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Resources for Workers Participating in May Day Protests, Plus Comments from El Presidente

May Day is coming!
Millions of immigrant workers and their supporters will be hitting the streets on Monday, 2-3 million are expected in Los Angeles alone!
Even thought the white left/activist community has been mostly out of the loop on the immigrant rights movement, this will be the biggest May Day in Portland in years. I hope lots of allies are there!
Check out what Bush is saying about May Day (when was the last time you heard him talking about protests at all, let alone talking about them ahead of time?) This is gonna be big! (hopefully Indymedia will get back around to featuring May Day...)

reported in the corp media from Australia:
US President George W Bush says he opposes a national boycott planned by pro-immigration activists on Monday that could include millions of participants.

Organisers have timed the action for May Day and have strong support from big labour and the Catholic church.

They vow that America's major cities will grind to a halt and its economy will stagger as Latinos walk off their jobs and skip school.

"You know, I'm not a supporter of boycotts. I am a supporter of comprehensive immigration," Bush told a Rose Garden news conference, referring to efforts to reach an immigration deal with the US Congress.

Bush urged the protesters to show respect.

"You know, I think it's very important for people, when they do express themselves, they continue to do so in a peaceful way, in a respectful way, respectful of ... how highly charged this debate can become," he said.

Here are important resources for workers participating in May 1st protest events from the LOW WAGE IMMIGRANT WORKER COALITION.

* Sample petition to employers, Chicago Workers' Collaborative and Interfaith Worker Justice

English  link to www.democracyinaction.org

 link to www.democracyinaction.org

· Sample Letter to Employer, Letter to Tandum Staffing from the Chicago Workers' Collaborative
 link to www.democracyinaction.org

· Immigration Protests: What Every Worker Should Know, National Immigration Law Center, American Civil Liberties Union Immigrant Rights Project, and the National Employment Law Project (NELP)

 link to www.democracyinaction.org
 link to www.democracyinaction.org

* Know Your Rights Alerts, National Immigration Law Center. See  http://www.nilc.org/ce/ceindex.htm.

* Know Your Rights - Can an Employer Fire an Employee Because the Employee Participated in an Immigration Rally? American Immigration Lawyers Association and the law firm of Dorsey and Whitney, LLP. See  http://www.aila.org/content/default.aspx?docid=19203.

* Know Your Rights Pamphlets, National Lawyers Guild and American Civil Liberties Union Immigrant Rights Project. See  http://www.nlg.org/resources/know_your_rights.htm.

* Know Your Rights if You Have Been Arrested or Detained by the U.S. Government, CASA of Maryland.

English -  http://www.immigrantrights.org/CASAofMaryland.pdf
Spanish -  http://www.immigrantrights.org/CASAdeMarylandDerechos.pdf

* Interfaith Worker Justice Toolkit for Workers who are fired
 link to www.democracyinaction.org
Impressive 28.Apr.2006 14:58

get there

I'm hearing that a substantial number immigrant workers from outlying communities will be coming in. It's time again for people to stand with them. The immigrants I know (I have no idea if they're legal or not and I don't care) who are coming in work like hell and just want a chance to do something good for their families. This is going to be a May Day the way it was meant to be. Get out there, Portland!

Great Story from the Village Voice 28.Apr.2006 15:13


There is a big-time buzz about this in labor unions and immigrant communities, and check out this shit from LA:
"In Los Angeles, the "hotbed of the boycott," organizers say two million or more could leave schools and jobs, despite calls by the Mayor and Cardinal Roger M. Mahony to wait and rally in the evening. The Los Angeles Unified School District has all but endorsed the demonstrations, instucting principals to walk out with students in order to help keep order. Teachers will be joining them: Organizers estimate half the teachers in L.A. are walking out."

But I have to complain about the "alternative" media and the white activist community in Portland. For the last 5-6 years, the Willy Weak, Mercury, and Tribune did stories about May Day, regurgitated the same old stories about "violent anarchists" at May Day 2000. But this year, nada. I know the corporate media sucka and all, but why are they not as interested this year? Is it because they are not interested in the thrust of May Day this year (immigrant rights), or is it because May Day had become so uneventful and smaller the last few years? And why is the white activist community so seemingly uninterested? The organizers of the recent peace march worked hard on having Ramon Ramirez speak, but the anti-war activists have were largely absent several weeks later when thousands of Latinos took to the streets for immigrant rights.

I think it's time for white activists to step up, as this petition suggests:

Why doesn't the media care? 28.Apr.2006 16:16

yves bourdain

Becasue the media views the May Day parade as something of a political freak show. This is by far the most *dangerous* May Day in this country since 1886. If the media were to encourage mass disobedience by the public, it wouldn't be doing its job. Therefore, they have to play it down as much as possible. BTW while the white activist community may have been a little slow to get on board with the Immigrants Rights Movement, they are fully involved in this mobilization. In fact I've never seen such diverse a well coordinated organizing group put together a protest in this city.

Don't buy anything on May Day, either 28.Apr.2006 16:55

Jody Paulson

Hypocritical Republicans say they are for "family values," but the immigration legislation they espouse would rip thousands of families apart. First, they're coming for the immigrants ... who will they come for next?

How's this for hypocrisy:  link to service.spiegel.de

Full Citizenship Rights for All Immigrants! 29.Apr.2006 10:47

Workers Vanguard

Down With Racist U.S. Imperialism!
For Socialist Revolution on Both Sides of the Border!
Joint Declaration of the Spartacist League/U.S. and the Grupo Espartaquista de México

The following declaration was issued on March 24 and distributed the next day at a demonstration in Los Angeles of up to one million people, overwhelmingly Latinos, protesting proposed legislation that would further criminalize immigrants and create a racist border wall. The largest in an ongoing series of protests around the country, including high school walkouts, the L.A. demonstration was led largely by Catholic church officials and featured capitalist politicians such as Democratic mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

As millions of impoverished Mexican and Central American immigrants risk their lives to find some means of livelihood in the U.S., the racist U.S. imperialist rulers are proposing a spate of new anti-immigrant measures. Each in its own way, the various proposed "reforms" would further strengthen the stranglehold of repression and regimentation implemented in the name of a bipartisan "war on terror." The HR 4437 bill passed in the House of Representatives in December calls for building 700 miles of wall at the border and for making it a felony to even be an undocumented immigrant, or to assist one in any way. Two alternative proposals in the Senate would also tighten border control, albeit without a new wall, while creating massive "guest worker" programs that amount to indentured servitude.

The racist border wall proposal has provoked widespread outrage in Mexico. In the U.S., opposition runs the gamut from Latino organizations and the trade unions to the Catholic church hierarchy, Democratic Party liberals and even a section of the Republican Party. In Chicago this month, some 100,000 demonstrators marched against these measures. Further protests against HR 4437 are planned in other cities. As proletarian internationalist opponents of U.S. imperialism, the Spartacist League/U.S. opposes both the criminalization of immigrant workers and the legalization of indentured servitude. The SL/U.S. and the Grupo Espartaquista de México, sections of the International Communist League (Fourth Internationalist), join in calling for the unity in struggle of the U.S. and Mexican proletariat. We demand: Down with racist anti-immigrant repression! No deportations! Full citizenship rights for all immigrants!

We start from the standpoint that only socialist revolution internationally can put an end to the growing immiseration of the toiling masses—both in dependent capitalist countries like Mexico and in the imperialist centers. Under capitalist imperialism, a handful of wealthy industrial powers strive to divide and redivide the rest of the world for their own aggrandizement, leading to neocolonial exploitation and imperialist war. As we explain in the ICL Declaration of Principles (Spartacist [English-language edition] No. 54, Spring 1998):

"Modern capitalism, i.e., imperialism, reaching into all areas of the planet, in the course of the class struggle and as economic need demands, brings into the proletariat at its bottom new sources of cheaper labor, principally immigrants from poorer and less-developed regions of the world—workers with few rights who are deemed more disposable in times of economic contraction. Thus capitalism in ongoing fashion creates different strata among the workers, while simultaneously amalgamating the workers of many different lands. Everywhere, the capitalists, abetted by aristocracy-of-labor opportunists, try to poison class consciousness and solidarity among the workers by fomenting religious, national and ethnic divisions. The struggle for the unity and integrity of the working class against chauvinism and racism is thus a vital task for the proletarian vanguard."

FROM  http://www.icl-fi.org/english/wv/867/immigrant.html