006 11:49


It's interesting how often people use the "grow UP!" argument when they want to support some sort of conservative point of view. That might be because that's how they grew up and learned, the good old way, how things should be. Growing up means doing what grown-ups are supposed to, rules that you might not botter to question or else you might be seen as childlike.
I, in the other hand, believe MATURITY means having the responsability to assume my own moral rules, and acting accordingly to what I believe is RIGHT, either for me or society. Tell me, why do you think THEIR (I mean the authorities', or the official one) rules should be followed in order to avoid an imaginary chaotic world. I think this world is very chaotic the way it is BECAUSE this rules are wrong, they disrespect people, are authoritarian and uniformizing. Alas, uniformity is a very messe-up kind of chaos. Now, traffic laws and the streets (public space) were planned and designed for automobiles. I do not agree with that and I don't see any inteligent reason to just accept that. Automobiles polute (I suffer from that and my descendents are gonna suffer even more from that), they kill people (I don't want to be a statistic like that, neither want to lose someone I love on a traffic "accident"), they kill animals (I realy appreciate wildlife, and think one the biggest reasons people like you, Nishiki Rider, lost their capacity to judge things with their heart instead of using prejudice, is because of the gap our contemporary urban structures make between humans and the rest of the natural world), they are noisy and big and ugly (I'd rather look at beautiful, healthy people and listen to them and the enviroment), among other realy bad things. In your opinion, being an "adult" would be sit down, let things be the way they are and not question the stablished "order", because that's what a spoiled kid would do. You see, I have a different opinion, and I don't think I can't wait, because waiting is for irresponsible people, who think others should take care of things for them. Many others around are doing the same thing and WE are creating a better future, trying to fix the mess that little people like you (that shout Hurrah! for your "officers") have been doing throughout history.
I bet you think Rosa Parker was realy spoiled too, since she refused to follow the laws and generated some "chaos" because of that. And Sacco and Vanzetti. And you also probably support oversea wars, since those involved with it are full of authority and follow the laws.

BTW, if you want to know a bit about CM, check this out:


I have nothing to be ashamed of 29.Apr.2006 11:54

Jasun Wurster jasun@pnxcorp.com

Hi Pinga,

Another part of community requires that we are civil to one another. Feel free to contact me in any of the following ways that you feel most appropriate:

email-  jasun@pnxcorp.com
phone - 503-453-2235
letter - 630 NE Killingsworth Ct.

I am totally open to talking to you in person. Yea, we will disagree but that is also a vital part of Democracy.


630 NE Killingsworth Ct.

Open letter to jaysun 29.Apr.2006 18:27


Hey, I'm pAx, the kid with the mohawk who was arrested at critical mass.

It feels like when I told the cop to fuck off, you saw that as a hostile act on my part, without stopping to analyse the circustances surrounding it.

My comrade has mentioned to some people that in other towns they use critical mass as a way to make a real statement to cars, saying "we're entitled to a full lane and we're going to use that right" (some of us in this town are tired of being the peeons of cars, getting run off the road and such) There was a pig behind him when he said that, and that pig almost knocked over several people racing ahead to threaten my comrade and tell him that he was after him. I biked ahead to let that cop know that my comrade was not the only one who felt that way. I said my piece angrily, but that's because I feel anger toward that cop. That cop wishes to hurt me and my friends in the name of defending capitalism. He was trying to be sneaky by whispering to him and that's not consistent with a transparent government. It's part of their stupid jock masculenity complex.

So he tucked his tail between his legs and rode on, following us ever-so-closely... as he promised. A few blocks later we came to a red light. We didn't "run" the red light. We, in fact, took a right turn on a red light, making sure to stop first. The cop told us we had ran a red light and were being ticketed. We told him that a right turn on red is legal. That aggravated him, and he said to another cop "I think we've isolated the problem" and he rammed his tire into another comrade's front wheel. Knocking her to the ground. He dragged her to the sidewalk grabbing her by her neck. Her husband rushed over there, clearly distraught. He was sort of in the cop's face, but by no means attacking him. I went over there, yelling at the cop to quit (logistically a good idea? no. a rational response by anyone with a heart that beats and a conscience worth listening to? yes.) As soon as another cop showed up, he jumped on my back. The moment I was touched by the cop I fell to the ground and went limp. I made a point to tell him "i'm going limp. I'm not resisting. I choose not to self-arrest" (true to most people's assumptions, this wasn't my first time in this scenario).

So, now i'm being charged with Disorderly Conduct II (class C misdomener), Failure to obey a traffic signal (violation), Resisting Arrest (Class A misdomener), and interfering with the actions of a police officer (unsure).

So, that's the story. Onto a personal note:

I don't presume to know your experience with Critical Mass, but I've been massing on and off for three years and I've seen contact with police, positive and negative ebb and flow with the years, but for the most part the police have been the enemies of Critical Mass, trying to shut us down or herd us into parts of town where we're invisible. Back in the day, the police stayed away from us while we were gathering, knowing that this was not their event, as they're the guard-dogs of capitalism and cyclists/bike punks were a threat to global military capitalism. Sure, we got our asses kicked every once in a while, but we had some fucking backbone and we had some fucking solidarity. There was an understanding that there were pigs and there were cyclists and their interests were the opposite. We come from many diverse backgrounds, but the fact is, we're all bicyclists, and if we can't support one another when we're under attack, we're not worth shit.

I've only ridden mass in another town once, and it was before portland-mass became the cop-justifying liberals they're known known as nation-wide... but I'm told in other towns they still have mutual respect and solidarity, and know how to show cars that we're not going to be herded into a bike lane, we're not going to be cut off, and we're not going to let the pigs co-opt our movement for their own good-press.

On a side-note, the ones I see justifying the cops behaviors are usually the bike-jocks wearing the spandex with logos, which usually are yellow and black... the same colors as the cops. Coincidence? Probobally. But I would never wear the yellow and black bicycling. "I am a revolutionary and you are going to have to keep on saying that. You going to have to say I am a proletariat. I am the people. I am not the pig." Fred Hampton

Are you a bicyclist, or are you a pig? Do you support making your presence known, as the critical mass motto proclaims, or do you support the suppression of the bicyclist-rights movement. Do you support the system the punishes bicyclists for the unsafe behavior of cars? If so, you're a pig and you have no place at critical mass.

following laws is not anti-democratic 30.Apr.2006 00:34


"Shame on all of you that believe following the laws is a goal. You are enemies of democracy and community."

Pinga, let me be the one to break it to you that laws are often democratic, in that they are enacted because of popular support by the public, and that means they are the result of community. It could be argued that breaking a law is the anti-democratic and anti-community action. Not that I believe all laws are just, or that all laws are the result of democratic process. Most people, however, support traffic laws because they want to be able to navigate streets with as much safety as possible, and if there were not laws to establish what to do for example at stop lights, there would be chaos and a lot more collisions.

I find it disturbing that a few hotheaded and ignorant kids are bringing this kind of negative attention to the CM, this can end up undoing much of the hard work of people like Jasun who have used diplomacy and tact to negotiate for fewer police, and mostly bicycle rather than motorcycle / automobile police. A lot of work has gone into making the Mass less a standoff between cyclists and police and more a community event. Pinga, if you're trying to change the character of CM back to what it was (a few hardcore radical idiots continuously battling with police, who feel some justification for cracking down on the Mass because the actions of a few are taken to be representative of CM as a whole) then YOU are anti-democracy and anti-community. Create your own "we hate motorists, police, and laws" ride rather than bring negative drama to the Critical Mass.

This from the CM website:


"Critical Mass is:

- A leaderless, spontanous bike ride through the streets of Portland (and hundreds of other cities worldwide)
- A time to ride your bike without fear through busy downtown streets
- A great way to meet other bicyclists, pass out fliers, learn about other events
- A meandering celebration of bicycling
- Something different for everyone
- Family-friendly
- A visionary projection of what our future might look like

Critical Mass is not:

- Dangerous, violent, threatening, or exclusive
- A place to buy, sell, or capitalize
- Planned in advance
- A race to the finish

You will want to have a white front light and red rear light / reflector in order to avoid getting a citation. If you ride to antagonize motorists, please choose another time / place, some of us have worked very hard to reduce and mellow the police presence."

interesting excerpt 30.Apr.2006 07:45

from scorcher.org

Again, stop with the stereotypes! 30.Apr.2006 13:28


Guys, you are realy blind! You repeat slogans that were injected into your minds without even ackowledging the situation. Nobody wants to be arrested! Nobody wants to get into a conflict with cops! Nobody purposefully provoqued any conflict situation because, as you want to believe, full with prejudices, that they just want to be "rebels". Did this ever occur to you? Do you realize that a girl was violently assaulted by a militarily trained man because he did not agree with the fact she was expressing her opinions? Isn't it clear that I got a ticket because I the only one who expressed my discontent with their actions so vehemently? What is the deal? The guns are pointed to you, too, if you didn't notice.
"Critical Mass is:

- A leaderless, spontanous bike ride through the streets of Portland (and hundreds of other cities worldwide)
** Leaderless and pontaneous? With all the police presence, neither is possible. That's how they co-opt the ride

- A time to ride your bike without fear through busy downtown streets
** Is much more safe when the mass doesn't brake in segments and cars are allowed to get in between. Without fear? I'm not afraid, but every month the cops threaten the riders, that end up losing their spontainety from fear of getting tickets, or "ruining the IMAGE of CM".

- A meandering celebration of bicycling
** As long as you don't take that to seriously

- Something different for everyone
** It is. And everyone's opinion should, than, be respected. But there is a strong tendency in trying to make CM uniform, law abiding.

- Family-friendly
** Without solidarity?

- A visionary projection of what our future might look like
**This is the scary part. I definetely don't want a future like this, being targeted for using 1st Amendment rights, riding my bike in a world completely dominated by and designed for cars, having my tax money spent on making sure this reality is not questioned without punishment.

Critical Mass is not:

- Dangerous, violent, threatening, or exclusive
** Cops make it dangerous, are violent, they threaten and they want exclusively those who will ride the way they want.

- Planned in advance
** The routes aren't, but I know Jasun and cops meet every month to talk about how the rides should be.

I can personally attest... 30.Apr.2006 14:20

Car go not

At previous Critical Mass rides (not this one, I wasn't on this one) I can personally attest to seeing completely unprofessional and inappropriate police behavior, of which the accounts of this incident remind me. I believe it is routine and not exceptional. Here is an example:

As we rode down NW 23rd a few months ago, a man standing on the street corner, not taking part in the ride (he appeared to be homeless) yelled at the cops "stop it! stop harrassing people!" About a dozen bike cops immediately peeled off and swarmed this man.

How does yelling something angry at the cops from the sidewalk justify or require this kind of response?!

(The man on the sidewalk protested to the cops that, "Oh no! This is all a big misunderstanding! I love the cops! It was the Critical Mass riders I was yelling at!" And then the cops were satisfied and immediately left him alone!)

Just what is this business of "copping" an "attitude"?? And since when did police appoint themselves the guardians of all social propriety (in particular, towards them)? What other group of citizens anywhere in our society consider themselves entitled to enforce and extract from the rest of the population such unquestioning, coerced respect and civility? And to immediately persecute and forcibly muzzle any who fail to do so?? Actually, I can think of other, similar, "extralegal" groups -- and the likeness is very uncanny and unflattering.

get critical... 01.May.2006 00:07


...i can't help but think back to the rides in NYC a few years ago ...they were big enough to TAKE OVER and flow as one, that is, not stopping for red lights. Think of it as one organism that will not be broken up... before the light turned red someone would stand in front of the cars until the tail end of the organism got through the intersection... yes, it's against the law... but it's fairly safe and there is a sence of power there - it got noticed. The police don't like "wild" power, even if it's innocent... so now a days the NYC ride is getting crushed. We can't fight them at their own game...
Here, in a sence, it's worse... the ride is allowed to go on only if it's impotent.
Here is a dictionary deffinition of "critical mass":An amount or level needed for a specific result or new action to occur... what is this "new action"... if enough bikers show up, then what heppens? in my opinion, it's a take over... but be smart about it, when the cops are there explicitly to watch you, to make sure you don't take over... they run the show... think, guirrila warfare, pick your fights... this David Vs Goliath approach is obviously not working.

...let's roll.

where is the love?! 01.May.2006 13:00

some kid

pinga, pAx, cupcake, jungle, and his girlfriend inspire me to fight for what's right and not let myself or anyone else be taken advantage of. pAx and pinga summed everything up pretty well. i admire all five of those people and i applaud them for their commradere. i only wish that big group of people who rode on could have such a sense of community and fellowship.

i've only been to CR once before friday, and i won't ever do it again. no, it's not because all the 'drama'. those people are the reason i showed up. i'll never go back again because i would feel disgusted to be a part of a movement where the community is broken into pieces and people aren't willing to support eachother like friends should. specifically, the man who insisted on shaking hands with the cop who gave pinga his ticket for "inproper positioning on the highway". yeah. highway. or broadway. whatever you'd like to call it. so it's because of him and the ones who left their friends behind to fight without even looking back. so i'd like to personally thank these people who aren't willing to stick up for their friends for inspiring me to NEVER go to critical mass again. thank you.

p.s. i love pinga too.

Do what works 01.May.2006 19:49


I wasn't at this past Mass, so I can't really comment on it. However, speaking as someone who was cited on his first Mass and who went to jury trial for "Interferring with a Peace Officer" at another, I am also someone who sometimes also follows the rules. I think there is room for strategy. I think there is room in the movement for people of all comfort levels of dissent.

Yes, sadly, the Mass doesn't always do well enough to take care of our own. Yes, we have a right to admonish riders who are provacatuers, but how do we collectively decide that line and how do we enforce it? These are some of the problems of a decentralized movement.

Every one of us makes small (or large) concessions to the police state everyday. Right or wrong, that's the way it is. Anybody who thinks they're any different is just posturing. If you opposed the police state with all your being 24/7, you'd be a martyr already. You're imperfect, but that's okay. To be righteous, depite our human imperfection, hopefully we jump on opportunities to make positive change whenever we can.

I guess I just felt a lot of rage in this discussion. Against the police and against riders. I don't think infighting like this furthers the movement. Riding in the Mass once and never returning because you disagree with the actions of individuals is saddening to me.

When I faced the motorcycle police, it was probably one of the better things I've done with my life: Because I'm usually weak and anxious. I was very angry that day because it was a memorial ride.

But, when he confronted me, I did not resist out of rage. I resisted out of peace. I was in control because I had made the decision to arrest myself in the second before the officer first spoke.

The US justice system is unfathomly huge. It's bigger than any jail system that has ever existed in history. It will swallow us without flinching. Our civil disobedience needs to be equally huge and, additionally, laser sharp if we ever hope to make change.

The March 2003 freeway shutdowns were a brilliant, courageous, historical start. There's clearly some reason why that level (or type) of dissent is not sustainable. We need to find strategies that work and we need to find them now.

CM discussion list 01.May.2006 20:16


I haven't seen this mentioned yet... the email list for discussion about Critical Mass in Portland. This is where for example after-parties might be planned, or themes for the ride. Routes are not planned, they are spontaneous, but the afterward stuff is often put together in advance.


Please, this is not for loudly trying to convert everyone to your way of thinking, or labelling / insulting others on the list, but for civilized discussion and sharing news about CM.

Arrest 02.May.2006 15:36


I was one of the people arrested during last Critical Mass and would like to say some words. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I'm visiting Portland for a few days. In the Bay Area the Critical Mass ride is really democratic and spontaneous, the cops are not there controlling the ride. Not because they don't want to, but because the bikers have fought hard in the past (and have been arrested, beaten up) to conquer that respect. So now the cops prefer to leave Critical Mass riders alone and avoid confrontation. Once in a while there's some attempt from law enforcement to interfere in the ride, but the bikers keep the same "activist" attitude and defend the collective spirit of the ride.
So when the Portland CM started last Friday, I was really disappointed. It's not a leaderless, spontaneous, non-hierarchical ride - it is controlled by the cops, the crowd is divided at each stop sign, and there isn't that enthusiastic, defiant, critical attitude by the mass. Instead, there's an apathetic submission. My partner, who also lives in the Bay Area, approached me saying that we should leave, saying that the ride is lame and ridiculous. But I felt that I shouldn't leave without trying - after all, CM is about people taking responsibility and not waiting for others to make it happen. Let me say that I am not the kind of person that confronts the law often, in fact I have never been arrested before. I just expressed my feelings loudly to other bikers that were around me, saying that I felt that we should keep the crowd together, and maintain the flow. Some bikers replied, some agreeing but also expressing concern about the cop's retaliation. Soon became clear that the cops weren't there only to impose the obedience of traffic laws (even the most insignificant ones) but were also there to prevent the spirit of spontaneous collective organization, and started "punishing" those that expressed themselves, shouting, intimidating and threatening us. At some point, Pax (who I haven't met until then) screamed back at the cop, angrily stating that threatening one of us is threatening all. I think that what he said represents the spirit of CM, that we are all one, but some people in the crowd literally shouted that Pax should speak for himself only, showing that they didn't share in the solidarity. For fear, I wouldn't scream at the cops as Pax did, but I totally admired his courage because I think that what he said was right and the anger that he showed to the cop was fair and deserved. Then cupcake tried to stop in front of the cars in a stoplight, to let the other bikers go and protect them from being run over by cars - this is a traditional bike ethic in CM and any other democratic bike rides, but one of the cops advanced on him, threatening to arrest him, clearly showing that it's not a leaderless ride, but actually they are in charge. Then in a red light we turn right (from bike lane to bike lane) and a cop shouted that we should stop. Since we kept going (and I still think that is not illegal to turn right in the red light) he violently attacked my partner Molly, in a really bizarre and coward manner. It is really weird that from every one around he chose to attack her. Seeing his over reaction and in the heat of the moment, I jumped in between the cop and my partner, and Pax was also there shouting to him to let her go. Soon, other cops grab me, and ended up arresting me, Molly, Pax and Cupcake, and also gave tickets to other people that protested. Some worthless rats turned theirs backs while we were being violated and called other bikers to leave the scene. Many others, though, went to the police station in solidarity and waited for hours until our release.
Clearly, in Portland there's no Critical Mass, since the cops are the bosses and people "uncritically" accept every order. I can even understand that some people are somewhat cowards, and would rather avoid the trouble or the risk of a reprimand from the police (I myself learned my lesson and would never again go to a ride with that many cops). But to have solidarity to those that do take the risks for everyone is the minimum to expect from CM riders. That some people actively speak against those bikers and justify the authoritarianism of the cops is just disgusting. I heard that some people in Portland have meetings with law enforcement, speaking in the name of CM. These opportunist bastards are perverting the spirit of CM. Unfortunately, underneath the superficial style of hip biker, most people are just like the great majority of people in this society: conformist, alienated, submissive, or just plain hypocritical motherfuckers.
Whether people will try to save critical mass by doing rides in different dates (preventing cops and two-faced bikers to show up); or if people will just let the project die or be appropriated seem less important. What seems to really matter is that as long as this kind of alliance between conformists in one side and authoritarians in the other goes unchallenged, every fun, free, democratic project is doomed to fail and this society's journey towards fascism will succeed.

Judgment Commeth 02.May.2006 23:28

revphil revphil@freegeek.org

Wow. Thanks for your testimony, Jungle. I would have liked to hear more details about what happened, but I understand if that is not possible.

For my part I have tried to get as many facts together and present them for the community's consideration. I think it is honorable to try and get multiple perspectives regarding any incident.

I care a lot about biking in Portland, and I can see slow progressive changes making Critical Mass safer and more fun. Please try to offer some courtesy to anyone who is trying to establish a better relationship with cops. I applaud anyone willing to give up their free time to try and broker a smaller police presence at Critical Mass.

choose between

A) a terrifying ride where motorcycle cops swarm anyone who makes the ride interesting or
B) a lame bike ride where the laws are followed for 30 min and then the bike cops leave

Neither is what we want, but one is a lot closer. San Fransisco got where it is by being smart and having a lot of people help out. Anyone who wants to do more than bitch should try and organize the people.

Like Capt.Planet said: "The power is yours!" also I think he said 'use the email listserve'. That guy was weird.



As for the people encouraging the ride to move on. I am not sure of their mot ovations, but I wouldn't brandish them anything but impatient without hearing their perspective. If we dont try to understand each other [insert corny phrase].


some kid (4 posts up):
I was the person talking to the cop that ticketed Pinga. I shook his hand. I tried to reason with him about his behavior. He didn't have to explain his actions, he could have told me to step back. I thanked him for his time, and, if Pinga fights his ticket, I will be able to help him with his defense. Cops want to be treated like humans, doing so may help them behave more humane.


Reality check here 29.Apr.2006 10:57

Nishiki Rider

"It's when we show everyone that we are real, and not marginal, and can make things
differently then they are, that is to say, disrespecting the laws if we see them as marginalizing
factors against us."

Talk about a self-indulgent view of the world! Pinga, you must have been spoiled to an
unimaginable degree by your parents if you think you are going to be able to function
in a world with other adults if you "disrespect" every law that you feel is a "marginalizing
factor" against you.

If we all did that just think of the chaotic world we would have.
Including one where drivers, who we need to share the road with, would feel justified in
ignoring the rights of cyclists.

Grow up Pinga, Critical Mass is not all about you, it's about cyclists demonstrating responsibility and gaining the respect of their fellow citizens.

Not fooled ;Pinga is spot on Jasun is a popo apologist. 29.Apr.2006 11:22


Jasun appears to want to speak for and represent critical mass. He is a dyed in the wool apologist for the popo's repressive tactics and inciting behavior. He praises the popo at every opportunity and bad mouths fellow riders freedom of creative expression. The popo are not needed on these monthly rides. They are there to harass ticket and arrest.

It's not nive to be mean 29.Apr.2006 11:28

Number Nine tigger@nightmarecollective.org

I wasn't there and don't know most of y'all, but I can tell who is mean and who is nice. I don't understand this attitude that there are tratiors liers and betrayers among us, it reminds me of when those punks beat up Jello Biafra for wearing a hawaiian shirt and talking on a cell phone saying he had "sold out". it makes no sence.

I believe that it is our patriotic duty to break unjust laws, that civil disobediance is needed to keep our laws in alignment with the needs and desires of the people that they govern. I suspect that we generally feel our laws are no longer serving that purpose, that they are now intended to benefit the aristocracy at the cost of the life, libery and happiness of the common people. Given this situation we know we need to step forward and take action, change the course of our nation away from the violent end we are headed for.

The question I ask is will we accomplish that by fighting with cops in the streets, or talking to them in the streets? When the revolution comes, every one of us must ask where our loyalties lie, the cops and soldiers more than most of us I suspect. DO we want to tell them that they are a part of our community and that they should join us in rising up against our common opressors, or tell them that they are the opressors and that they must band together against the populas to survive? What is the real goal?

I hear people talk about freedom and making it sound like a synonym for anarchy. Let us not forget though, that anarchy is not lawlessness, but self rule, where "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law". When you are doing the will of Thou you will not take actions that harm other living beings, so "freedom" does not giver you permission to be hateful or violent, it burdens you with the need to be respectful and kind. if you can not accept this responcibility, maybe you are not ready to be free.


From the "Cops Suck!" thread 29.Apr.2006 12:11


Pinga said: "You know you think cops are hot because of their uniforms, or maybe their guns, or maybe because you feel inferior and believe someone should tell you how to move around the city where you live, but not everyone is like you, and those beautiful riders that got arrested are, definetely the ones that know they are born with something called FREEDOM and they are not going to give it away because some party-crashers threaten 'em.

You are hanging out so much with the pigs that you smell just like them. "

... Whoa, man. He was just asking a question.

I don't think cops should be harassing Critical Mass, but what exactly CAUSED the arrest? Was he obeying traffic laws that responsible cyclists agree to by being on the road? Did he cop an attitude?(no pun intended ;)) If he was arrested for no lawful reason, then I suggest you help him find an attorney and fight it tooth and nail, but if he was purposefully going out of his way to be a jackass, then he probably deserved to be taken out of an event that responsible cyclists put together and manage to promote bicycle awareness and safety.

Next time someone has a legitimate question regarding circumstances of a he said/she said, don't turn into a reactionary prick and start flaming them. There are certain political governing bodies that want to stifle any questioning and interrogation of thought and practice by squashing any notion that they are wrong or made any mistakes... Don't be one of them.

Ride safe, people.

I apologize 29.Apr.2006 12:43

Jasun Wurster jasun@pnxcorp.com

In response to "Not fooled ;Pinga is spot on Jasun is a popo apologist." by 'n'

I apologize that you perceive that I ' represent critical mass '. For I can emphatically deny that statement. I can only contest to representing myself and no one else. Anyone can make fliers for the day of the ride, post to the many public forums and attend public local goverment meetings. Yet, for the last year very few people have taken the time to do this. Please do not mistake my civic participation to make our City a safer place to ride bicycles an innate desire to dominate. For it is not.

Perhapses it should be 'n' who should be apologizing to me. The reason is that this person is public accusing me of something and yet remains anonymous.


I'd like to ride along in Critical Mass 29.Apr.2006 13:38


I'm an avid mtn biker and I've considered riding along in Critical Mass on several occasions. I looked up the info, cleaned up the bike (it's usually muddy), and I always stop short. I think it's partly because I'd like to have a good time riding with some other people who also like biking, but I don't want to get wrapped up in someone else's senseless screaming drama and get caught in a melee because someone didn't fully grasp the reality of what happens when you do something that is tantamount to standing in front of a cop and poking him/her in the chest while yelling at him/her.

I'm neither a cop lover or a cop hater. It's a tough decision to make when you're being followed in your car by a cop who is getting ready to pull you over, and sometimes it's not such a tough decision when you call 911 to get help.

I don't get people like Pinga. There is too much hate and vitriol in his/her comments for him/her to be taken too seriously by anyone other than the person he/she is screaming at. In fact, when I read the post and realized that it was mainly ranting, I just scrolled down, knowing that it would be a bunch of invective without much of a point. What's wrong with being a little bit calm and objective?

Maybe when things calm down a bit and everyone is having fun at Critical Mass I'll show up one of these days. I hear it's a lot of fun as long as you can stay out of the way of the troublemakers. However, until I have a better idea of how to spot a troublemaker, I'm not willing to take the chance.

Things you *NEED* to know about Jasun 29.Apr.2006 17:17


A quick search on the internet and here are some very disturbing facts

he is going to PSU for political science on the GI Bill ... which means he stupid because he can not lessons from the street and is learning to be one of them. he is ex-military and a brainwashed by the government

he he does computer consulting for a business he owns called PNX Corp www.pnxcorp.com which means he is a fucking capatiolist

he is such a whiner on his myspace account about girls not liking him

I rode by his house owns a blue mini-van with Oregon tags UNH-501 ... HE OWNS A FUCKING VAN!!!

I think all REAL anarchist should follow Pinga because he knows what is really going on. This jasun fuck does not know anything.

"Growing Up" 29.Apr.2006 18:45

dsaxena dsaxena@plexity.net

Pinga says:

"It's interesting how often people use the "grow UP!" argument when they want to support some sort of conservative point of view. That might be because that's how they grew up and learned, the good old way, how things should be. Growing up means doing what grown-ups are supposed to, rules that you might not botter to question or else you might be seen as childlike."

Growing up does not mean blindly following the rules. It means understanding that sometimes one needs to compromise a bit to reach a longer term goal. It means open, respectful, CONSTRUCTIVE communication. It means being willing to see the world as more than black and white. Simply saying "cops bad, punk bikers good" is in fact because that is no different then a child throwing a temper tantrum to get their way. Anything he/she does not understand or does not comply to his vision is yelled at and ridiculed. Real progres will only happen through a positive attitude, not anger. Anger only leads to more anger. Ghandi did not tell his enemies to fuck off, neither did MLK, and neither did most of them people who have truly made a difference. A negative attitude will get you and the cause of bicycling nowhere. Reach out, communicate, and don't instigate. (Note: this all applies to the cops too b/c I have seen them instigate and cause problems. Nobody is truly "innocent" in these situations).


n 30.Apr.2006 07:37


to learn how to spell.

Anger leads to action, apathy leads to liberalism 30.Apr.2006 07:51


"Real progres will only happen through a positive attitude, not anger. Anger only leads to more anger. Ghandi did not tell his enemies to fuck off, neither did MLK, and neither did most of them people who have truly made a difference."

Talk about patronizing, simplistic, drivel! How many positive attitude socio-political movements have you read about? You also imply that angry youth like Pinga and others will never TRULY make a difference. They are the people fuling the resistance to the entire shit bag of horrible that we have bequeathed to them. Their "fuck you's" are the battle cry of fighting the system on their terms, not ours, not Ghandi or MLK's. Pinga and others like him ARE THE DIFFERENCE! They are the people that know that it isn't right, true, or valid to comprimise when it come to cops. They know that cops are nothing more than the tools of facism and should be dealt with accordingly. They are the informed aggitators of today's movement and you better either stand aside or get on board because they are not going away.
"Reach out and communicate, don't instigate". Do you hear what you are saying? Don't instigate, don't rock the boat, don't step out of line, don't bring attention to yourself, don't bring attention to us, don't bring attention to me, don't bring attention to me, don't bring attention to me, conform, conform, conform. Saying "fuck you" is a form of communication. I believe I understand quite clearly what Pinga was trying to say. He communicated what many of us are thinking, but don't have the guts to confront a cop with.

When your telitubbie, prozac fuled, positive attitude revolution comes, please just fucking shoot me. Oh wait, you'll have to won't you, I won't be able to effectively communicate with the rainbow police.
Pinga, love you much.

*By the way, it is a totally different movement now, so quit citing so-called leaders from 30+ years ago, especially as if they were the only leaders of their times. It really degrades and ignores all the hard work that was done by others to effect change, especially those that were calling for more radical means of implimenting change.

thanks a bunch, n 30.Apr.2006 12:33


Thanks a bunch n for posting all that personal information about Jasun. Too bad he already posted his address, phone number, and e-mail for everyone to see. You are just a shitty troll but I can't help but respond to your post.

Jasun was trying to initiate a respectful discussion and was open enough to post all his personal information. So but yeah, I guess since he has a job he is a "capitalistic oppressor". Whatever, dude.

Angry? 30.Apr.2006 14:04


That is realy interesting, because you are calling me angry withou even knowing me. I'm frustrated, and I believe I'm being very objective on my points. If you want to pinpoint my comments about Jasun, then I have to agree they came out of anger and strong emotions, and they are definetely not as objective or constructive as they could, but this is just secondary in the issue.

Is realy repetitive to hear mentions on MLK and Gandhi whenever people try to call those who stand for their opinions "punks", "agitators", "angry youth", or whatever. These same people that you like to cite where not just some fools sitting in their couchs and voting and giving easily absorbed not-controversial speaches. They, too, had the guts to confront, withou using guns. Gandhi had an army, and he "fought", non-violently, for his believes. MLK was not urging people to stop braking the laws so the Civil Rights movement could advance.

I become angry because I love. My love for life and for freedom and for my friends and the world is so big that I take personally when any of this are violently attacked. I am not ashamed of expressing what my heart feels, and I understand containing rage develops into cancer and weird emotional explosions. Many people think this is indecent, because they were educate to not show their feelings, but I'm a lover, and think this is beautiful. And I also believe that this doesn't compromise with my reasons, actually, if you are a good reader, you might have noticed that my points are (modesty aside) very intelligent and rational. So, if you want to dismiss my opinions accusing me of being angry or so, it doesn't just work that way. My arguments are consistent and your words are just upholding preconceptions.

solidarity, downwind from the pigsty 30.Apr.2006 17:25

butcher betty

to quote martin from above:

"Definition: Narcissistic Personality Disorder
A a grandiose sense of self-importance, requires excessive admiration, has a sense of entitlement, i.e., unreasonable expectations of especially favorable treatment or automatic compliance with his or her expectations, takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own goals, shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes. "

er, that sure sounds like a cop disease too, donit? of epidemic proportions!

there's nothing wrong with refusing to take any sheet from cops. they need a good regular dose of non-compliance when they overstep.

there's also nothing wrong with keeping dialogue open with law enforcement. it's plain to see that they're in dire need of good counsel. they need our guidance. & it's good to keep your adversaries close by so you know what they're up to. plus it's subversive, after all they're bikers, just kind of disfigured & destructively programmed. one day hopefully they'll have a change of heart (or their kids, or er, grandkids). but they could be helped...it's also another way of showing you're their equal & fearless when you approach them on their own territory.

i wasn't there. i didn't see what happened. but speaking generally, i stand in firm solidarity with the ppl who were bullied & arrested. i also support efforts to ensure the cooperation of the whole dirty pig sty. this is enforcement by the people for the people. there are a many methods for this, & i commend jazon for his dedication.

this shouldn't be a with-us-or-against-us/no-consorting-with-the-enemy situation. hell, it's a terrible thing to see ppl abused & emotions are running high. but surely the discouse can stay open & respectful. our aims & intents are aligned in a bigger sense, even if our methods aren't. we are radicals from the main in that we are pluralistic & inclusive & anarchic no? otherwise we oppress & defeat ourselves...

~butcher betty

p.s. i've got my own court date coming up, so don't be thinkin i'm into compliance cuz i ain't.

wow 30.Apr.2006 19:48



i thought i was riding my bike with my friends.

How this is perceived by some 30.Apr.2006 23:17

Alec W

Just wanted you to know how news like this spreads and sence this gut, DRTYFN or Garner Anderson lives right by you in Tuallatin, OR, I thought I should let you now. Check him out.


yawn... 01.May.2006 00:13

boring people bore me

A waste of time to visit a site of guys with small dicks, small wallets, and large insecurities engage in group masturbation involving violence fetishes. But they have my sympathies since if I were stupid enough to be suckered into buying a hummer I might spend my days fantazing about using violence against people smarter than me too.

Fuck Critical Mass - Get on to the real shit 01.May.2006 11:16

beyond CM

We don't need CM anymore. We have so many great activities happening in this city for cyclists, some that are fun/celebratory and some that are working toward change, and some that are educational. What does CM acheive? I won't deny it, it is our right to ride in the street, but what's the point of all the fighting? So what if we convinced them to lay off us? The only reason is for that once-a-month ride.

I know all about CM, I started one in my old town and I rode in Portland just about every singe ride for years. But at some point, I got sick of it. The starting and stopping, on top of the police interactions and the really angry riders. There are people on the ride who just need to get some agression out. I recommend a nice 50 mile ride out to the beach on Sauvie Island, not a grumpy, cop-laden, crowded urban ride.

Just my opinion. I know pepople will keep riding CM. There's definitely something great about being in solidarty with some 300 cities around the world on the last Friday of the month.

It's just that there's so much anger, and who needs it?

divide and conquer 01.May.2006 15:53

Tim E.

I'm not sure the police knew they were succeeding in splintering CM into factions by being standard manjerks on the street. But that seems to be the case. Lot's of backbiting and infighting here. Sure, discussion is a keystone of democracy and true solidarity, but when said discussion is wallowing in this muck and kneejerk self-righteousness, it negates any of the good words between. That move of trying to "out" this Jasun person feels borderline nazi. Quickly, Mr. N, turn your comrades against the man with the van. Obviously he's not as serious and punk-rock-integrity as you. His blood doesn't run as pure. Can that shit. You can work toward your ideals without being divisive.

the irony of unity 01.May.2006 16:34

Jonathan Maus jonathan@bikeportland.org

While I respect that your call for cyclists to be unified you must remember that Critical Mass means different things to different people.
I think this speaks to the heart of the major flaw with Critical Mass. Because we all have different ideas and visions of what the ride should be, we cannot present an effective message to anyone; be it the cops, onlookers, or city bureaucrats.
A perfect example is this comment that was just left on my site.
Therefore, in my opinion Critical Mass is not an effective tool to promote the cause of bicyclists' rights.
I was not on the ride but feel it is important for everyone that participates to ask themselves whether their presence hurts or helps the cause of cyclists in Portland. In my opinion, regardless of how unjust and inappropriate the cops' behavior might have been, there are much more constructive ways to promote bicycle use in Portland than by showing up to Critical Mass and adding to the misperceptions and socio-political baggage it is saddled with.
Is Critical Mass still necessary in Portland? Do the pros outweigh the cons? I don't think so. Perhaps it's time to move beyond Critical Mass and not give the cops the opportunity to arrest anyone in the first place.

But the actions have equal and opposite reaction. 01.May.2006 16:41



I can understand passion and I can understand the desire to stand up for what you believe, but are you aware of the costs that your actions have on the cyclists in the community? Are you aware of the effects your actions have on the community around you? Are you aware of the precieved image by the non-bicycle community?? It makes a hard case for your cause when you appear to be the only one fighting your cause.

I have been a cyclist in Portland for the last 14 years, I have never participated in CM, and I never will. This is not because I do not believe in what it stands for, but because it is counter productive in my eyes. When I ride my bike, I ride alone, and fully exposed to the world. On every Monday, following a CM, the demeanor of the motorists directly reflects how the CM went the following Friday. My ride becomes more dangerous when arrests are made. Drivers become less respectful of the cyclist when they see the cyclist as less respectful. Even though I was not in the ride, as a cyclist, I am viewed as one in the same with you. Your actions have a direct effect on my life and ability to feel safe on my bike.

Instead of fighting the law and fighting against a community, why not spend some time trying to convert more through more productive manners?? We have been voted the most bicycle friendly city in magazines for several years, this is not by showing up at CM events and butting heads with the law. This is done by proactive events that get people on bikes. Once you get people on bikes, you get more support for you cause. You get the laws changed and you get the respect that yelling at cops will never bring..

I think Pucker is may have a perception or memory bias 01.May.2006 17:27


My experience is that motorists grow more aggressive and antagonistic toward the end of any given week. But someone who was looking for antagonistic behavior after critical mass will certainly see it, because there is always antagonistic behavior. The question is whether one's beliefs make those occurrences more memorable than the same events happening at other times. I suspect the answer is yes.

The other mistake is to blame the victim, in this case the cyclists, when it is the cops who wish to butt heads with cyclists. It is something that many of them enjoy because they can get away with it. But then, that might be something that can only be learned through experience. I don't often attend CM but I do think it's worth experiencing for oneself before passing judgment based on assumptions and incomplete second (or third, fourth) hand accounts.

There's still something wrong 01.May.2006 19:56

Fredric L. Rice frice@skeptictank.org

Let me butt in even though I'm in Southern California.

(  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/05/338591.shtml
describes a bit of who I am. I'm on my bicycle as much
as possible but I don't do Critical Mass because we don't
have one here.)

What shouldn't be overlooked here is that the police
should not even be anywhere near the Critical Mass
bicycle ride, leave alone being in it. The fact that
the police are there in the first place means that
it's the cops that are attempting to foment discord
and agitate the ride. It seems undeniable that the
ride gets angry participants, but the cops are also
there trying to foment violence and stop the ride by
laying false allegations of "resisting arrest" and
"failure to come to a complete stop" and all the other
false methdologies a fascist elite instigates against
the actual citizens.

The cops have no business being in the ride -- not when
they're doing so as official employees of the State.
Their presence is what's criminal. They should be sued
on civil rights violations, in fact.

some of this discussion really makes me sick 01.May.2006 20:04

CM as a magnet for malcontents

Some of the people discussing here seem really misguided. n obviously hates capitalism... but uses a computer system and the Internet, both products of that system. Of course, n could also be a paid troll who doesn't care a whit about anarchy or promoting cycling, and whose agenda is really doing whatever possible to discourage one of CM's most effective ambassadors.

I've known Jasun for about a year now, some weeks I see him just about every other day, and I've only ONCE seen his minivan. It was being used at the time to bring the sound equipment to the after-CM Halloween party last year, which he DJ'd for (there were also a couple live bands) and it was AWESOME. Some people make money mostly so that they can effect change in their world, and this is something that maybe n just can't understand. How does n make his / her living, and get access to a computer Internet resource? Mooching off others? Using a donation-supported terminal at a cafe without contributing to the donation jar? There are probably two or fewer people in this city who have done as much as Jasun to reduce the police presence at CM. Judging from conversations I have with other cyclists, the CM becomes popular to the extent that it remains a fun, peaceful ride, and the biggest deterrent for most people I know (radicals and more mainstream alike) is the negative drama that slows / stops the ride and brings more police attention.

From the "Cops Suck!" thread 01.May.2006 21:42


"There have been roads for thousands of years before there were ever "traffic laws." There are traffic laws because people who drive cars and trucks irresponsibly kill other people all the time. Bicyclists are not the ones who make traffic laws necessary, and busting bicyclists for traffic violations is just mean-spirited power tripping."

There have always been traffic laws. Before they were ever in a documented form they were born out of common sense. Two wagons passing in opposite directions part to allow equal passage. Two ships passing in a channel assume appropriate positioning so there is no confusion as to where the boats should safely be. If there is inconsistancy or self-instituted omissions from traffic law, that is when many accidents occur. A driver runs a red light, he breaks with the law, and tragedy ensues. I cyclist runs a red light, she breaks with the law, tragedy ensues. True, cyclists are not the ones that make traffic laws necessary, but you state right there that traffic laws are necessary. If there were no internal combustion engines, and if no one had ever heard of a car, what would cyclists do? Would they ride all willy-nilly in opposite directions? Would they blast through intersections packed with other cyclists, colliding on numerous occasions on a daily basis? Or would they establish a common set of laws to keep as many of them safe as possible, barring the inevitable few who break the bicycle laws and cause injury? Cyclist law might include which sides of the street to ride on, how to signal your intentions to turn so as to not surprise and injure a fellow cyclist trying to follow the same guidelines for riding. These laws might include coming to stops at busy four-way intersections, and establishing who gets the right-of-way to leave the intersection first.

""Being a jackass" is not a crime. With what specific criminal allegation are you attempting to slander this arrestee?"

Certainly being a jackass is not a crime, but it will not endear you to any hearts and minds that you may be trying to win. Would Martin Luther King Jr. have gotten as far as he did with his mission of peace if he were a belligerant, punch-throwing, mean-spirited, middle-fingered jerk? No. Being a jackass doesn't get you invited to many parties either, and it can certainly get you kicked out. If you show up at a party, terrific. The more the merrier and let's have a ball. But if you puke on the host's couch, eat all the olives without sharing, and punch her boyfriend for asking you to leave, yo will not be invited back. Critical Mass is a party for people who love cycling, for their myriad reasons, and want to promote bicycle awareness as well as assert their legitimate and lawful presence on the road. You totally have the right to take a lane. Assert it. But people will have less empathy for your plight if you tell them to fuck off.

"The word "Reactionary" doesn't mean what you think it means. People who assert that anybody who gets arrested "probably deserved it" are "reactionary pricks." "


I stand corrected. Like Inigo Montoya, it did not mean what I thought it meant. What I was trying to express was my disdain for your verbal assault on Jayson for what seemed like a completely reasonable series of questions. No one was accusing anyone of anything until you began hurling the "pig-loving" invectives, which really are kind of short-sighted. Yes, many cops are just that. Pigs. But anyone can be a cop. It's as easy to apply for the cop "job" as it is to apply for the cashier "job" at Safeway. Some Safeway cashiers are going to exert their authority over you, make you feel like an idiot because you can't operate the debit terminal, and won't redeem your coupon because the expiration is smudged a bit. But some cashiers at Safeway will ask you how you are and mean it, they will be friendly, and go out of their way to help you out. Making the assertion that all cops are Darth-fucking-Vader is as ignorant as saying all Asians are bad drivers or that all blondes are dumb.
You misquote me. I did not say that anybody who gets arrested probably deserved it.Isaid: "if he was purposefully going out of his way to be a jackass, then he probably deserved to be taken out of an event that responsible cyclists put together and manage to promote bicycle awareness and safety." Meaning that IF! IF he was acting in a way that was disruptive to the nature of the Critical Mass event, an event to promote cycling awareness, safety, and fairness... That it would be best if he were asked to leave by the remaining body of cyclists, or, barring that,any police present at the event. The same way you would ask someone to leave a party if they were shitting all over it.

"Gutter punks" are not threatening you with firearms as they bind you and haul you away to a hidden confinement chamber in a government vehicle, are they. For that matter, those "governing bodies" are not actually "stifling questioning and interrogation," they're ignoring us and exerting power over us as we impotently ask all the stupid questions we want. Free speech is not the problem in America, dumbass, that's the problem from a hundred years ago. Liberals (at best) who equate any expression of resentment, anger, or outrage with the actions of the actual fascist enemy are making an absurd comparison that calls into question their whole motivation for participating in a forum like this. Are you interested in a more just world or just a more polite one?"

Politeness is not necessary, if you wish to represent the bicycling community as a shit-spewing, militant-minded, middle-fingered little douchelord puswad, do so. But the next time a cyclist is minding their own business, enjoying a ride and following the common-sense laws that drivers AND cyclists use to ascertain who is going where and when for the benefit of all parties... And the motorist cuts them off, or pulls some asshole jackassery that frightens and/or endangers the cyclist, because the motorist has a preconceived notion that all cyclists are hostile, flagrantly malicious bastards... We'll all wonder where in the world they got that idea.

"Hey, fuck you, you fucking reactionary prick!"

Consider me fucked.

Yours in Tires, Spokes, and Grease - El_ahrairah

ADDENDUM: I'm really sorry that Critical Mass seems to be splintering like this... I really think it has done a lot and certainly owes a lot to its members. I foresee it possibly breaking into a peaceful Mass, and a more militant branch. If so, hopefully they can extricate themslves from one another and not damage each other's credibility. I also agree with Jon Mauss' post in that we could be in the process of being divided and conquered. Sad.

Splintering CM 01.May.2006 22:45


None of this is anything new. We've gone through this before with Portland CM. We used to call them Aggro riders. The people with poor attitudes were so proliferant we had a name for them. They really took over the ride for a while. Come winter, though, they're not out in force.

Considerate Mass, East Side Mass, different tactics have been tried. We even tried two start locations at the same time, or was that just us being confused about the new location in the park blocks?

CM lends itself to those attitudes because it is so freeing. People let loose and sometimes that means they let their aggression out as they feel superior to the drivers.

So I wouldn't worry too much about a splintering of CM. No one really wants to be in a small group so they usually all gravitate to the traditional CM, espcially when the weather's great and a crowd is out.

Surely it's true that amazing relationships and projects have formed because of CM in this town (I could create a long list of examples), but I don't think we have anything to worry about with the current state of things. Those who are an asset to the ride and stop going usually move on to interesting projects. I stopped going, I moved on to projects that are of more interest to me and still contribute to the bike community. In fact, they contribute in ways that I feel are more inspiring to others and more effective in creating a community that accepts bikes (such as Filmed by Bike).

Try riding CM in a city where you don't have to stop at lights unless the front of the ride approaches a red light. A ride where you can actually ride en masse. It really makes Portland CM seem like a drag.

Things you need to know about 'n' 01.May.2006 22:53

Dan Christophen

"which means he stupid because he can not lessons from the street"

1. He cannot write a complete sentence.

"he is ex-military and a brainwashed by the government"

2. He thinks he's perfect. Perhaps Jasun has his reasons for that decision and he's not military, so he obviously gets it now.

"he he does computer"

3. He is redundant.

"consulting for a business he owns called PNX Corp www.pnxcorp.com which means he is a fucking capatiolist"

4. He thinks money grows on trees. Or he's a fucking trust fund kid.

"fucking capatiolist"

5. He can't spell

"he is such a whiner on his myspace account about girls not liking him"

6. He's got WAY too much time on his hands.

"I rode by his house owns a blue mini-van"

7. He thinks houses can own vans. Now THAT'S crazy!


"I think all REAL anarchist should follow Pinga"

8. He skipped the school lesson on how to make things plural.

"This jasun fuck does not know anything"

9. He's fucking wrong.

oh, so close to 10! Anyone else care to chime in???

Another perspective 02.May.2006 11:25

another anonymous commenter

Does yelling at cops help underserved (disadvantaged) communities, who are likely the most frequent victims of cultural misunderstanding taking an ugly turn?

Would some of the anger at the state of things in the city be more productively directed into helping the people who actually are oppressed by the cops on a daily basis?

helping = asking them what they want, if they feel oppressed, building trust and offering onself to further their goals
helping does not equal barging in and saying that you, from the outside, know what's best.

I'm thinking here of solidarity with the homeless rather than yelling at the cops for how they treat them. Why not use that vocal power to become friends with and support homeless people in a certain area?
What about solidarity with, say, the Portland radical black community? The Muslim community? (just to name two local parts of community that are often marginalized by cops and in the civic discourse - even here on indymedia!)

Sure, it's more difficult than letting steam off at a cop. But it will have more lasting results. Cops are like parents (funny that) - if you yell at them out of context, they have trained themselves (and been trained) to see it as YOUR problem, not theirs. If the nature of the streets changes, such that friendship and courtesy prevail among people that they have long been paid to keep separate (say, a friendship between illegal immigrants, street punks and college students - hey! that happens all the time! and it's cool! why not use some vocal power that way?) any violations of the law that they make will be 1) far easier to document and go up against in court and 2) more likely to be seen as egregious by the jury.

I support CM and its vibrant display of expression. I hear the cry of pain at the unjust system from the arrested folks and I am trying to offer some concrete descriptions of ways to help the community more directly. It is always unfortunate when the bike community, or the Portland progressive community as a whole (for that matter) seems to be cracking down on its own members... I get the feeling it is probably rather bewildering from the point of view of someone who might feel ostracized from the group.

The point is less, I think, about preserving the "image" of CM but about CM being one avenue to social change. There are other constructive avenues to address the other issues that come up - get involved with homeless rights, indigent rights, write editorials for small papers in the greater metro (try to reach a broader audience than just one cop and a few bike folk who already agree with you), raise consciousness, etc. I don't think a howl of frustration should really be taken that seriously by the cops, but you could try to channel that energy into the forum where it will do the most good.

Think for yourself! 02.May.2006 15:37


Attending boring council meetings with old people who worship at the alter of systematic group-think isn't democratic: it's a fašade to obfuscate the true power structures that control us! You obedient servers of a fascist police state regime, and apologists for the laws we see as marginalizing factors against us will someday learn that you can't be an individual until you throw off the chains of the corporate mentality and assail the defenders of the patriarchal construct with screaming voices and middle fingers pressed forward.

True freedom and individuality will not be obtained until you all agree with me that the business of the Fascistic States of America is the business of corroding your soul one corporate rock mp3 purchase at a time. Critical Mass won't be critical until you wake up and see clearly the silver bullet of socialistic anarchy will cure all the ills of our society if you just embrace it fully and give yourselves a chance to look beyond the big lie the media sells you. One day some of you will show that you think for yourselves. When you can, I'll be willing to engage you about how we can deal with whom we agree is the common enemy. Until then: fuck off.

Oh, and you shiny new bike riding, pig apologizing, corporate job having yuppie gimps will be first against the wall. You are cowards, betrayers of the cause and brown-nosed cop lovers. You don't want to be free, you want to be commanded and you dislike other people's freedom. You don't deserve to breath the air you've so putridly polluted. Die, die, die, die, die.

heheh 03.May.2006 12:38

butcher betty

surely that last crank(ers) was tongue-in-cheek? or was it cut-&-paste...

i didn't realize portland's ride was without corking. i'm sad for you guys. sounds to me like the authorities want to make it such a grind that it disappears into dust. sounds to me like there's a receptive enough probiker scene that a PR battle would be a fine idea, using precedent from other cities, showing how the cynical the cops are being etc. sounds to me like cm portland needs fresh tactics & solidarity, not further compliance due to fear of punishment or suspicion & contempt for bikers of different stripes. sounds like there's alienation, both of those who are not afraid & those who are. i'd guess the cops chose the most photogenic arrests. good luck to the defendants, & to the community as it refreshes the dialogue.

civil disobedience **works**. that is why it scares the authorities so much. & it carries risks, which scare people who, to speak diplomatically, remain unconvinced.

i wish the anarchist-bashing would stop. there are plenty on cm's everywhere, incl our cm (vancouver canada) where the police don't even come out to give us a birthday card. we are rowdy quiet aggressive happy go lucky & pulling illegal dance moves all over the place. we devour the bridges are like big steel chocolate bars. our summer rides are 200-ish but our winter rides are usu less than 1/2 that size.

what's our secret? i don't know. you'll need to find your own concoction. you can call it "bully B gone"!

I'm not so sure... 04.May.2006 16:20

Aaron "Outraged" Adams aaron@foodsinseason.com

I am not completely sure what the value of this discussion format is. It seems to encourage divisiveness. It also opens the content of these discussions to anyone interested, which could be positive, but also very negative, as well.

In this case, I see a group of people who are aggravated because they are split on one issue: the role of the state. Many see that there simply is no role for the state in their lives; they want no one to inform them on how to live, and certainly not to have the ability to put them in jail or prison.

Others look to the state to provide services and protection. They may also believe that some people need to go to jail or prison.

I think that when you are having a discussion, and callously point out that these people deserved to go to jail, you are pushing a serious button on the folks who find the entire idea of a punitive system ridiculous.

And when you freak on someone for not dropping out, try to think about what your goal is. Is it to be the select few who have dropped out, so that you can be in the counter-culture FOREVER? Or do you want everyone to wake up and get with the program and have anarchy be the mainstream? If that's your goal, maybe you need to not discourage them.

I don't know what I'm getting at completely...I just know I get sad to see all the in-fighting.

Thanks for reading me ramble on...

P.S. By the way, fuck the pigs. Fuck the car culture and the capitalists the pigs protect. Amen.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Hey that's me!!! 16.May.2006 12:47


I haven't had time to read all of the threads, but was thoroughly entertained by Pinga and Jason. Pinga recites all of the cliche' jargon found on all of her punk rock records and Jason, you have to have a mass to have a critical mass otherwise you only have a "relatively bright minority". I find it rather funny that the phrase "critical mass" has become a bike event when it actually is supposed to be a term for any protest. Though you activists should have taken a look at the marches put on for the immagration laws. Now that is a critical mass. It actually communicated something to our lovely elected officials. How are you people at communication skills?

The Portland police are in the midst of a targeting campaign on bikes, most likely because of the recent punch in the jaw event demonstrated by a Tri-met rider. simply that. After a while it will go away and you all can go back to running stop signs and riding on sidewalks. You need more donuts!!!

My friend from Perth (hard to believe huh big A? I probably wouldn't believe me either) thought the road signs for bicyclists were funny. She wants me to tear one down and send it back to Western Aussie to her. So if one comes up missing you know where it is.

Ol' crazy Drenchy here has a gift for the BTA, soon to arrive

It is a car bumper sticker saying thus........

I was going to make a copy of the the tri-met logo and call it Tired-Met. Just too tired to pedal.com

I was initially gonna a stick a few of them on the cars of bicyclists i know. Or random tri-met busses you can go ahead and steal my idea if you want. even put one on my car. I no longer have the time to do it. Too busy having sex with an Australian (oh she is in the UK now, damn!!)

Here is a bike thought. Global Express Bicyle Messenger Service. The first bicyle only world delivery service.
"hey Hellbender, take this blueprint to Thailand, pronto!!!" What a way to save on co2 emissions, huh??
What do you think? Should I invest and sell stock??

Global Warming happened on Venus too. Hey there were no humans on that planet, right??

PORTLAND, Ore. - Imagine a hot August day in Portland, with a clear sky and blazing sun. As you look out across the city from Washington Park, you see Mount Hood.

Except Mount Hood is a pointed cone of dark, bare rock, without any of the familiar white glacial blankets covering her flanks.

It's a frightening thought, but scientists say ice and snow on mountains up and down the West Coast are melting at an alarming rate.

In the past 100 years, some glaciers in our own back yard have shrunk by as much as 80 percent.

Mount Hood is our mountain, an icon of the Northwest, and an 11,000-foot reminder of Oregon's violent volcanic past and, apparently, warm present.

It also supplies water, in the form of melted snow, to thousands of Oregon residents.

But now, Mount Hood's 11 glaciers are receding at an alarming pace. In 100 years, some have shrunk by half.

And it's happening not just on Mount Hood, but also on Mount Rainier, Mount Jefferson, and every other glaciated peak on the West Coast.

It seems that the glaciers are dying.

Tick Tock Tick Tock goes the human clock. It's called the 6th extinction. And it is a "natural" event
Who do you people think you are. The "chosen" ones?? Made in the image of god. An immortal. Think again. read more Darwin!!!!! The planet is not stable with or without us and has never been stable. It is always changing and will die a natural death just like you. We are lucky to be here in the first place. Must be an act of god You know, INTELLIGUT DEZINE

Your buddy and area misanthropist. Grumpy psycho from hell,

Oh shit I have got to mow my lawn. Where is that damn petrol can???

Oh by the way circle A's if you happen to come across this thread. I have a gift for you. I am withdrawing some cash from an account I haven't used im more than 20 years. It is money I made selling drugs on the streets of 9th and Alberta in the years 1982-1986 It is for KBOO, so make sure to look very closely at your gift. Do you take Canadian?? That is where the account is at. I can't wait to see the expression on the tellers' face when I withdraw drug money from an account that hasn't been used in while. Oh, and listen to track 8 on the Dead Prez Let's get free album. What a brilliant tribute to women!!