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Cops Suck!

Cops suck.
I think the title is about enough said. A comrade of mine just got arrested at critical mass, and I figured I would post my disgust for all to see and feel comfort in. That is all.

More Details Please 29.Apr.2006 02:00

Jasun Wurster jasun@pnxcorp.com

Can you tell us what your comrade was doing prior to getting arrested? Did he get any warnings from the Police? Was he the guy that was yelling at the officer 10 blocks prior?

Please, more details would be very helpful for all of us.

Jasun, you stink 29.Apr.2006 11:07


What do you care? I know his comrade wasn't doing anything PHISICAL to anyone, he was participating in a monthly worldwide bike ride called Critical Mass, an event when people express their love for bikes and their capacity of organizing themselves without hiererchical authorities.
You know you think cops are hot because of their uniforms, or maybe their guns, or maybe because you feel inferior and believe someone should tell you how to move around the city where you live, but not everyone is like you, and those beautiful riders that got arrested are, definetely the ones that know they are born with something called FREEDOM and they are not going to give it away because some party-crashers threaten 'em.

You are hanging out so much with the pigs that you smell just like them.

But I just took a shower 29.Apr.2006 11:56

Jasun Wurster jasun@pnxcorp.com

Hi Pinga,

Another part of community requires that we are civil to one another. Feel free to contact me in any of the following ways that you feel most appropriate:

email-  jasun@pnxcorp.com
phone - 503-453-2235
letter - 630 NE Killingsworth Ct.

I am totally open to talking to you in person. Yea, we will disagree but that is also a vital part of Democracy.


630 NE Killingsworth Ct.

I agree that cops suck 07.Sep.2006 22:10

freedomhunter tenfoot_stride@yahoo.com

Cops are power mongers and expect respect and obedience from all of the general public. Eff that!! If they're duty is to serve and protect, who falls under these guidlines? Who do they serve? Themselves. Who do they protect? They protect theyre paychecks is about it. Maybe your comrade was arrested for looking at a cop wrong, or revving his bike. Served AND protected. My brother was attacked by a drunk man and he initially withstood the first blow. When the attacker repeated my brother put him down with one solid punch. Self defense you say? Not to the law. Because his attacker hit his head on the ground (which resulted in a couple stitches above his eye), my brother was sentenced to a year probation and payment of restitution. 6k worth. The attacker got off like he was the damn victim. Justice at its best. My brother is now treated like a damn criminal by his PO. The point of this story is that...dont we have cops to protect and serve people like my brother, who was forced to defend himself from an attacker? This obviously goes deeper than just the cops, but they are the match that starts the fire. I have no respect for cops and probably never will. If I'm missing a reason as to why I should respect them, i would love to hear it. Until then, cops suck.

dont think so
why? you a cop?

Why do Cops always try to act so macho? 17.Oct.2006 11:54

Jerry Marlow

Even though I can count the number of times I have encountered the police on one hand, each of those times it was a real adventure.

On each occasion the cop brought the super macho attitude to the party and I utterly resent being treated like a criminal by anyone who most certainly has a significantly lower IQ than mine. Further this country makes a lucrative living off the often bogus traffic tickets that cops are expected to reach unfathomable quota numbers. Why quotas? Simple more money for the coffers, no concern for the average citizen.

Case in point, I was traveling through a unknown to me area and was traveling 40 mph in 30 mph zone. I was pulled over and ticketed for speeding.The cop went on to tell me that I had caught a break as he clocked me at 45 mph which was an out and out lie and I told him so which he didn't appreciate. I as 99% of other ticketed drivers plead guilty via mail only to be shocked and angered at the $ 275 dollar fine I received.

On another occasion I was pulled over for in my opinion another bogus speeding charge this time on a multi-lane freeway. This cops extremely aggressively pulled me over in fact he was so close I thought he was trying to "Pit" my car. He steamed up to my driver side window and requested that I get out of my vehicle as what he had to say to me wasn't appropriate for my wife or three year old to hear. Before I left my vehicle as the cop stood there genuflecting I asked my wife to turn around in her seat to keep an eye on this cop as I was worried I might get frisked with his night stick. I attempted to speak cordially to this man and he uttered expletive after expletive at me clearly showing his lack of intelligence and control. At one point I asked him if he had ever taken anger management courses and he started walking around my car ticket book and pen in hand. At that point I told him what I really thought of him and he threatened me with physical violence which my wife clearly overheard from the car. Long story short this cop was a complete loser and jerk.

I again ask why do cops have to act so macho? My guess there a bunch of wimps truth be known.

Cop = Bully (and all bullies are cowards) 11.Nov.2006 20:58

Internal Affairs

Of course they're wimps. They love to fight. But not if it's a fair fight. The only kind of fights they like are the kind where it's them and 4 or 5 of their heavily armed pals, taking on 1 unarmed (sometimes subdued and on the ground) victim. Oh, and let's not forget that the people they pick fights with are prohibited by law from fighting back.

A cop is like a teenage bully who beats up his 8 year old cousin that has his hands tied behind his back, and then struts around like he's some kind of prize fighter. (Have you ever seen how puffed up a group of cops get after beating up a guy? It simultaneously hilarious and frightening!)

A typical cop psych profile is almost identical to that of a violent criminal. They were either the school yard bully or someone who was bullied and have now made it their mission to hurt as many people in life as they can.

Check this clip out on you tube. (Of course, this goes on all the time, but isn't usually caught on tape.):


LAKE TAPAWINGO SUCKS 29.Nov.2006 00:54


Lake Tapawingo Police SUCK! If you are ever traveling down Wood's Chapel Road in Blue Springs, WATCH YOUR BACK when you go past the Lake Tapawingo country club. Behind that fence is a traffic nazi cop who would like nothing better than to write you a ticket for any old damn thing he can think of. My wife was driving past there one night minding her own sweet business when that darn security guard reject of a cop pulled her over and wrote her a $75 ticket for "no front license plate". There had'nt been a front license plate on that car since it was purchased 2 years ago, nor was there a bracket to mount a plate on the front of the car when I bought it. Local cops and state troopers never gave me any problem, even when they were sitting accross the intersection from me. That wasn't the case for my wife when she passed by Lake Tapawingo late that night. Every time I drive by there, that stale donut eater has someone else pulled over for some bullshit reason! Lake Tapawingo is nothing more than a country club, yet some idiot in the county government allowed them to have their own police department. I do believe they only have 2 cops in that department. Instead of patroling inside the confines of their country club and protecting the 700 members of their quaint little community, they would rather sit on the side of the nearby county road and write tickets to passers by. If you are from Lake Tapawingo and are reading this, tell your boys in blue (or brown, or yella, whatever sorry color they are) to stay on their side of the fence and quit herassing folks on Wood's Chapel Road because NOBODY wants them there! If you need money for your sorry excuse of a town, increase homeowners dues and quit robbing citizens of surrounding communities for the money. I happen to know that the ONLY reason you have your own cops is to make more money for your greedy selves! Lake Tapawingo Cops likely got their badges out of a cracker jack box. Too bad their tickets seem to be valid.

Where is a cop when you need them? 29.Nov.2006 01:18

I hate cops

The one thing I don't understand about society today is how the Government wants to ban carrying of concealed firearms for personal protection on one hand, and giving us such lousy police protection on the other hand. It is time we face the facts that an armed citizen is a protected citizen, not a vigilante! Before you try and take my right to carry away, answer me one question, what the hell am I supposed to do when I am attacked and robbed and there is no cop there to protect me and my rights. Instead of stand there and take it like some kind of little girl, I believe I disserve the right to pull out my nine and whack that cocky ass crook!

Face the facts, where are cops when you need them:
1. At the local donut shop
2. Setting up speed traps to get more money and make their stupid quota
3. Herassing the general public or acting like a "macho man with a badge"
4. Patroling a safer part of town that dosen't need patroling
5. Catching jay walkers instead of real criminals

Where are cops when you don't need them
1. In your face with a can of mace
2. Stopping your car for bogus reasons
3. Standing in front of you in line at McDonalds
4. Pretending to direct traffic while enjoying yet another stale donut
5. Just existing period, hell who needs them anyway! Just buy a gun!

Cops not doing their job 26.Aug.2008 08:42

Eric Johnson

I was just attacked in my garage in North Minneapolis by 4 people on Sunday night. They stole my cell phone and smashed up two of my cars. I ended up inflicting some damage on them and their vehicle (parked in my driveway to block my escape) while defending myself. When the cops arrived, they said they couldn't do anything because there was damage and injuries on both sides. They wouldn't even write a report. BTW, I had about 10 witnesses from a party next door.
Really!?! They attacked me on my property and I was outnumbered 4 to 1. Because I got a piece of them and their vehicle before they took off, the cops said we were both at fault. I offered that they arrest me and go after/arrest them also, but the cops told me they don't investigate misdemeanor assault or property damage. Now my wife is getting threatening calls on her cell phone because they got her number out of my phone. They are threatening us because I had the nerve to defend myself.
This is a call to arms. The streets of Minneapolis are not safe! If you get attacked, you have to be severely injured and not fight back, or you run the risk of the police refusing to help.
Why should good people get hurt in order to file a report.
Stand up for yourselves. Get a conceal and carry permit.
The next time these fuckers come in my garage, I'm shooting them dead.

Cops are sorry excuses for human beings. 21.Feb.2011 00:48


Police officers are psychologically unhealthy individuals. These people usually have superiority complexes to begin with. Allowing them to put on uniforms and brandish weapons is socially disastrous. They break the highest law; they forget what it means to be human.

Cops are a waste of taxpayers money 09.May.2011 20:52

C Smith

Here is my experience with cops in the past 6 months. I pulled over because I had a headlight out. The first question out of the cops mouth was "how much did you have drink tonight?" I was on the way home from the gym and of course I had not been drinking. After a half hour being asked to get out of car and asked about 10 different ways "how much was I drinking tonight" the officer says the reason I pulled you over was because your headlight was out. He hands me back my drivers license and registration and say "Well I guess you are doing the right thing". He hops back into his car squeels his tires and rocks hit my car. He wasted 45 minutes of my time. Is it standard procedure accuse people of DUI when your headlight is out? I didn't even get a ticket. I want to know if I can charge the Dallastown, PA police department for 45 minutes of my time wasted?

When in Pittsburgh Pennsylvaina my sons car was sideswiped by a car making an illegal pass. He wrote down the license number of the car at the next stop light. The license had 6 digits and was out of state. This information was handed to the police on a silver platter. I wanted the person to pay for the damage. The cop said they couldn't trace it because there weren't enough digits. Pennsylvaina has 7 digit license plates. I ended up having to pay for my sons car damage because some cop was too lazy to look up the plates in another state. If I could look up plates on the internet I would have. What happened to protect and serve?

I conclude that cops will waste your time and money. And taxpayers pay for this? We should cut back on the number of cops that will help us out of the government defict.